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Campus Life

Wall of Fame

Academy Canada Animal Grooming Professional Graduate, Karrie Thomas, Overcomes Challenges To Get Diploma

Harding Road Campus "Animal Grooming Professional" Graduate, Karrie Thomas, is the perfect example of how one can beat personal and societal odds to rise to incredible heights when it seems things are too impossible to scale.

In spite enduring numerous surgeries, as well as dealing with other physical and cognitive challenges, Karrie is still determined to have a normal life even when one post-secondary educational door after another closed its doors to her.

Karrie eventually chose to enroll at Academy Canada's "Animal Grooming Professional" program, and we didn't hesitate to welcome her into the "Academy Canada Nation" as one of our students.

From day one, Karrie's mother, Wanda, knew that Academy Canada is a right school for her.

According to Animal Groooming Professional instructor, Nicole Noseworthy, she stated that "She made us realize we should not set limitations on ourselves and see the joy and inspiration that surrounds us daily despite our circumstances… [Karrie] made us all into better people…She has changed how many of us view life and how we approach the challenges thrown in our paths on a daily basis.”

Karrie is presently working for a Dog Groomer in L'Anse au Loop, Delphine Ryland, who is also an Animal Grooming Professional program graduate.

Congratulations to Karrie Thomas for overcoming her obstacles and now becoming a success in the Animal Grooming trade. Best of luck to her in the future.

Source: "Northern Pen" "L'Anse au Clair woman overcomes challenges to get college diploma", http://www.northernpen.ca/news/local/2017/6/28/l-anse-au-clair-woman-overcomes-challenges-to-get-college-diplom.html.

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