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The Admissions Process
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Academy Canada’s Admissions Process

Applying for college is a very exciting time in a person’s life! It is full of anticipation and hope for a better tomorrow. We share your excitement and look forward to watching your success unfold.

At Academy Canada we also know that this can also be a confusing and a stressful time with lots of questions.

That is why we’ve developed a simple 10-step Enrollment Process that your personal Admissions Officer will patiently guide you through. Those steps include:

10 Step Enrollment Process

Number one within a solid circle

Pick a career path.

Explore career options. Select some alternatives that interest you. Talk to people working in these positions. Watch career videos. Compare wages and job prospects. Your Admissions Officer can share many resources to help you do thorough labor market research.

When? Whenever you’re ready for a career change.

Number 2 within a solid circle

Select a College.

In Newfoundland & Labrador there are 17 different training institutions to choose from, including Academy Canada.
Visit and research as many colleges as possible and select the one that offers your program. Make sure you feel comfortable with the campus and people you meet. You should never feel pressured into making an enrollment decision. Take your time – it’s important. Ask questions about the program, instructor credentials, facilities, employment prospects and whether the college is nationally accredited. Ask whether the school has a “Satisfaction Guarantee” that allows you to withdraw (for any reason, at no cost) within a few weeks if you change your mind. At Academy Canada you have 21 days to change programs or withdraw if you decide that you made the wrong choice. We’ve provided a checklist below to use when selecting a school.

When? 3+ months before enrolling.

Steps 3-10 assume you attend Academy Canada and may vary if you attend a different school.

Number 3 within a solid circle

Get to know Academy Canada.

Meet with an Admissions Officer and learn about campus/program details, entrance requirements, employment prospects, etc. Ask to meet with program Instructors and learn about their approach/credentials. You can even sit in on a class or two! Talk to our students, graduates and employers. Visit the AC website and facebook page to learn more about things happening around campus. Feel free to drop by the school and wander around to get the vibe. We’d also be happy to give you a gift certificate to get a free massage, esthetics service, haircut, or mani-pedi at one of our weekly client day services.

When? 3+ months before enrolling.

Number 4 within a solid circle

Apply to College.

You can apply using a paper application (found in our Academic Calendar) or online. While we accept applications up to 21 days after a program begins, we recommend applying as early as possible (at least 30 days prior to the start date if possible). Please note that you can withdraw or transfer your application at any time without penalty. After you submit your application you should forward your most recent transcript/Diploma (high school, Adult Basic Education or GED), the non-refundable application fee and any other entrance requirement documents required of your program. They can be found here. You should also notify the college if you have any special learning, physical or other requirements so that we can create a personalized plan for you. Once the minimum information is submitted you will receive a “conditional acceptance” letter. A “full acceptance” will be sent as soon as all requirements are met.

When? 1+ month before the start date.

Number 5 within a solid circle

Arrange educational funding.

There are many funding options to help pay for college. Depending upon their personal circumstances, AC students may qualify for each of them, including government sponsorship, student aid, RESPs, and scholarships/bursaries. Your Admissions Officer will help you identify the funding option(s) that work best for you. More details can be found here. You should do this as early as possible because some funding providers (especially student aid and government sponsorship) have very rigid deadlines. Your Admissions Officer can tell you what they are since they vary from year to year. If you are paying your own way we can help you create a payment plan.

When? As early as possible but no later than 1+ month before enrolling.

Number 6 within a solid circle

Coordinate living arrangements and transportation.

If you are from out of town you will need to arrange a place to live and organize utilities, transportation, etc. Your Admissions Officer can offer some great advice with that! We also have a college Facebook Classifieds Page to help you find others for ride-sharing or roommates. The earlier you can coordinate this the better.

We have partnered with SpacesShared to offer shared housing opportunities for our students. Learn more here.

When? 1-3 month before moving.

Number 7 within a solid circle

Ongoing contact with College.

You will receive regular letters, emails and phone calls from your personal Admissions Officer to guide you through the admissions process and answer questions. You can visit the campus or reach out to us with ANY question you have or hurdles you need to overcome.

When? Ongoing.

Number 8 within a solid circle

Registration Day.

The day before classes begin is the day that you formally register for school, formally meet the staff, your instructor, classmates and get oriented to the campus. You’ll also receive your course outlines, evaluation schemes and all the other information you’ll need to succeed. We’ll also give you a book/materials list. While you won’t need them on Day 1 you will need to buy the things you’ll need for class within the first week.

When? The day before classes start.

Number 9 within a solid circle

Begin classes.

The big day is here! Lectures begin and you get down to work.

When? Day 1

Number 10 within a solid circle

Enjoy, learn and achieve!

This is what you’ve worked so hard for. Make every minute count and have fun. We encourage you to study diligently but encourage you to do so much more…become a campus leader, volunteer, make friends, build a professional network and reinvent yourself. There will be challenges along the way but they are what makes your accomplishment all the sweeter. We believe in you…you got this!

When? Throughout your program

10 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS To Ask Prospective Colleges


Does this college offer the program that I want to take? Does it have the elements that I want to specialize in? Did they provide information about job prospects? Will the program give me the skills that employers are looking for?



Do I feel comfortable when I visit the campus and did the staff make me feel welcome? Do I have a qualified personal Admissions Officer that will guide me through the enrollment process? Was I encouraged to tour the school, meet staff/students, and speak to employers?



Are the facilities professional, comfortable and modern? Are they conveniently located?



Has the school been delivering training for a long time and built a reputation for excellence?



Are the instructors experienced, skilled and approved by the Department of Education?



Is the teaching style hands-on and are there quality supports that match my distinct learning style?



Does the college have strong relationships in the community that will give my Diploma greater recognition and build a network that I can use to find a job when I graduate? Does the college have strong job placement services? Are there people dedicated to helping me find a job?



Is there a good campus culture? Are there extracurricular activities, student perks (ie access to a hair salon, massage clinic, esthetics day spa, etc)?



Can I finance my education at this college through either external funding agencies or the Student Aid program?



Is the College provincially licensed and nationally accredited?


Request Info

*Important Note: If you are having difficulty submitting this form or do not receive an email confirming your submission, please call us at 1.800.561.8000 or email us at

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