Office Administration Skills Upgrading - Engineering, Legal, Medical (Certificate)

Certificate of Vocational Education

Duration: 1 semester

Program Description

Completion of either of the Engineering, Legal, or Medical Office Administration Skill Upgrading certificate programs will allow graduates to work in related fields. Students will specialize in the activities and procedures of the respective offices found in public and private sectors. The technical skills of keyboarding and data processing are at an advanced level for positions that may require an administrative assistant competency level.

Engineering Office Administration Courses

  • Keyboarding
  • EORPR Engineering Office Procedures
  • ETDO Engineering Technical Documents
  • EDPR Engineering Data Processing
  • DP02 Desktop Publishing
  • HURE Human Relations

Legal Office Administration Courses

  • Keyboarding
  • LOPR Legal Office Procedures
  • LTTR Legal Terminology/Transcription
  • ADDO Advanced Documents
  • BLOA Business Law
  • BUET Business Ethics

Medical Administration Courses

  • Keyboarding
  • MEOP Medical Office Procedures
  • MTTR Medical Terminology/Transcription
  • MCCO MCP/MCP Billing
  • ANPH Anatomy & Physiology
  • MIEC Microeconomics

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of either of the Engineering, Legal, or Medical Office Administration Skill Upgrading certificate programs, graduates may be eligible for employment (depending on specific hiring practices) within specific office environments in both public and private sectors.

Entrance Requirements

High School Graduates or Equivalent

High School Graduates or equivalent or mature student status (mature students may have to write a Canadian Adult Achievement Test, arranged by Academy Canada).


A minimum of two years combined training and experience in the office administration field.

For further information, please contact an Admissions Officer at 1-800-561-8000 or visit the information request page.

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Program start dates are subject to sufficient enrollment.

Academy Canada reserves the right to modify any programs, courses, topics, objectives, etc.


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