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Office Administration - Skills Upgrading


Office Administration - Skills Upgrading

Duration: 30 weeks including 3 practicums
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Faculty: Business, Computers & Travel
Certification: Certificate of Vocational Education

Program Description

Designed for professionals with a minimum of two years combined training and experience in the office administration field, these series of four Skills Upgrading Certificate programs provide students with specialized skills related to a particular work environment.  Students may complete one or more programs in order to build up their credentials for jobs within engineering or legal firms, medical clinics/hospitals, and dental offices.

Program Courses

Skills Upgrading: Engineering
Duration:  1 term

Engineering Data Processing
Engineering Office Procedures
Engineering Technical Documents

Skills Upgrading: Legal
Duration:  1 Semester

Legal Terminology
Legal Office Procedures
Business Law
PC Law

Skills Upgrading: Medical & Dental
Duration:  1 Semester + 1 Term

Anatomy and Physiology
Dental Office Software
Human Relations and Ethical Issues
MCP Insurance Billing
Medical Terminology and Transcription
Medical/Dental Office Procedures
Occupational Health & Safety
Patient Care and Protection
Soft Tissue Injury: Back Injury Prevention
Standard First Aid
Tooth Morphology and Charting

Skills Upgrading: Records Management
Duration: 1 Term

Active, Semi-Active and Inactive Records Management
Archival Theory and Practice
Information Security and Technology
Records Management and Control

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of a specific Skills Upgrading certificate program, graduates may be eligible for employment (depending on specific hiring practices) within various office environments in both public and private sectors. 

Entrance Requirements

For detailed program Entrance Requirements please click here.

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