Academy Canada Graduate, Kayla Walsh, starts a new bakery

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Academy Canada Culinary Arts and Business Administration Graduate, Kayla Walsh, will be opening a bakery called “Sugar Street Baker” on Corner Brook’s 86 West Street.

For Kayla, the bakery is a long-time dream as her passion and love for baking started when she was just a toddler.

Making cookies with her mom was also a regular thing and she had an aunt who used to make and decorate wedding cakes.

She is also teaching her Grandmother and Mother whom will also help at the Sugar Street Bakery’s kitchen.

The bakery features a storefront set up with showcases that will soon be filled with a variety of baked goods such as biscotti, muffins, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, breads and rolls, some of which will gluten free, peanut free and diabetic friendly.

There’s a little eating area and a limited beverage menu.

She plans to offer classes at the bakery and will get into doing more custom orders once everything is up and running.

Seeing her dream finally coming true is exciting, but it won’t really feel real until she starts baking.

Academy Canada wishes Kayla “Best of Luck” on pursuing her baking business.

Source: The Western Star “New Corner Brook bakery owner has had her hands in flour since she was a child”,