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A Team Focused on Success

At Academy Canada we are incredibly proud of the 200 professionals that make up our Faculty and Staff. With more than 3,000 combined years of experience, hundreds of certification and a limitless desire to help students, they are at the core of all we do! The fact that our typical employee has been with the college for more than 10 years proves that they are passionate about their jobs and committed to student success.

Each Instructor at the College brings with them a unique professional background. While government legislation requires teachers to have at least six years of combined education and experience, we have set the bar much higher. Our team has spent many, many years working in their respective industries across Canada and around the world. We feel strongly that, in order to teach a concept, you must have lived it.

Academy Canada has a larger Instructor and Support Staff than any other Independent Career College in the Atlantic provinces. These professionals offer a broad range of services to students from our Campuses and Head Office. Whether they maintain our buildings, design programs, counsel, teach, offer job search guidance, serve lunch or create schedules they have one goal in mind: to create the best possible learning environment for each and every student. Quite honestly, they are amazing at what they do and are a huge reason for the college’s success.

The various Academy Canada Instructional and Support Staff positions are highlighted below along with a summary of their main responsibilities:

Principals & Vice-Principals: Coordinate all campus operations and support students/staff. They are the (cheer)leaders of every campus. They coordinate schedules, recruit staff, encourage students and provide guidance when necessary.

Admissions Team: Support students as they select a career path/program, provide labor information, offer financial advice and coordinate the Admissions process.

Student Support Coordinators: Assist any student who is having difficulties with their programs. They organize supports for persons with disabilities, coordinate tutors, act as student advocates and guide them over any “bumps in the road”.

Student Financial Officers: Help students manage their finances while in school. They facilitate student aid, coordinate with funding agencies, sell textbooks/materials, collect tuitions and offer wise budgeting advice.

Employment Coordinators: Help graduates get work. They coordinate work-terms, match grads with employers, help with job search strategies (including resume writing and interview skills) and maintain our Alumni list. Some Coordinators also plan our Apprenticeship Advanced Training courses.

Facilities Managers: This person oversees the campus physical “plant” to ensure it is as professional as possible. They order equipment/materials, coordinate renovations, and troubleshoot building problems.

IT Manager & Computer Technicians: They keep the College’s technology running smoothly. The Manager oversees the computer and technology networks and provides IT guidance. Technicians update computer resources, troubleshoot problems, support students/staff and maintain email accounts.

Instructors: Navigate students through their programs and act as mentors, teachers and role models. Instructors deliver lectures, provide evaluations and coordinate extracurricular learning activities.

Receptionists: As the Gatekeeper of the campus, the Receptionist meets guests, supports students/staff, answers the telephone, manages correspondence and directs traffic at the college. If you’re ever unclear on where to go, the Receptionist is typically a good starting point.

Custodians: A big part of keeping a campus comfortable is ensuring it is clean and well maintained. The Academy Canada Custodian and Maintenance Staff work hard every day to keep our buildings clean and professional.

ABE Team: The Adult Basic Education (ABE) program is particularly important to Academy Canada. Our 13 locations throughout the island and across Labrador are managed by a centrally-located team, including our ABE Manager, Admissions Officers and Record Coordinator. Individual sites are coordinated by Instructors with the support of the management team.

Head Office Team: The College campuses are supported by an outstanding team at our Corner Brook Head Office. The team includes our President, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operations, Payroll Staff, Accounts Payable/Receivable Staff, Curriculum Advisors, International Student Support Staff and the Corporate Training Manager.

Curriculum Team: They do a wide variety of jobs, including the development of new programs, updating existing curriculum, developing articulation relationships, facilitating accreditations and working closely with employers/ government to ensure that training meets industry needs.

Head Office Staff

PresidentMichael BarrettCorner Brook
Vice-President Finance and
Chief Financial Officer
Serge CormierCorner Brook
Vice-President Academic and
Chief Operational Officer
Lisa LoveladyKenmount Road
Director of Enrollment Management and Graduate ServicesDeborah GuestCorner Brook
Business Office ManagerJennifer Croft-O’BrienHarding Road
Business Development DirectorJackie WhiteCorner Brook
Business Development AssistantKristy WhiteCorner Brook
Marketing CoordinatorJordan SnowSt. John’s
Operations AssistantBrandon PorterCorner Brook
International Admissions and Student Settlement ManagerElizabeth SmithCorner Brook
Online Department HeadBeverly MooreKenmount Road
Online Learning AssistantCandice CorcoranHarding Road
Curriculum Department HeadMindy FinlayCorner Brook
Curriculum CoordinatorRobert StanleyHarding Road
Curriculum Coordinator: ABEJackie MorryKenmount Road
Curriculum AssistantSylvia FordCorner Brook
Program Development Department HeadPauline MaxwellCorner Brook
Corporate ComptrollerSamantha PierceyCorner Brook
Assistant ComptrollerAndrea InderCorner Brook
Payroll/Accounting TechnicianKim WaysonCorner Brook
Adult Literacy and Indigenous Learning CoordinatorAmber LeggeCorner Brook
ABE AdmissionsJudy DavisKenmount Road
Accounting/Payroll TechnicianBrittany MartinCorner Brook
Executive AssistantPaula WelshmanCorner Brook
WebmasterJack BarrettCorner Brook

Campus Administration and Support Staff

Harding Road Campus


Regional DirectorAnita Morgan
Campus Coordinator/Apprenticeship CoordinatorSuzanne Jordan
Student Financial OfficerJoanna Ayris
Student Support CoordinatorKelsie Adams
Graduate Employment CoordinatorKaren Silver
IT SupportScott Boyd
Records CoordinatorKayla Madore
Online Learning AssistantCandice Corcoran
Administrative AssistantBrittany Morgan
Facilities ManagerTrevor Jerrett
Custodian/MaintenanceKirk Dooley
CustodianDion Ryder
Admissions OfficerJessica Roberts/Megyn Hill
Admissions Appointment CoordinatorTracy Parrell

Kenmount Road Campus

Regional DirectorAnita Morgan
Vice-PrincipalColleen Power
Student Support CoordinatorJulie Yetman
Records Department HeadJenny Holloway
Graduate Employment CoordinatorAllison Smith Bungay
Student Financial OfficerAndrea Walsh
IT ManagerNeil Bolt
IT SupportScott Boyd
Administrative AssistantMelyssah Oliver
MaintenanceFrank Kelly
CustodianPaul Cumby
Student Financial Aid AssistantSarah Drover
Admissions OfficerDavid Hardiman
Admissions Officer/Assessment: ABEJudy Davis
Admissions AssistantBilliejean Shea

University Drive Campus

PrincipalColin Burridge
Vice PrincipalSteve LeDrew
Records CoordinatorGloria Stone
Student Financial OfficerKim Stickland
Employment CoordinatorBrenda Vokey
Computer Support SpecialistShane Pelley
Admissions OfficerNick Lake
Administrative AssistantKim Stickland
Facilities ManagerDoug Osmond
Daytime CustodianGreta Stone
Nighttime CustodianBrian Peddle
MaintenanceGeorge Jones

Post-Secondary Instructional Faculty

ProgramFaculty MemberCampus
Animal Grooming ProfessionalPatsy Dredge, Michelle Lush, Nicole NoseworthyHarding Road
Auto Body and Collision TechnicianJosh PikeUniversity Drive
Automotive Service TechnicianCody Clarke, Terry JoyceHarding Road
Business AdministrationRichard MurphyKenmount Road
Sandra GillespieUniversity Drive
CarpenterLawrence CanningHarding Road
Rick GreeneUniversity Drive
Computer Aided DraftingTBAHarding Road
Construction/Industrial ElectricianSpencer Hollett, Devin KeatsHarding Road
Cecil KerrCorner Brook
CookBernie-Ann EzekielHarding Road
CriminologySandi BurdenKenmount Road
Paulette BurridgeUniversity Drive
Developmental Support WorkerTBAKenmount Road
Early Childhood EducationSantana BillardCorner Brook
Annette DrakeKenmount Road
Esthetics and Spa ManagementDebbie Fahey, Laura PowerKenmount Road
Cora-Lee ParkUniversity Drive
Greenhouse ProductionMichelle LesterHarding Road
HairstylistSarah ReidKenmount Road
Sandi QueheUniversity Drive
Insulator (Heat and Frost)Gary YoungHarding Road
Interior DecoratingBarry LaSagaKenmount Road
Law Enforcement FoundationsGlenn KingKenmount Road
Massage TherapyAmy Norris, Joanne White, Ashley YetmanKenmount Road
Sarah Cull, Shannon O’Keefe, Cindy Patey,
Terri-Lynn Penney
University Drive
Medical Device ReprocessingTBAKenmount Road
Amanda LaoUniversity Drive
Multimedia Graphic DesignJustin Foley, Kyle McDavidKenmount Road
Music and Recording ArtsTBA
Nail TechnicianTenille ParkUniversity Drive
Natural ResourcesBob Richard, Justin CliftHarding Road
Occupational Health and SafetyJohn RatcliffHarding Road
Emelie KavliUniversity Drive
Office AdministrationBonnie Churchill, Cassandra Hoskins,
Richard Murphy
Kenmount Road
Linda Corbett, Tracey HumphriesUniversity Drive
Paralegal StudiesStephen SquiresKenmount Road
Personal Care AttendantCatherine Companion, Linda McCarthyUniversity Drive
Physiotherapist Assistant and
Occupational Therapist Assistant
VacantKenmount Road
PlumberTony SnowHarding Road
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning MechanicBrian GannonHarding Road
Related StudiesJustin CliftHarding Road
Bev SheppardUniversity Drive
Sheet Metal WorkerLionel Hayley, Ray PierceyUniversity Drive
Steamfitter/PipefitterDion DownerHarding Road
Therapeutic RecreationJoanne BennettKenmount Road
Veterinary Assistant/ReceptionistCrystal MercerHarding Road
Tanya PowerUniversity Drive
WelderKen FollettHarding Road

Adult Basic Education Instructional Faculty

ABE Learning CentersKenmount Road CampusUniversity Drive Campus
Natasha Abbott, Jonathan Bartlett, Bill Bennett, Lois Burden, Jeff Butler, Don Fitzpatrick, Peter Heath, David Jarvis, Henry Jensen, Barry Keough, Dawn Melindy, Kathleen Moriarty, Jim Randell, Jane SoperNatasha Abbott, Jonathan Bartlett,  Katie Corbett, Brittany GulliverBrandon Furlong, Jim Randell (Virtual), Karen Skinner

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