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Student success not only happens in the classroom, lab, shop, or studio.

Their achievements outside campus or Adult Basic Education Learning Centre translates to success in life.

Academy Canada’s Corner Brook Campus, Harding Road Campus, Kenmount Road Campus, and ABE Learning Centres recognizes outstanding students who are not only successful in campus, but also in their extra curricular, athletic, and social activities.

Each campus and ABE Learning Centre have an opportunity to recognize outstanding students as “Student of the Month”.

Corner Brook Campus

Meet Corner Brook Campus November 2023 "Student of the Month" - Tammy G!

Tammy's instructor nominated her based on her dedication to her studies, passion for her field, and the supportive attitude she brings to the classroom/lab.

Her instructor and classmates appreciate her patience, kindness, and willingness to help others.

These skills make Tammy a true class leader and will be a huge asset to her in a career as a Medical Device Reprocessing/Sterile Technician.

Keep up the amazing work!

Congratulations to October 2023 "Student of the Month" at our Corner Brook campus, Elizabeth B!

Elizabeth is completing Adult Basic Education. Her instructor commends her for her hard work, excellent attendance and dedication to completing her credits.

Way to go, Elizabeth!

Harding Road Campus

Meet Eleanor, our Harding Road campus Student of the Month!

Eleanor, a senior student in our Natural Resources program, is a great example of a class leader.

Her instructor describes her as an excellent student with a keen interest in her field, strong work ethic, and great attendance.

Beyond her academic record, Eleanor is also known to be responsible, kind and supportive of her classmates.

Congratulations Eleanor, and thank you for inspiring us all!

Meet our Harding Road Campus March 2024 Student of the Month: Jacob H!

Jacob is nearing the end of his studies in the Construction/Industrial Electrician program with a bright future ahead of him.

His instructor, Spencer, describes him as an exceptional student who works hard and consistently displays enthusiasm for his work - all while also balancing two jobs.

Keep up the amazing work, Jacob!

This work ethic will serve you well in your career as an Electrician. Your future employer will be lucky to have you on their team!

Sending special congratulations to Harding Road Campus "February 2024 Student of the Month", Arthur Y!

Arthur is an Animal Grooming Professional student.

According to his instructor, Patsy, Arthur is "the kind of person you can always count on.

He is fully involved in his program, helps others, and is dedicated to being an excellent student. He has great attendance and is always eager to learn."

Congratulations, Arthur!

We are incredibly proud of your hard work and dedication to your program and four-legged clients in the student salon.

Keep up the excellent work!

Congratulations to Harding Road Campus' "Student of the Month", Morgan W!

Morgan is enrolled in our Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist program. She maintains an excellent academic record and perfect attendance, and beyond that, she is a kind person who goes above and beyond to help others succeed.

Way to go, Morgan!

Keep up the fantastic work.

Your future colleagues and furry patients will be lucky to have you.

Meet the November 2023 Harding Road Campus "Student of the Month": Adam B!

Adam's instructor nominated him based on his willingness to put in extra effort to get the most out of his studies and to help his classmates!

Way to go, Adam.

These skills will serve you well in the classroom and in your field. Dedication to a job well done and willingness to help others on your team are excellent skills for an Automotive Service Technician! 🧑

Greenhouse Production instructor, Michelle Lester, nominated Maggie as Hardin Road Campus' October 2023 "Student of the Month"

This nomination was based on Maggie's ability to maintain passion and determination for her studies while consistently brightening the day of those around her with a smile.

Way to go, Maggie!

Keep up the great work and positive attitude.

These are amazing qualities to carry through your studies.

We can't wait to see where your career takes you

Congratulations to the July Student of the Month at our Harding Road Campus, Tyler E!

Tyler is enrolled in our Construction/Industrial Electrician program.

He maintains perfect attendance and excellent grades in all subjects.

His instructor says he is "always on time and ready to learn. His attendance is exceptional, and he is a true leader in the classroom."

Way to go, Tyler! Keep up the fantastic work!

Congratulations to the Harding Road Campus "June 2023 Student of the Month", Victoria C!

Victoria maintains an excellent academic and attendance record, and her instructor Spencer says she is "a hard worker, always on time, and an all-around great student!"

Way to go, Victoria!!

Keep up the amazing work; you will certainly be an asset to your field.

Congratulations to Harding Road Campus' latest Student of the Month, Cameron K.

Here's what Cameron's instructor Chris has to say about him:

"Cameron is a very motivated student. He has a fantastic attendance record and his dedication to the program shows in both the classroom and shop. In the classroom, Cameron often asks questions above and beyond course curriculum, not to mention he has the ability to quickly correct me when I make a mistake. In the shop, he is always working on extra projects beyond the program assignments. I have seen him make projects from a jewelry box to a bedside table. He goes above and beyond everyday to do the best job possible and help his peers and instructor."

Way to go, Cameron!

Keep up the great work.

You have a bright future ahead as a Carpenter!

Kenmount Road Campus

Congratulations to our Kenmount Road Student of the Month, Winlove V!

Winlove is enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program. Her instructor, Daisy, praises her for hard work and dedication to her work in the classroom and with the children in her care during her practicums. She has developed a strong understanding of best practices in early learning, and will be a huge asset to her field.

Keep up the amazing work, Winlove.

Your future is bright!

Meet Randi Lee, our Kenmount Road Student of the Month!

Randi Lee, a first-year student in our Massage Therapy program, truly embodies the qualities we value in an Academy Canada student.

Here's what her instructor, Amy Norris, has to say about her:

"Randi Lee joined the Massage Therapy program in September 2023 and has been an absolute pleasure to have in class since she started. She has a fantastic work ethic, a caring demeanour and brings laughter & joy to the classroom. She always puts the needs of others before herself and is a friend to all. I continue to see improvements in her and I am very proud of her personal & professional growth. Randi Lee has an exceptional future ahead of her in the field of Massage Therapy."

Congratulations, Randi Lee!

Keep shining and working hard, your future is bright.

Sending a huge congratulations to Kira H, the January 2024 "Student of the Month" at the Kenmount Road Campus!

Kira is a second-year student in our Multimedia Graphic Design program. With just a few months until graduation, she maintains an exceptional academic record, work ethic, and consistently positive attitude.

According to her instructor, Kyle, she is "extremely hardworking, creative, and detailed. She's a joy to have in class and shows kindness to everyone around her.”

Way to go, Kira! We are incredibly proud of your academic achievements and contributions to a positive learning environment.

Keep up the excellent work – your future is bright!

Meet the November 2023 Kenmount Road Campus "Student of the Month": Makya W!

Makya's instructor nominated her based on her enthusiasm, positive attitude and reliability.

Way to go, Makya, these are amazing skills to have as a future educator!

Congratulations to the October 2023 Student of the Month for the Kenmount Road campus, Falyn F!

Falyn is a second-year student in our Therapeutic Recreation program. Here is how her instructor Joanne describes her:

“Falyn is a dedicated, enthusiastic TR student with a passion for helping others. She always looks for the best in others and gives her absolute best! As a mother of a young daughter, she does a great job in balancing home and school life.

She has accomplished so much and excelled in her academics and TR Practicums. Her positive, creative, energetic personality is a wonderful fit for the TR field. I'm so proud of her - she is so humble and kind!”

We are SO proud of you, Falyn! Keep up the amazing work - your future clients will be so lucky to have you!

Shoutout to the Student of the Month at our Kenmount Road campus for July!

Krystal is a first-year Massage Therapy student. She has a perfect attendance record and maintains excellent grades in her coursework.

Here is what Krystal's instructor Joanne says about her:

"Krystal has accomplished a high academic standing in all areas of studies within the Massage Therapy program. Her dedication and commitment to the program is exceptional.

Krystal has managed to achieve academic excellence while balancing a very busy home life. I am honoured to nominate her for Student of the Month!"

Way to go, Krystal! Your future clients will be lucky to have you as their Massage Therapist!

Angeline is a first-year student in the Early Childhood Education program. Aside from maintaining a strong academic record, she exemplifies hard work and a true passion for learning.

Here is what Angeline's instructor says about her: "There are so many diverse, hardworking individuals in my class that shine in many ways. Angeline is one whose commitment to the program is truly remarkable. She works hard to maintain her academics and is very successful on the floor with the children. Angeline is always in class and asks lots of questions to ensure her understanding. She accepts feedback like a champion and soaks up as much information as possible. Balancing home life and school can be challenging; however, Angeline demonstrates it is possible if you want to reach your goals. I am very proud of her determination."

Way to go, Angeline!! Your future students will be so lucky to have you!

Congratulations to Kenmount Road Campus May 2023 "Student of the Month", Megan R.!

Megan is enrolled at our Business Administration program.

According to her instructor Justin Foley, she “works extremely hard in class, achieves high marks, supports her classmates and assists them whenever she can and has risen to every challenge presented to her. She is a very strong independent worker and a strong team worker!”

Congratulations to Kenmount Road Campus April 2023 "Student of the Month", Chantal C!

Chantal is a student in our Multimedia Graphic Design program. She maintains a very strong academic and attendance record and is a pleasure to have in class. Her instructor Kyle says she is “a hard-worker, a natural class leader (and class mom), and extremely creative. She brings humour and positivity to the room!”

Way to go, Chantal!

Keep up the great work inside and outside the classroom.

Your future is bright!

Congratulations to March 2023 "Student of the Month" at our Kenmount Road campus, Chelsey E.

Here's what Chelsey's instructor Ashley says about her:

"I'm continuously surprised by Chelsey's ability to thrive in tough situations. No matter what she faces, she always has a positive attitude. This personality trait is not only admirable but also shows great strength on her part. I'm consistently impressed by her politeness and helpfulness around the classroom and clinical setting. She's a fantastic representation of a well-behaved, respectful and courteous student. Keep up the excellent work, Chelsey, and thank you for being such a pleasure to teach! Have a lookout in the near future for Chelsey, who will be starring in the new Academy Canada commercial!"

Way to go, Chelsey!

Keep up the great work inside and outside the classroom.

Congratulations to the latest "Student of the Month" at our Kenmount Road Campus, Katlyn W!

Katlyn is a student in our Therapeutic Recreation program. Here is what her instructor Joanne Bennett says about her:

"Katlyn is an incredible student! She is positive, enthusiastic and a true class leader. She is an A+ student, dependable and reliable and always looks for the best in others. Katlyn has a great work-life balance and works at Easter Seals part-time while volunteering at Rainbow Riders. She was elected by her peers to be the NLTRA student Vice President and currently sits on the NLTRA board. Katlyn always gives back to the community and gives of her time freely - she is an exceptional TR student, and I am currently nominating her for the Recreation NL Kevin Waterman Student Scholarship."

Amazing job, Katlyn!

Keep up the great work, you are going to be a terrific addition to your field.

ABE Learning Centres

Huge congratulations to Angela of Baie Verte ABE Learning Centre.

Angela is the Student of the Month for January!

All the best in the remainder of your program, Angela! Keep working hard

On January 9, 2024, Natuashish ABE Learning Centre are celebrating George Poker who has been selected as student of the month!

George has been a part of the program for a couple of years and is doing very well with his studies.

His hard work is paying off!

Congratulations, George, and keep up the hard work!

Pictured on the left is George with his instructor, Randy Alexander.

Natuashish ABE Learning Centre student, George Gregoire, is November 2023 "Student of the Month".

Natuashish ABE Learning Centre student, Phyllis Kashinak (pictured to the left with Nora Sargent), is October 2023 "Student of the Month".

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