Student Services

Academy Canada has established Student Resource Centres at each campus. These centers have been established primarily to help students obtain information related to employment prospects and to help students prepare for their employment search. The Resource Centre will help the student identify job openings; help students and graduates search for pertinent information; help with the preparation of cover letters and resumes, as well as provide access to computers and printers. In essence, the Resource Center is an office where students and graduates can work to gain employment.

The ultimate goal of all graduates is to find employment. In order to support students in this process, Academy Canada offers the services of Employment Coordinators. Their role is to build partnerships with the community, and to identify any employment opportunities that may be appropriate for graduates.

Academic counselling with regard to stress management, study skills, and coping with school life is provided. In addition, each campus is able to help students locate physicians and counselors appropriate to their needs.

Student Handbook

Each year, Academy Canada produces a Student Handbook outlining all of our student policies. The Student Handbook serves as an excellent organizational tool for use throughout their studies.


Academy Canada Career College Campuses have cafeteria services available to students. The staff provides home style cooking with a variety of selections.

Text Books and Resources

Academy Canada Career College Campuses have a Book Store on site. This allows students to conveniently purchase books needed each semester.


Counseling is provided to students as needed, students may be referred to appropriate community organizations.


Tutoring is provided to students as needed and is free of charge. Any student requesting a tutor may coordinate this through their Teacher-Advisor and Vice-Principal.


The Registrar is responsible for tracking student academic progress and weekly attendance. Also, maintaining records and archives, preparing and issuing transcripts and diplomas and ensuring related training certificates are issued.

Social Activities

Academy Canada recognizes that social activities are an important aspect of a post-secondary education experience. To that end, every campus organizes and participates in monthly social events either at their campus or in the community. Activities such as sporting events, winter carnivals, and friendly class competitions contribute to a friendly, welcoming learning environment.


Please contact an Admissions Officer for further details on scholarships.


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