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Posted November 27, 2023

The holidays are coming, and our Kenmount Road Esthetics students are looking for hair removal clients!

Benefit from discounted service rates and help a student complete their training.

See below for pricing list, and please contact to inquire about services and to book an appointment.

Hair Removal Service List:

  • Eyebrow Shaping - $5
  • Upper Lip - $5
  • Arm/Hands - $10
  • Chin/Neck - $10
  • Back - $10+
  • Chest - $10+
  • Abdomen - $5
  • Underarms - $10
  • Bikini Line - $15
  • Full Legs - $25
  • Half-Leg - $15
  • Full-Legs and Bikini Line - $35

Posted November 24, 2023

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame will have a premiere of "Respecting The Game - The Story of Jackie Barrett", featuring Academy Canada and Eastern Academy's own Webmaster, Jack Barrett, on Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 2:30 PM Newfoundland Time.

While instructors, staff members, and students are busy, if you're interested in watching the premiere, please visit the Canada's Sports Hall of Fame website's "Beyond The Win" page at to register.

If you're unable to watch "Respecting The Game - The Story of Jackie Barrett" on December 6, you can always watch it afterwards.

Image Source: Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

Posted November 22, 2023

Our Kenmount Road Esthetics students are currently perfecting their Artistic Nail enhancement skills and are offering the following services FREE of charge:

  • Square French tipped or sculpture applications (full set of nails) - FREE
  • Square French sculpture applications (full set of nails) - FREE

Also being offered:

Gel polish manicure applications (shellac applications) - $10 charge

The appointment times are as follows:

  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 8:15am and 1:15pm
  • Thursdays and Fridays: 9:30am

Please note the following:

  • As the students are perfecting their skills, please allow up to 4 hours for a full set of gel nails
  • Appointment times vary for gel polish applications, and please allow 60-75 minutes for gel polish manicures
    With the holidays approaching, it is a great time to treat yourself and help our future estheticians complete their training.

Please email to book an appointment!

Posted November 15, 2023

Are you considering starting college this winter but unsure what to expect?

Join us for an Admissions Team hosted campus tour!

Experience what it means to be part of the Academy Canada community.

For more information or arrange a campus tour, contact us at

Posted November 5, 2023

Academy Canada are pleased to announce that we won the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association's (NLCA) "Professional Service Award of Excellence".

These awards were given during the NLCA's "Awards Gala" on November 4, 2023.

We thank the NLCA for their continued support towards this province's Construction industry.

Academy Canada's representatives proudly accept their "Professional Service Award of Excellence" during the NLCA's Awards Gala.

Posted November 2, 2023

Academy Canada are absolutely thrilled to be nominated for the St. John's Board of Trade Community Champion Award!

Congratulations to all of the nominees.

Posted October 30, 2023

Some Veterinary Assistants also serve as Exam Room Managers.

Their role is to ensure that Veterinary hospitals run efficiently while providing the best care possible for our fur babies.

This information provided is courtesy of CBS Animal Hospital.

Posted October 27, 2023

NL West SPCA sends a huge thank you our Massage Therapy students for their generous donation to help our animals!

They paid this money directly on our vet bill and it is a great help!

Academy Canada are proud of our Massage Therapy students for supporting the NL West SPCA

Massage Therapy students made a big difference to animals in need with a donation to the NL West SPCA.

Posted October 25, 2023

A message from the CBS Animal Hospital about a Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist's role.

Posted October 23, 2023

For a limited time, simply make your employer aware of the $10,000 Apprenticeship Support Project (ASP) Grant, and AES Inc. will give you $500!

How it works:

  • Register to promote the grant and immediately get $100.
  • Successfully apply for the grant with your employer and pocket another $400!

The details:

If you’re a student in one of the 39 Red Seal trades included in the ASP and you haven’t passed a Level 1 exam yet, you’re eligible! For a full list of the 39 qualifying trades, please visit:

Ready to pocket $500? Register today!
Call: 1.844.245.3571
Don’t miss out!

Find “a pocket” of time to quickly register. You can enhance your career, help your employer, and walk away with $500 in the process!

Please visit for more information and eligibility requirements for employers.

Posted October 13, 2023

On October 12, 2023, Penny paid a visit to our Animal Grooming Student Salon, and our talented students worked their magic.

She left looking and feeling fabulous, with a vibrant splash of colour to showcase!

Congratulations to Katie Miller, the recipient of the 2023 Massage Addict scholarship valued at $1,000!

Katie is a second-year Massage Therapy student who has continuously demonstrated a solid commitment to her studies and profession.

In addition to maintaining strong attendance and academic records, she brings a positive attitude and compassion to the classroom and clinic.

Keep up the great work, Katie! This recognition is well-deserved and your future is bright.

We also send a heartfelt thanks to Massage Addict for your continued support of our program and students!

Massage Therapy student, Katie Miller, proudly accepts her $1,000 Massage Addict scholarship.

Posted October 12, 2023

Our Therapeutic Recreation program was lucky to host recent visitors from THREE amazing community organizations! We always appreciate opportunities for our students to meet and learn from practitioners across various disciplines within their field. These sessions not only inspire them on their own journeys, but also keep them informed about exciting industry news and upcoming career opportunities.

Huge thanks to SeniorsNL, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association - Newfoundland and Labrador, and CNIB for taking the time to visit and share your knowledge.

Therapeutic Recreation students hosted three different organizations they shared their knowledge to tomorrow's leaders.

Posted September 29, 2023

Posted July 16, 2023

There are many misconceptions about working in the Early Childhood sector, and we are here to debunk some of those for you!

Myth #1 - Anyone can do it

Fact: Not quite. Sorry to break it to you, but the idea that working in this sector is a ‘piece of cake’ is far from the truth. It takes a compassionate, empathetic, intelligent and open-minded person to make a truly wonderful ECE. These educators prepare students for school and for life. It is an incredibly important job.

To earn a diploma as an ECE, you’ll need to pass courses in child development and psychology, health and safety, communication, teaching children from diverse backgrounds, and behavioural management. It requires dedication and passion to make a committed ECE - could this be you?

Myth #2 - There aren’t many jobs in this field

Fact - Thankfully, this isn’t the case! ECEs can work in lots of places, both in person and online. In Newfoundland and Labrador, there is huge demand for skilled ECEs. We need more passionate people to enter the sector, to mold the young leaders of tomorrow, today. ECEs as a result have fantastic job prospects across NL and Labrador, as well as across Canada and the world. There is ample opportunity for you to find the perfect fit.

Myth #3 - You don’t need to be skilled

Fact - Again, wrong! People who aren’t aware of the complexities of the field sometimes compare ECEs to glorified babysitters. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. ECEs work with children during their most critical developmental years. As a result, ECEs need to be highly skilled at teaching, understanding, and supporting young people. ECEs are responsible for leading children through an array of new discoveries, such as reading and writing, language and communication, gross and fine motor skills, social skills, numeracy, problem solving, managing emotions, and many more.

Stay tuned for some exciting truths about being an ECE!

Posted July 16, 2023

The Newfoundland and Labrador Government wants more passionate people like you in the Early Learning and Child Care sector!

It is important that the right people are coming to, and staying in, this important field. As a result, there are important bursary programs for you to know about.

The Early Childhood Education Graduate Bursary Program

  • Seeks to alleviate your student debt
  • Offers assistance of up to $7,500 for graduates of a recognized 2-year ECE diploma program in the province
  • Allows you to commit to working full or part-time for at least 3 years in a regulated child care service in the province

The Early Childhood Education On-Campus Field Placement Bursary Program

  • Provides financial support for students attending on-campus field placement as part of their distance education program
  • Eligible candidates can receive up to $2,500
  • Application must be completed within 6 months of field placement completion

Early Childhood Education Trainee Bursary Program

  • Supports Trainee (Entry) Level candidates undertaking ECE courses to upgrade their certification to Level 1
  • Provides students with $250 per successfully completed required post-secondary ECE course
  • Candidates must hold valid Trainee Level Child Care Services certification
  • Candidates must be working in regulated child care services in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Candidates must complete the courses through distance or online delivery from a provincially recognized post-secondary ECE program

Are you ready to begin your journey? For more information about our bursaries, take a look at our website today!

Are you looking for a roommate in the St. John's or Corner Brook areas?

Are you a landlord or property manager looking for tenants?

We have students looking for places to live while they go to school, and we want to connect them with you!

Contact us at or 1.800.561.8000, and please share this post!

Posted June 28, 2023

Did you know that becoming a qualified ECE only requires a 1-year Certificate or a 2-year Diploma program?

The Early Childhood Educators Human Resources Council, also known as ECEHRC, believes in the importance of an educated ELCC workforce.

There are affordable and efficient options to gain the education you need that save you from having to undertake an expensive 4-year degree and bear its associated student loan costs. These certifications are delivered at fantastic post–secondary institutions across Newfoundland and Labrador.

If finances are causing you stress - there’s support! The Newfoundland and Labrador Government offers grants and bursaries for eligible students, in order to assist them in their progress through post-secondary programs. Moreover, there are options for "earn while you learn" programs, meaning you can be financially supported while studying.

Still not quite right? You can also become a certified Trainee through AECENL, working in a regulated child care setting while completing online early childhood educator courses. You can upgrade your skills over time, undertaking further ECE certifications which lead to more career opportunities and higher salaries.

Curious about the options available to you?

Visit their website to work out which early childhood education journey is best catered to you and your future.

Posted May 29, 2023

Annette is one of the talented instructors in our Early Childhood Education department. She joined us after 27 years of working in the field and now shares her knowledge and expertise with the future Early Childhood Educators of NL!

Read on to see what Annette has to say about the important work being done in Early Childhood Education. Thank you for all you do, Annette!

"With almost three decades in the field, I have witnessed the evolution of this exciting sector. The profession has shifted from caregivers that work for families to educators who work with families. Research in child development supports the value and importance of Early Childhood Education in society. So much is learned in the first five years, so it is crucial that children get a good start with caring, trained and knowledgeable educators.

ECEs work in diverse settings such as regulated childcare centres, schools, family resource centres, or operate home-based childcare. We are essential to the community; we support economic growth and provide care for the province's most valuable resource, our children.
It is such an exciting time for ECEs with the introduction of a newly released wage grid and financial incentives for educators to pursue higher learning. Learn more:

Over the years, I have worked with many wonderful educators who influenced my life and for whom I am truly grateful. The opportunity to mentor, guide and educate the next generation of ECEs is an amazing experience. A big thank you to the childcare centers who welcome our students and enrich their academic experience with hands-on learning. There is no greater time to join the profession and become a trained, certified ECE; we make a difference. Happy ECE week to one and all!"

Posted June 3, 2023

As Early Childhood Education Week comes to a close, we would like to give one final important shout out. Last but certainly not least, thank you to our incredible network of employment partners. Each of these organizations has recently hosted a student for a practicum in their centre. Practicums are an essential part of a student's training, giving them a real-world opportunity to apply the skills they learned in the classroom under the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

By welcoming students into your classrooms, you are helping to nurture and grow the next generation of Early Childhood Educators! Thank you for supporting student success.

We would also like to send a special thank you to the staff at our childcare centre in Corner Brook, Creative Beginnings! Beyond supporting students as a practicum host, our team of ECEs there work hard to provide excellent care to children year-round. Thank you for all you do!

Posted May 29, 2023

Santana is another of the amazing instructors in our Early Childhood Education program. She completed training in both education and nursing, including ten years of experience working as an Early Childhood Educator. We are lucky to have her on our team to bring her knowledge and experience into the classroom. Fun fact: Santana has also worked at Creative Beginnings, Academy Canada's childcare centre in Corner Brook!

We asked Santana some questions about her career in Early Childhood Education - check it out!

Question: If you could give a piece of advice to someone looking to start a career in Early Childhood Education, what would it be?

Answer: My advice to anyone who would like to begin a career in Early Childhood Education would be to work hard and show compassion to those who put their trust into you. The hard work will be rewarded in so many ways, from being a building block of a child's learning journey, providing the family support that everyone needs, becoming an important community member, and helping shape the Early Childhood Education industry for the future. This program is life-changing for everyone that is involved.

Check out the rest of Santana's interview here:

Thank you for all you do, Santana!

Posted May 29, 2023, Updated May 31, 2023

Early Childhood Educators play a crucial role in a child's development and have a significant impact on their overall well-being.

They introduce children to early academic concepts, such as literacy and numeracy, as well as promote essential skills like problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Beyond academic skills, they also play an important role in social and emotional development and shaping the lives of children as a whole.

To celebrate this week, we'll be sharing information about this rewarding career as well as spotlights of some of our amazing ECE faculty members and students.

Our students are excited to join this field to help Newfoundland and Labrador's children and future leaders!

Learn more about our Early Childhood Education program's students training to be tomorrow's nurturers and leaders at

Posted March 23, 2023

On March 22, 2023, Academy Canada Massage Therapy students and their instructor, Ashley Yetman, provided massage services to Westbury Estates Senior Living residents.

Academy Canada thanks Westbury Estates for having us participate.

Academy Canada Massage Therapy Students provide a relaxing massage to Westbury Estates patrons.

Posted March 17, 2023

On March 17, 2023, Chef Bernie Ann Ezekiel and her Cooking students prepared healthy and hearty breakfast at Ronald McDonald House.

When parents have a home away from home as their children are battling cancer, Ronald McDonald House and our Cooking students are here to brighten their day.

Ronald McDonald House thanks Academy Canada Culinary Class for spending their early morning in our kitchen.

A hearty breakfast is a welcomed way to start a busy day at the hospital.

Our kitchen programs are a great way to show support; a group can be coworkers, friends, family! We have openings for the rest of the year.

Help make a difference to parents and guardians of children who are battling cancer, sign up to be a volunteer at

Academy Canada's Culinary Arts (Cook) students prepared healthy meals for families staying at Ronald McDonald House, making their experience a home away from home.

Posted November 24, 2022

Our Kenmount Road Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis students are currently perfecting their artistic nail enhancement skills and are offering the following services free of charge:

  • Square French tipped or sculpture applications (full set of gel nails).
  • Red gel polish manicure applications (red shellac applications).

Please note the following:

  • As the students are perfecting their skills, please allow up to 4 hours for a full set of gel nails.
  • Allow 60-75 minutes for gel polish manicures.

The appointment times are as follows:

  • Full sets of gel nails Tuesdays, 8:15 AM and 1:15 PM, Wednesdays 8:15 AM and 1:15 PM, Thursdays and Fridays 9:30 AM.
  • The times vary for gel polish applications.

Please email to book an appointment!

Posted November 9, 2022

Employers: does your industry need a strong applicant pool to be competitive in the marketplace?

With your input, Academy Canada can deliver training programs (trades and/or non-trades) at our campuses to support your skill requirements.

If you've identified current or future skills gaps in your industry, we want to hear from you.

Let's begin a conversation. Contact Pauline Maxwell, Deptartment Head of Program Development, at to get started.

“Wellness Wednesdays”

Posted November 29, 2023

Posted November 15, 2023

Posted November 8, 2023

Posted November 1, 2023

Posted October 25, 2023

Good mental health is a key to better physical health.

Take a moment today to prioritize self-care, nourish your body, and recharge your spirit. Your well-being matters.

Questions and answers about becoming an Academy Canada Student

Are you interested in becoming a student and want to learn more about our application process?

Stay tuned for our Q&A series! This post is all about entrance requirements.

What are the entrance requirements for Academy Canada programs?

Our post-secondary programs require high school completion (or equivalent) or mature student status for entrance.

Some programs have additional requirements such as specific high school credits or grades, reference letters, etc.

Programs that require only high school completion (or equivalent):

  • All entry-level trades
  • Animal Grooming Professional
  • Business Administration
  • Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis
  • Hairstylist
  • Interior Decorating
  • Medical Device Reprocessing
  • Multimedia Graphic Design
  • Nail Technician
  • Office Administration
  • Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Programs with additional requirements:

  • Criminology, Law Enforcement Foundations and Paralegal Studies: two professional/academic reference letters and a certificate of conduct.
  • Early Childhood Education and Therapeutic Recreation: two professional/academic reference letters and a certificate of conduct with vulnerable sector check.
  • Greenhouse Production: Level III Academic English (or AC English Essentials).
  • Massage Therapy and Physiotherapist Assistant/Occupational Therapist Assistant: Level II or III Biology, Level III Academic English and a certificate of conduct (vulnerable sector check required for PTA/OTA).
  • Natural Resources: Level III Academic Math (or AC Math Essentials), any 4 Science credits, a certificate of conduct, and two professional/academic reference letters.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: a certificate of conduct.
  • Personal Care Attendant: two written professional/academic references, a certificate of conduct with vulnerable sector check, 20+ volunteer hours within the past two years and a personal statement.

Contact us to learn more:

We offer 30+ amazing post-secondary programs across our six faculties:

Faculty of Animal Care and Nature

  • Animal Grooming
  • Greenhouse Production
  • Natural Resources
  • Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Faculty of Business, Travel, and Computers

  • Business Administration (Marketing, Human Relations, Accounting)
  • Office Administration - General Studies
  • Office Administration Technology (Medical, Dental, Legal, Engineering, Records Management)

Faculty of Creative Studies

  • Multimedia Graphic Design
  • Interior Decorating

Faculty of Health & Personal

  • Early Childhood Education (1 Year, 2 Year & Bridging)
  • Esthetics and Spa Management
  • Hairstylist
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Device Reprocessing
  • Nail Technician
  • Personal Care Attendant
  • Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Therapeutic Recreation

Faculty of Justice

  • Criminology
  • Law Enforcement Foundations
  • Paralegal Studies

Faculty of Construction, Trades, and Mining

  • Autobody/Collision Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Construction/Industrial Electrician
  • Cook
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Plumber
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
  • Roofer
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Steamfitter/Pipefitter
  • Welder

Programs range in length from 2-24 months.

Our programs award college-level Diplomas.

All credentials are Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education registered and approved!

Meet The Team – Adult Basic Education Instructors

Posted August 22, 2023

Posted June 26, 2023

" width="60%" height="60%" />

Meet The Team – Adult Basic Education Administrative Staff

“Student of the Month”

Greenhouse Production instructor, Michelle Lester, nominated Maggie as Hardin Road Campus' October 2023 "Student of the Month"

This nomination was based on Maggie's ability to maintain passion and determination for her studies while consistently brightening the day of those around her with a smile.

Way to go, Maggie!

Keep up the great work and positive attitude.

These are amazing qualities to carry through your studies.

We can't wait to see where your career takes you

Congratulations to October 2023 "Student of the Month" at our Corner Brook campus, Elizabeth B!

Elizabeth is completing Adult Basic Education. Her instructor commends her for her hard work, excellent attendance and dedication to completing her credits.

Way to go, Elizabeth!

Congratulations to the October 2023 Student of the Month for the Kenmount Road campus, Falyn F!

Falyn is a second-year student in our Therapeutic Recreation program. Here is how her instructor Joanne describes her:

“Falyn is a dedicated, enthusiastic TR student with a passion for helping others. She always looks for the best in others and gives her absolute best! As a mother of a young daughter, she does a great job in balancing home and school life.

She has accomplished so much and excelled in her academics and TR Practicums. Her positive, creative, energetic personality is a wonderful fit for the TR field. I'm so proud of her - she is so humble and kind!”

We are SO proud of you, Falyn! Keep up the amazing work - your future clients will be so lucky to have you!

Shoutout to the Student of the Month at our Kenmount Road campus for July!

Krystal is a first-year Massage Therapy student. She has a perfect attendance record and maintains excellent grades in her coursework.

Here is what Krystal's instructor Joanne says about her:

"Krystal has accomplished a high academic standing in all areas of studies within the Massage Therapy program. Her dedication and commitment to the program is exceptional.

Krystal has managed to achieve academic excellence while balancing a very busy home life. I am honoured to nominate her for Student of the Month!"

Way to go, Krystal! Your future clients will be lucky to have you as their Massage Therapist!

Congratulations to the July Student of the Month at our Harding Road Campus, Tyler E!

Tyler is enrolled in our Construction/Industrial Electrician program.

He maintains perfect attendance and excellent grades in all subjects.

His instructor says he is "always on time and ready to learn. His attendance is exceptional, and he is a true leader in the classroom."

Way to go, Tyler! Keep up the fantastic work!

Angeline is a first-year student in the Early Childhood Education program. Aside from maintaining a strong academic record, she exemplifies hard work and a true passion for learning.

Here is what Angeline's instructor says about her: "There are so many diverse, hardworking individuals in my class that shine in many ways. Angeline is one whose commitment to the program is truly remarkable. She works hard to maintain her academics and is very successful on the floor with the children. Angeline is always in class and asks lots of questions to ensure her understanding. She accepts feedback like a champion and soaks up as much information as possible. Balancing home life and school can be challenging; however, Angeline demonstrates it is possible if you want to reach your goals. I am very proud of her determination."

Way to go, Angeline!! Your future students will be so lucky to have you!

Congratulations to the Harding Road Campus "June 2023 Student of the Month", Victoria C!

Victoria maintains an excellent academic and attendance record, and her instructor Spencer says she is "a hard worker, always on time, and an all-around great student!"

Way to go, Victoria!!

Keep up the amazing work; you will certainly be an asset to your field.

Congratulations to Kenmount Road Campus May 2023 "Student of the Month", Megan R.!

Megan is enrolled at our Business Administration program.

According to her instructor Justin Foley, she “works extremely hard in class, achieves high marks, supports her classmates and assists them whenever she can and has risen to every challenge presented to her. She is a very strong independent worker and a strong team worker!”

Congratulations to Kenmount Road Campus April 2023 "Student of the Month", Chantal C!

Chantal is a student in our Multimedia Graphic Design program. She maintains a very strong academic and attendance record and is a pleasure to have in class. Her instructor Kyle says she is “a hard-worker, a natural class leader (and class mom), and extremely creative. She brings humour and positivity to the room!”

Way to go, Chantal!

Keep up the great work inside and outside the classroom.

Your future is bright!

Congratulations to Harding Road Campus' latest Student of the Month, Cameron K.

Here's what Cameron's instructor Chris has to say about him:

"Cameron is a very motivated student. He has a fantastic attendance record and his dedication to the program shows in both the classroom and shop. In the classroom, Cameron often asks questions above and beyond course curriculum, not to mention he has the ability to quickly correct me when I make a mistake. In the shop, he is always working on extra projects beyond the program assignments. I have seen him make projects from a jewelry box to a bedside table. He goes above and beyond everyday to do the best job possible and help his peers and instructor."

Way to go, Cameron!

Keep up the great work.

You have a bright future ahead as a Carpenter!

Congratulations to March 2023 "Student of the Month" at our Kenmount Road campus, Chelsey E.

Here's what Chelsey's instructor Ashley says about her:

"I'm continuously surprised by Chelsey's ability to thrive in tough situations. No matter what she faces, she always has a positive attitude. This personality trait is not only admirable but also shows great strength on her part. I'm consistently impressed by her politeness and helpfulness around the classroom and clinical setting. She's a fantastic representation of a well-behaved, respectful and courteous student. Keep up the excellent work, Chelsey, and thank you for being such a pleasure to teach! Have a lookout in the near future for Chelsey, who will be starring in the new Academy Canada commercial!"

Way to go, Chelsey!

Keep up the great work inside and outside the classroom.

Congratulations to the latest "Student of the Month" at our Kenmount Road campus, Katlyn W!

Katlyn is a student in our Therapeutic Recreation program. Here is what her instructor Joanne Bennett says about her:

"Katlyn is an incredible student! She is positive, enthusiastic and a true class leader. She is an A+ student, dependable and reliable and always looks for the best in others. Katlyn has a great work-life balance and works at Easter Seals part-time while volunteering at Rainbow Riders. She was elected by her peers to be the NLTRA student Vice President and currently sits on the NLTRA board. Katlyn always gives back to the community and gives of her time freely - she is an exceptional TR student, and I am currently nominating her for the Recreation NL Kevin Waterman Student Scholarship."

Amazing job, Katlyn!

Keep up the great work, you are going to be a terrific addition to your field.

Request Info

*Important Note: If you are having difficulty submitting this form or do not receive an email confirming your submission, please call us at 1.800.561.8000 or email us at

Wall of Fame

Academy Canada Wins Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association’s “Professional Service Award of Excellence”

Posted November 5, 2023 Academy Canada are pleased to announce that we won the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association’s (NLCA) “Professional Service Award of Excellence”. These awards were given during the NLCA’s…

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