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Duration: 5.5 semesters 8 week work term. Click here for specific start dates.
Faculty: Justice
Certification: Diploma of Social Sciences
Entrance Requirements: Please click here

Program Description

The Criminology program exposes students to the nature and causes of crime, criminal behaviour, and the criminal justice system. Students will receive training in specialized areas of psychology and sociology, as well as experience in standard security practices so that valuable assistance may be provided to counselors and corrections staff. The goal of the program is to develop the skills in a graduate who will be well versed in the current philosophy of corrections on the provincial and national scenes.

Please note that due to the nature of this career, employees are required to tolerate regular physical activity during the course of their work day. If you have any medical concerns, please contact your admissions officer to ensure you are aware of the requirements of the occupation and to determine if you are eligible for accommodations in this program.

Program Courses

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Canadian Criminology
  • Canadian Firearms Safety (Restricted)
  • Canadian Firearms Safety (Unrestricted)
  • Communication Skills
  • Correctional Officer Training Skills
  • Corrections in Criminal Justice
  • Current Issues in Criminology
  • Human Development
  • Human Relations
  • Human Sexuality
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Introduction to Basic Counselling Skills
  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Job Search Skills
  • Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Manipulation
  • Verbal Intervention
  • Officer Safety
  • Personal Fitness
  • Prison Subculture
  • Procedures and Administration of Criminal Justice
  • Professional Development Issues
  • Programming in Corrections
  • Provincial Statutes
  • Psychology of Addictions
  • Risk Assessment and Case Management
  • Security, Movement and Safety
  • Sociology of Deviance
  • Standard First Aid
  • Strangulation, Suicide, and Cut-Down
  • Suicide Intervention
  • Word Processing
  • Work Term
  • Young Offenders Legislation

Employment Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Criminology program graduates will be eligible (depending on specific hiring practices) to work in a variety of settings such as: community corrections; outreach/life skills programs; custodial facilities; private investigation; and, community residential centres. Criminology employment opportunities exist with government and private industry.

Graduates may work in such areas as addictions, community development, community service, youth facilities, mental health, women’s shelters, and uniformed services such as airport security/screening official, armored car service, deputy sheriff and correctional officer. Depending on specific hiring practices, additional training may be required, examples include deputy sheriff and correctional officer. A small sample of Academy Canada’s excellent employers include:

  • Mask Security
  • Brinks
  • Care Givers
  • Her Majesty’s Penitentiary
  • Department of Justice, Youth Centre
  • Ontario Correctional Institute Sheriff’s Office
  • Edmonton Correctional Institute
  • Emmanuel House
  • Shalom Group Home
  • Eastern Residential Board
  • Federal Corrections of Canada
  • Child Find Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Securicore
  • Health and Educational Services
  • RCMP, Constable, First Nations Reserves, Eskasoni
  • Howard House
  • Blue Sky

NOTE: For Correctional Officer positions, you must meet the organizations entrance requirements such as a physical fitness test and a written exam. The exam would go for a position at the Sheriff’s Office.

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