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Supply Chain & Logistics


Supply Chain & Logistics

Duration: 52 weeks
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Faculty: Construction, Trades & Mining
Certification: Diploma of Applied Arts

Program Description

The Supply Chain and Logistics program will focus on competency development to heighten professional proficiency in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Participants will be trained in areas pertaining to logistics, transportation, purchasing, supplier management, inventory control and materials management, customs issues and procedures. Students will also complete a certificate in International Freight Forwarding through Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) and additionally be exposed to training in loss prevention, contract law, and customer service to foster skilled graduates qualified to fill skill shortages in the industry.

Companies involved in various stages of this process are linked to each other through a supply chain. To facilitate the flow of products, information is shared up and down the supply chain, i.e. with suppliers and clients. This sharing of information enables all parties to plan appropriately to meet current and future needs.

Source: http://www.supplychaincanada.org/assets/u/SectorFactsandFiguresEnglish.pdf.

Program Courses

Business Communications (Verbal) Introduction to Operations Management
Business Communications (Written) Introduction to Purchasing
Customer Service Excellence Inventory Control and Materials Mgmt
Customs Issues and Procedures Job Search Skills
Data Base Management Modern Office Procedures
Desktop Publishing Negotiations and Supplier Management
Electronic Office Management Professional Purchasing
Essentials of Freight Forwarding Security, Compliance and Loss Prevention
International Transportation and Trade Spreadsheets
Introduction to Business Supervision
Intro to Contract Law and Administration Word Processing Comprehensive
Introduction to Logistics and Transportation  

Employment Opportunities

“With literally hundreds of career paths to follow, working in the supply chain provides opportunities in every field, in both the private and public sector. From fashion, film production and video gaming, to health care, emergency services and aviation, there is an exciting and demanding supply chain role in virtually any area that interests you.

Whether it’s sourcing materials, manufacturing goods, or the warehousing and distribution of products, more than three quarters of a million Canadians already work in supply chain roles for private companies, governments, charities and other organizations. Right now more than 27,000 supply chain positions in Canada sit unfilled, and another 66,000 openings are anticipated each year for the next five years.”                                                                                                     Source: http://www.careersinsupplychain.ca/

Sample positions that graduates can pursue in the supply chain and logistics sector include but not limited to:

  • Cargo and Freight Agent
  • Procurement Officer
  • Purchasing and Inventory Clerk
  • Route and Crew Planner and Scheduler
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • …and many more

Entrance Requirements

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