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Accounting and Payroll Administrator*

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Duration: 60 weeks that includes a 10 week field placement. Click here for specific start dates.
Faculty: Business, Computers & Travel
Certification: Diploma of Applied Arts
Entrance Requirements: Please click here

Are you someone who loves working with numbers? Get started with our payroll administrator and accounting course in Corner Brook. We prepare students with the skills required within the accounting sector. Practical training programs in bookkeeping fundamentals, accounting and payroll, including software like Sage and Microsoft Office will assist students in laying the foundation for keeping their first step in the business world. If you are looking to enhance your logical and analytical skills, start preparing with our course.

NOC Codes: 1431, 1432

Program Description

Our comprehensive program brings you the right amalgamation of teaching the core accounting principles and Canadian tax knowledge you need to succeed in a business environment. From accounts payable and accounts receivable to cash flows and balance sheets, you’ll get the skills and training that employers want.

Payroll training gives you a leg up and opens even more doors for possible job opportunities. Preparing payroll to Canadian standards is not just important – it’s the law! With our Accounting & Payroll Administrator course, you will study and have the opportunity to write your National Payroll Institute designation exam on campus.

As a graduate, you will leave with in-depth knowledge of the industry tools, along with practical experience offered through rigorous training practicals at the end of the program.

Course Objectives

The program’s prime objective is to make students adept with financial accounting and payroll practices in Canada. Key elements that lay the foundation of our course are theoretical principles

of accounting and payroll, the practical “hands-on” skills essential for the job, and the communication skills required for an office setting.

In accounting, each student will be given knowledge for calculation, preparation and analysis of accounting reports related to financial transactions such as bills, invoices, inventory reports, account statements and other financial statements using computerized and manual systems.

In payroll, students will be taught to maintain records of attendance-related procedures and preparation of reports about the benefits of the employees given in an organization.

The training and the skills acquired along the term of the course will be effective and efficient for students to flourish in an entry-level accounting or payroll position.

Program Courses

  • Student Success Strategies
  • Software Lab: Word Processing
  • Software Lab: Presentations
  • Finance
  • Bookkeeping Level I and II
  • Computerized Accounting with Sage 50
  • Payroll Compliance Legislation
  • Payroll Fundamentals II
  • Writing for Comprehension
  • Career Planning and Preparation Level I
  • Field Placement
  • Software Lab: Computer Fundamentals
  • Software Lab: Spreadsheets
  • Software Lab: Database Management
  • Internal Control
  • Intermediate and Management Accounting
  • Computerized Accounting with Sage 300
  • Payroll Fundamentals I
  • Business Math
  • Image Development
  • Career Planning and Preparation Level II

Academy Canada’s course prepares students for exciting careers in the accounting and payroll administrative fields. Graduates will have met the educational requirement for NPI Payroll Compliance Practitioner Designation.

Career Opportunities

When you graduate with Accounting and Payroll Administrator program, these are the career options you can explore:

Accounting Opportunities

  • Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Billing Clerk
  • Costing Clerk
  • Finance Clerk
  • Invoice Clerk
  • Tax Clerk
  • Accounts Receivable Clerk
  • Office Manager
  • Audit Clerk
  • Budget Clerk
  • Deposit Clerk
  • Financial Analyst
  • Ledger Clerk

Payroll Opportunities

  • Payroll Clerk
  • Pay Advisor
  • Pay and Benefits Clerk
  • Payroll Officer
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Benefits Officer
  • Pay and Benefits Administrator
  • Pay Clerk
  • Salary Administration Officer

Note: Some career and education options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.

Salary Range

Salary information may be found on:

“Payroll Compliance Administrator” Designation

Successful graduates of this program will meet the educational requirement of achieving the appropriate passing grades to be eligible for the Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation issued by the National Payroll Institute. The designation is nationally recognized as the standard of excellence for payroll training.

National Payroll Institute “Payroll Compliance Practitioner” Designation

The National Payroll Institute’s “Payroll Compliance Practitioner” designation is the foundation for a career in payroll. Gain an in-depth understanding of the legislative requirements to keep your organization compliant throughout the annual payroll cycle. When you get a Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation, you join a growing community of supportive professionals and gain access to the resources you need to stay current and compliant.

Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation requires four core courses, one transfer of credit and one year of weighted, related work experience. Please see the requirements in completion order listed below.

  1. Payroll Compliance Legislation
  2. Payroll Fundamentals 1
  3. Payroll Fundamentals 2
  4. Introduction to Accounting
  5. Payroll Compliance Practitioner “Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA)” A minimum of one year of work experience in payroll.
  6. All courses require a passing grade of 65% to be accepted toward Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation.

For more information, visit or e-mail the Designation department at

Admission Requirements

High School Graduates or Equivalent
High School graduates or equivalent are eligible for admission to the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program. Students must complete an application form and provide a copy of High School, Adult Basic Education, or G.E.D. results.

Mature Students
Mature students are eligible for admission to the Accounting and Payroll Administrator
program. Students must be 19 years of age or older, complete an application form, provide a copy of most recent marks, and write a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) as arranged by Academy Canada.

Mature students are eligible for admission to the Accounting and Payroll Administrator
program. Students must be 19 years of age or older, complete an application form, provide a copy of most recent marks, and write a Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) as arranged by Academy Canada.

For further information, please contact an Admissions Officer at 1-800-561-8000.
Program start dates are subject to sufficient enrollment.
Academy Canada reserves the right to modify any programs, courses, topics, objectives, etc.

* – Pending Government Approval

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*Important Note: If you are having difficulty submitting this form or do not receive an email confirming your submission, please call us at 1.800.561.8000 or email us at

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