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Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal and Paint) (Entry)


Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Metal and Paint) (Entry)

Duration: 32 weeks plus 2 week work term
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Faculty: Construction, Trades and Mining
Certification: Diploma of Vocational Education

Program Description

The Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (MVBR) (Entry) program is a 34 week entry level apprenticeship program that was developed by government and approved by the Provincial Apprenticeship and Certification Board. Motor vehicle body repairers repair and restore damaged motor vehicle body parts and interior finishing; repaint body surfaces; and repair and/or replace automotive glass. This unit group also includes metal repairers who repair defective automobile body parts and damage to the bodies of newly assembled cars.

Source: http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/noc/english/noc/2011/QuickSearch.aspx?val65=7322

Entry Level Courses

TS1510 Occupational Health & Safety TS1520 WHMIS
TS1530 Standard First Aid AB1610 Safety
AB1600 Trade Related Documents AB1620 Tools & Equipment
AB1630 Fasteners & Adhesives AB1641 Vehicle Construction
AB1651 Pre/Post-Repair Vehicle Inspection AB1660 Metallurgy
AB1671 Cutting & Heating AB1680 Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW - MIG)
AB1690 Resistance Spot Welding (RSW) AB1701 Metal Working I (Mild Steel)
AB1721 Corrosion Protection AB1732 Surface Preparation (Cleaning, Stripping, and Masking)
AB1750 Stationary Glass AP1101 Introduction to Apprenticeship
AM1100 Math Essentials AM1240 MV Body Repairer Math Fundamentals
SD1760 Workplace Essentials AB1760 Moveable Glass & Hardware
AB1820 Primers, Surfacers & Sealers AB1801 Refinishing 1
AB1780 Cleaning & Detailing AB1790 Upholstery, Trim & Hardware
AB1811 Batteries AB2811 Non-Structural Components
AB1711 Body Fillers & Abrasives OT1220 Workplace Exposure

Employment Opportunities

This occupation Motor Vehicle Body Repairers - NOC 7322 is part of a larger occupational group called Trades, Transport and Equipment Operators. According to Outlook 2025, this larger occupational group will experience strong recruitment pressures over the 2015 to 2025 period. MVBR’s are employed by automobile dealerships, automobile body repair shops, automobile appraisal centers and motor vehicle manufacturers.

Entrance Requirements

High School Graduates or Equivalent
High School Graduates or equivalent are eligible for admission to the Motor Vehice Body Repairer (Entry) program. Students must complete an application form and provide a copy of High School, Adult Basic Education, or G.E.D. results. Under certain circumstances, students who do not meet the formal High School requirements may be accepted upon the recommendation of a High School Principal or Guidance Counsellor. Please contact an Admissions Officer for further details.

Mature Students
Mature students are eligible for admission to the Motor Vehicle Body Repairer (Entry) program. These students must be 19 years of age or older, complete an application form, provide a copy of most recent marks, and write a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) as arranged by Academy Canada.