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So Much More Than Textbooks!

At Academy Canada we believe that college life is about more than books and lectures! It should be an opportunity to reinvent yourself, explore new things and meet interesting people…all while getting a quality education.

Our family (lovingly called AC Nation”) works hard every year to find new ways to make your experience enjoyable. Whether you are looking for volunteer opportunities, athletic competition, social events or a way to pamper yourself, we’ve got activities that are sure to please.

Social LifeOur on-campus socials and group outings are excellent opportunities to make new friends and have a ton of fun. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our activities for September Orientation, Halloween party, Christmas Talent Show, Winter Blah Busters, Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day and summer celebrations. If you have an idea for a new event we’d love to help you organize it!
Volunteerism:Over the last 35+ years, Academy Canada students and staff have volunteered more than three million hours with worthwhile community groups! They support amazing sports groups, community agencies and medical causes. We strongly support their spirit of giving and the difference it makes in the lives of others. Not only is it a great resume builder…it feels great! We’d be happy to help you find a cause that matches your passion.
Exposure to new ideas:The college routinely welcomes guest lecturers to speak to classes on a wide range of topics related to their field of training, the world of work or life in general.
Pampering:You work hard and deserve a break every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to take them. Several of our campuses offer free or very low-cost weekly Client Day services to students to help them beat the stress. For example, you can get a haircut, coloring, braids or foils, scalp treatment, waxing, manicure/pedicure, electrolysis, make-up, facials, body wraps, or a massage…right on campus!
We can even give your cat or dog a special day out at our Animal Grooming Clinic. No other school can offer you those services!
Great Food:At our Harding Road campus, our in-house cooks prepare daily specials that will make your mouth water.
Pet Therapy:Don’t be surprised if you regularly see amazing cats and dogs around campus. Our Animal Grooming and Veterinary Assistant programs welcome them to class all the time and they are always a highlight.

2023-2024 and 2024-2025 Key Dates

August 07, 2024 - Regatta Day (No Classes)
August 07, 2024 - Term 6 Ends
August 08, 2024 - Summer Break Begins
September 03, 2024 - Summer Break Ends
September 04, 2024 - Term 1 Begins
October 25, 2024 - Term 1 Ends
October 28, 2024 - Term 2 Begins
December 20, 2024 - Term 2 Ends
January 06, 2025 - Term 3 Begins
February 21, 2025 - Term 3 Ends
February 24, 2025 - Term 4 Begins
April 17, 2025 - Term 4 Ends
April 28, 2025 - Term 5 Begins
June 13, 2025 - Term 5 Ends
June 16, 2025 - Term 6 Begins
August 06, 2025 - Term 6 Ends

ABE Student Spotlights

Another graduate from our Adult Basic Education program!

This is Edward Pottle Allen.

He graduated from our Happy Valley Goose Bay ABE Learning Centre.

Congratulations, Edward!

You're going to do great things!

On December 12, 2023, Placentia ABE Learning Centre are sending out congratulations to a recent graduate, Virginia Clarke.

Virginia was also student of the month for November!!!

She will be starting the Early Childhood Education program in January and we couldn't be more excited for her.

It has been great seeing her through her journey.

All the best, Virginia!

Graduate Spotlights

Erica graduated with a Diploma of Applied Arts (Veterinary Assistant) in the class of 2015.

Here's what she has to say about her career: "I graduated from the VAR program in 2015, and I just wanted to share I have been working my dream job in a veterinary clinic since! Since graduation, I have worked in multiple clinics, including outside the province and have worked with thousands of different pets. I feel honored to be able to help people and their pets and I couldn't ask for a better line of work. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream job!"

Thanks to Erica for sharing!

We are so proud to be part of your journey.

ABE New Graduate Highlights

Huge congratulations goes out to Shaeley Childs on her graduation from ABE in Labrador West!

Here she is with some proud family members and fur babies!

Shaeley Childs proudly receives her ABE Diploma alongside her family members and furry friend.

We're so excited for Jacob White on his graduation from Bonavista ABE!

He has worked very hard for this!

Wishing you the best, Jacob!

Jacob proudly receives his ABE Diploma from his instructor, Jeff.

On June 19, 2024, Nutuashish ABE Learning Centre had their Graduation Ceremony for Shelly, George, and Ketora.

It was a nice ceremony with all of their family and friends. We are so proud of their huge accomplishment!!

On June 3, 2024, we celebrated the graduation of Jake and Lux from Labrador West.

They have both worked tremendously hard and deserve a huge congratulations.

We know they will both go on to do great things!

Shawn Solomon of Happy Valley Goose Bay ABE has recently graduated.

Huge congratulations to him on this big achievement.

Wishing you all the best in college!!

Labrador West ABE Learning Centre have more reasons to celebrate!

Jesse V. has graduated!

Everyone is so proud of her and excited to hear about her upcoming college experience!

You're awesome, Jesse!

Wishing you all the best

During the week of February 4, 2024, Happy Valley - Goose Bay ABE Learning Centre celebrated their newest graduate, Edward Maggo.

Edward worked a large portion of his life in the Mining industry.

He was trying to get an underground mining job with Vale at Voisey’s Bay but was turned down because he was not a high school graduate.

Determined to follow his dream to work at Vale, he came to Acadmey Canada a year ago in January 2023 to attempt his ABE.

Edward graduated and was offered a job by Vale.

He recently started his job on February 12, 2024.

Congratulations Edward!

A success story of the finest!!!

Edward Maggo (right) and his son, Eddie (left), who was also a recent ABE graduate!!

Academy Canada is sending huge congratulations to Danny Hynes on graduating from Adult Basic Education program in Labrador West.

Pictured here is Danny and his instructors, Jane and Ruth.

We're all very proud of you and wishing you the best!

Exciting news in Hopedale!

Here's our latest graduate, John Semigak!

Mr. Semigak graduated on March 8, 2024.

Congratulations, John!

We're all so proud!

On March 4, 2024, our Natuashish ABE Learning Centre site has been busy this month with TWO new graduates, Ketora Tshakapesh and George Gregoire Jr.

Both students have worked very hard and should be very proud of this milestone!

Congratulations George and Ketora!!

Ketora Tshakapesh (left) and George Gregoire Jr. (right) celebrate their graduation at the Natuashish ABE Learning Centre along with their instructor, Randy Alexander (middle)

Another exciting moment at the Labrador West ABE Learning Centre as we celebrate two new graduates, Erin and Shayna.

You're both awesome and will do great things.

Congratulations from the Academy Canada Nation.

Exciting news at Nain ABE Learning Centre as they congratulate their newest graduate, Kay Barbour!

Pictured here is Kay, and Kay with her daughter who is, no doubt, very proud of her mom!

We can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will do!!!

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