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Faculty of Culinary Arts: Baker (Entry)


Faculty of Culinary Arts: Baker (Entry)

Duration: 34 weeks plus 2 week work term
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Faculty: Construction, Trades & Mining
Certification: Diploma of Vocational Education

Program Description

The 9-month Baker (Entry) Diploma program designed to provide the practical training necessary for graduates to obtain rewarding and immediate employment as a Baker in hotels and restaurants as well as large and small bakeries. Students will spend considerable time working in the kitchen making such delicious creations as breads and rolls, biscuits, specialty cakes, donuts and cookies, puff pastries and desserts as well as much more. Academic studies are then supplemented by a 2 week work-term with a professional baker.  

Program Courses

Biscuits, Muffins and Scones Nutrition
Bread and Soft Rolls On the Job Training
Communication Essentials Pies and Pie Fillings
Computer Essentials Puff Pastry and Choux Pastry
Cookies and Squares Safety
Donuts and Crullers Specialty Cakes, Cupcakes and Frostings
First Aid Sweet Yeast. Bread, Dough and Danish Dough
Kitchen Fundamentals Cook Math Fundamentals
Math Essentials Variety Breads and Crusty Rolls
Mousse, Creams and Basic Desserts Workplace Essentials

Employment Opportunities

Graduates from the Baker (Entry) program may be employed in a variety of positions as Bakers or Baker’s Helper in areas including hotel and motel, restaurants, fast food establishments, bed and breakfast facilities as well as being able to set up their own business in catering of special events.  

Entrance Requirements

For detailed program Entrance Requirements please click here.