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Who Attends Academy Canada?

Academy Canada students are a special group of people. Ranging in age from 17-60 they bring an enthusiasm that is second to none. Committed to their studies and careers, grads have gone on to do great things. While enrolled, they have been tireless volunteers and supporters of wonderful causes. Upon graduation we’ve have been thrilled to watch them build outstanding careers as industry leaders, entrepreneurs, master tradespeople, medical professionals, computer experts, animal advocates and respected members of the justice community. They’ve done it all and we couldn’t be prouder!

At the College our students are the top priority. We understand that, without their support and guidance, we would not have spent the last 30+ years becoming one of the most respected schools in the country.

One of the things that we like to say at the school is that “You’ll get a Student ID number but … you’ll never need to know what it is”. Instead of treating students like numbers, we know them as people. By working on a first-name basis, students and staff work hard to build an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and equality that supports the belief that we are all in it together!

Student Demographics

While there are some common traits, it is the diversity amongst the 2,000 students attending Academy Canada annually that makes our campuses an exciting place to be. We welcome motivated people from all backgrounds to be a part of our story. At the college you’ll find recent high school grads collaborating with much older peers. Our classes are filled with straight and LGBT students working together on projects. We guide individuals who need financial support to complete their program as well as help those with unique learning or physical challenges break down barriers. As racially and religiously mixed mini-communities, our campuses work diligently to breed a sense of mutual respect and understanding amongst all who attend.

One of the things that please us most is our team’s commitment to students with unique learning or physical disability challenges. Many people who have felt abandoned by the education system have found a home at Academy Canada. Our open-arms philosophy, clear policy, well-developed supports and nurturing environment has helped hundreds of students thrive despite having learning disabilities, physical limitations, or mental health considerations. We are confident that we can help all students … regardless of their needs.

Academy Canada has been proud to train people from many countries around the world. While the majority come from Mexico, Korea, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa and the United States, there are many other nations represented as well. We have even welcomed three groups of students from China who used their year at Academy Canada as credit towards their Bachelor of Commerce/ English degree at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. We are motivated by their curiosity, empowered by courage and honored to have them make our College a better place. In 2018 we were so proud of AC Graduate Suna Dua Yath for winning the National Council of the Federation Literacy Award that is presented annually by Canada’s Premiers to individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to the field of literacy. You can read her story here.

Our most recent Campus Survey confirmed that students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences including the following key demographics:

Enrollment by Program Category

Adult Basic Education


Health & Personal Care


Business, Travel & Administration


Construction, Trades & Mining




Animal Care & Nature


Creative Studies


Enrollment Distribution by Campus

Kenmount Road


Harding Road


University Drive


Adult Basic Education Learning Centers


Student Status









Under 25 Years Old


Over 25 Years Old


What Have AC Grads Accomplished?

Academy Canada’s Faculty and Support Staff do all they can to encourage students to strive for excellence. We think they have responded nicely!

College graduates have done some pretty amazing things, including those listed below.

  • Won an Olympic Gold Medal
  • Was a competitive Canadian Idol contestant
  • Released multiple music albums that received widespread radio airplay.
  • Won two Miss Newfoundland & Labrador titles.
  • Acted in several television shows.
  • Represented the province at the Boston Seafood Show twice.
  • Won an American Military Purple Heart.
  • Won more than 50 Skills Canada Medals at the provincial and national level.
  • Won the St. John’s Regatta (under the Academy Canada name).
  • Lived in more than 25 countries from around the world.
  • Served our Armed Forces at virtually every rank.
  • Worked as members of the Canadian Military, RCMP, RNC and OPP.
  • Started numerous small businesses.
  • Won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year award.
  • Worked in every Canadian province, numerous American states and several other countries.
  • Completed every Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) certification.
  • Met President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and every NL Premier as part of college events.

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