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Campus Life

Campus Life Overview

Campus Life

Campus Life Overview

Campus Life Overview

During the school year, many events are planned for students, including graduations, field trips, guest speakers, volunteerism and many program-related experiences. We encourage all students to participate and contribute to a well-rounded college education. 

A sample of recent campus events can be found below:

Academy Canada "School Clothing"

Posted January 1, 2018, Updated May 29, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that the college is partnering with Headline Promotions to offer school clothing through our new online Apparel Store.

Students, staff and graduates can order school jackets, hats, shirts, pants, and other apparel directly from the supplier through their website found at http://headlinepromotions.ca/academycanada/ or click the link below:

Important Note: Headline Promotions is fully responsible for maintaining this service, including product delivery, billing, and customer service. Enquiries should be sent to them directly using their website contact information.

AC/EA Classifieds

Posted October 24, 2017

Academy Canada and Eastern Academy recently seen in an increase in classified advertisements for transportation, course related books and items, and accommodations.

We also received more requests for a separate classifieds page.

To address the needs of our students and staff, we now have a new Facebook page, "AC/EA Classifieds".

Through "AC/EA Classifieds", students can post advertisements in the following categories:

  • Accommodations
  • Items Available (must be course related)
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Used Books

If anyone are interested in posting an advertisement on our Facebook "AC/EA Classifieds" page, please visit this Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ACEAClassifieds/.

Before posting an advertisement on "AC/EA Classifieds" Facebook Page, please read the following disclaimer.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This Facebook page is provided for the use of students and service providers. The quality/reliability/price of services, products, vendors or consumers making offers here are not reviewed by either Academy Canada or Eastern Academy. We accept no responsibility for arrangements made through this page and encourage participants to use their own discretion. The Administrator of this page reserves the right to delete any inappropriate posts.

ABE, On The Spot

The Academy Canada Adult Basic Education classes across the province produce a monthly newsletter called “ABE, On The Spot”.

To view an "ABE, On The Spot" newsletter for a particular month, please click a newsletter link below:

March 2015
April 2015
May 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
January 2016
February 2016
April 2016
May 2016
July 2016
September 2016
December 2016
February 2017
May 2017
November 2017
January 2018
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Convocation Speeches

Convocation 2018 Speeches

To view Convocation 2018 speeches, please click a link below:

Kenmount Road Campus - Ryan Baker
Corner Brook Campus - Krys Kavanagh

Convocation 2017 Speeches

To view Convocation 2017 speeches, please click a link below:

St. John's Campuses - Jessica Kennedy Fleming

Convocation 2016 Speeches

To view Convocation 2016 speeches, please click a link below:

Corner Brook Campus - Danielle Pond

Convocation 2015 Speeches

To view Convocation 2015 speeches, please click a link below:

St. John's Campuses - Jennifer Williams
Corner Brook Campus - Devon Brake

Other "Campus Life" Articles

Corner Brook Campus "Convocation 2018"

Posted June 15, 2018

On June 8, 2018, Corner Brook Campus students and staff attended their annual convocation at the Corner Brook Arts and Culture Centre in Corner Brook. The studio was brimming with excitement, from family, friends, honoured guests, and the 102 graduating students in attendance.

Ms. Mindy Finlay, vice-principal, and Mr. Colin Burridge, principal, began with introduction and opening remarks. Mr. Carl Barrett, Director of Operations, delivered greetings from Head Office. Following this, Mr. Eddie Joyce, Humber - Bay of Islands MHA, and Mr. Krys Kavanagh, Class Valedictorian, both addressed the Convocation with their inspirational and congratulatory messages.

Ms. Rose Hatcher, Registrar, presented graduates with their diplomas, with each instructor providing assistance.

Krys Kavanagh, Corner Brook Campus "Convocation 2018" Valedictorian.

President's Award

The President’s Award is bestowed to one individual who displays the values that Academy Canada encourages in all students. These values include good academic standing, leadership, professionalism, a positive attitude and a strong sense of school spirit.

Individuals for this award are nominated by their instructors through a written submission to the Academy Canada's President, Mr. Michael Barrett. A thorough evaluation is completed and a selection is made.

Mr. Colin Burridge, Principal, presented this award to Kelsey Payne, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Student.

Kelsey Payne, 2018 President’s Award recipient.

Program Winners

Program Recipient
Adult Basic Education Shelley Gillis
Business Administration Krys Kavanagh
Carpenter Bradley Samms
Construction/Industrial Electrician Douglas White
Criminology Crystal Glode Webb
Hairstylist Deborah LeDrew
Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant Patti Penney
Medical Device Reprocessing Denis Morin
Motor Vehicle Body Repairer Brandon Dove
Nail Technician Caroline Dove
Occupational Health and Safety Candida Ropson
Office Administration (General Studies) Juanita Reid
Office Administration Technology Tammy Bennett
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Hannah LeTemplier
Welder Amanda Campbell

Corner Brook Campus "Convocation 2018" Program Award winners.

Front row (left to right): Kelsey Payne, President’s Award recipient; Hannah LeTemplier, Program Award, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist; Juanita Reid, Program Award, Office Administration General; Amanda Campbell, Program Award, Welder; Candida Ropson, Program Award, Occupational Health and Safety; Shelley Gillis, Program Award, Adult Basic Education.

Back row (left to right): Douglas White, Program Award, Construction/Industrial Electrician; Deborah LeDrew, Program Award, Hairstyling; Tammy Bennett, Program Award, Office Administration Technology; Crystal Glode-Webb, Program Award, Criminology; Patti Penney, Program Award, Home Support Worker/Personal Care Attendant; Krys Kavanagh, Program Award, Business Administration and Valedictorian.

Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor Award

The Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor Award is presented in memory of Graham Blundon – a great friend, teacher, mentor and supporter of Academy Canada. This award recognizes the exceptional commitment of the instructors who strive to ensure the success of their students. The recipient of this award demonstrates a tireless dedication to lifelong learning and an unwavering loyalty to continuous improvement of themselves and their students.

An instructor is chosen based on student recommendations to Campus Administration.

Ms. Mindy Finlay, Vice Principal, presented the Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor Award, to this year’s recipient, Sandra Gillespie, Business Administration Instructor.

Ms. Mindy Finlay, Corner Brook Campus Vice Principal, presented the Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor Award to Ms. Sandra Gillespie, Business Administration Instructor.

Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations to all graduates and award recipients of this year’s annual convocation ceremony!

St. John's Campuses - Convocation 2018

Posted May 25, 2018

On May 17, 2018, Harding Road and Kenmount Road campus students and staff attended Academy Canada’s Annual Convocation Ceremony at the St. John's' Arts and Culture Centre. The auditorium was full with family, friends, guests, and 267 graduating students.

Ms. Anita Morgan, Harding Road Campus Principal, and Ms. Elizabeth Campbell, Kenmount Road Campus Principal, began with opening remarks and introduced several speakers including Mr. James Loder, Head Office Representative, and Mr. Kevin Sheppard, Graduate Guest Speaker, from the Natural Resources program and Mr. Ryan Baker, School Valedictorian and Graduate from the Adult Basic Education program.

Thank you all for your inspiring and motivating words.

Academy Canada Director, James Loder, speaks during Convocation 2018 ceremony.

Natural Resources Graduate, Kevin Sheppard, Convocation 2018 "Guest Speaker".

Ryan Baker, Convocation 2018 "Valedictorian".

President's Award

The President’s Award is Academy Canada’s highest honour awarded to one student from each campus reflecting the ideals we strive to instill in our graduates including leadership, professionalism, positive attitude, good overall average, and a willingness to participate in school and extra-curricular activities.

Staff members provide recommendations to Academy Canada President, Mr. Mike Barrett, who selects a recipient. A difficult decision to make as several students were deserving of this award.

Ms. Elizabeth Campbell presented this award to Ms. Cathy Osmond, Kenmount Road Campus "Esthetics and Spa Management"  Student, and Ms. Anita Morgan presented the award to Mr. Noel Squires, Harding Road Campus "Steamfitter/Pipefitter" Student.

Congratulations to both recipients.

Elizabeth Campbell (left), Kenmount Road Campus Principal, presents the President's Award to "Esthetics and Spa Management" Graduate, Cathy Osmond (right).

Anita Morgan (left), Harding Road Campus Principal, presents the President's Award to "Steamfitter/Pipefitter" Gradate, Noel Squires (right).

Program Winners

Ms. Anita Morgan presented the following Program Awards:

Program Recipient
Adult Basic Education Husam Aldagher
Animal Grooming Professional Molly Clay
Business Administration Bobbi Collins
Carpenter Allan Owens
Cook Jeff Freake
Criminology Patrick Smith
Esthetics (Electrolysis) Morganne Elliott
Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis Cathy Osmond
Interior Decorating Meghan Sullivan
Law Enforcement Foundations Steve Gruchy
Massage Therapy Alanah Whiteway
Medical Device Reprocessing Catherine Weir
Multimedia Graphic Design Jim Desautels
Nail Technician Alisha Conrad
Natural Resources Dale Samson
Occupational Health and Safety William Street
Office Administration (General Studies) Yasir "Thomas" Hamid
Photographic Studies Amanda Roberts
Physiotherapy Assistant Tori Neil
Plumber Dean Guest
Steamfitter/Pipefitter Noel Squires
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Tabitha Thacker
Welder William Galeano Ray

Memorial Program Awards and Diploma Presentations

Mr. Steve Browne presented the Memorial Program Awards:

Program Memorial Award Recipient
Academic Studies Beverly Anne Whalen Maxwell Saksagiak
Automotive Service Technician Justin Ingram Bradley Green Hynes
Construction/Industrial Electrician Mike Purdy Josh Cochrane
Hairstylist Marilyn Jarvis Tabatha Kendrick
Office Administration Technology (Medal, Dental, Legal, Engineering, Records Management) Melissa Glynn Sirley Quinones
Paralegal Studies Josephine Harris Darlene Tremblett
Therapeutic Recreation Jeremy Cross Shawna Young

Following the program awards, Ms. Colleen Power, Kenmount Road Campus Vice Principal, and Ms. Angela Bennett, Harding Road Campus Registrar, presented diplomas to our graduating students.

Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor Awards

Ms. Elizabeth Campbell and Ms. Anita Morgan presented the Graham Blundon Outstanding Instructor award.

This award is presented in memory of Graham Blundon – a great friend, teacher, mentor, and Academy Canada's supporter. It recognizes an instructor's exceptional commitment to strive for their student's success.

This is awarded to an instructor exemplifying leadership, compassion, student and school involvement, and extra-curricular commitment.

An instructor from each campus is presenting this award based on student recommendations.

Katie Corbett, Adult Basic Education Instructor, and Vicki Hollett, Occupational health and Safety Instructor are the Kenmount Road and Harding Road Campus "Outstanding Instructor" award winners respectfully.

Katie Corbett (left), Adult Basic Education Instructor, 2018 Kenmount Road Campus "Instructor of the Year".

"Year In Review" Presentation

Following the awards presentation, our audience enjoyed a “Year in Review” picture presentation featuring students and staff pictures from both campuses during various events at the Kenmount and Harding Road Campuses throughout the year.

Thank you to Neil Bolt, IT Manager, for putting together this excellent slideshow which everyone appreciated.

Congratulations to our 2018 Graduates. You did it! We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Your Convocation 2018 graduates.

Harding Road Campus Cook Students Prepare Meals At "Blind Date With The Stars"

Posted June 13, 2018

On June 5, 2018, Harding Road Campus Cook Students, Keith Keough and Tim Yarn, along with their instructor, Bernie-Ann Ezekiel, prepared meals during the "Learning Disability Association of Newfoundland and Labrador" fundraising event, "Blind Date with the Stars".

The blind date celebrities at their venue included Chris Andrews from Shanneyganock, plus Laura and Erin from "Swinging Belles".

The Meal included:

Appetizer - Roasted beef, goat cheese, and pecan salad
Main course - Beef Wellington (stuffed acorn squash for vegetarians), Duchesse Sweet potatoes, Parmesan roasted asparagus with balsamic reduction
Dessert - Deconstructed pavlova with partridge berry curd, and butterscotch chantily cream

Harding Road Campus Cook Students, Keith Keough and Tim Yarn, along with their Instructor, Bernie Ann Ezekiel, prepared meals during the "Learning Disability Association of Newfoundland and Labrador" fundraising event, "Blind Date with the Stars".

Harding Road Campus aspiring chefs prepared this delectable appetizer.

A main appetizer consisting of beef wellington, duchess sweet potatoes, and parmesan roasted asparagus with balsamic reduction.

Pavlova with partridge berry curd and butterscotch chantity cream.

Hoppy Homes Rescue Fundraiser

Posted June 6, 2018

Harding Road Campus Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist students will be having a Bake Sale at the Harding Road Campus on June 7, 2018 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

They will be selling cupcakes, cookies, tea/coffee, and hot chocolate.

Proceeds will go to Hoppy Homes Rescue.

Creative Beginnings Childcare Centre

Posted May 16, 2018

Creative Beginnings Childcare Centre, located at 17 Montgomerie Street in Corner Brook, has spots available for children ages 3 – 12.

Licensed Centre with Qualified ECE’s.

For more information, please call 637 2121 or e-mail creativebeginnings@academycanada.com for more information.

Business Administration Students Make Baked Goods For Ronald McDonald House

Posted May 15, 2018

On May 15, 2018, Kenmount Road Campus Business Administration students made Breakfast at Ronald McDonald House.

Here are some highlights from their breakfast preparation.

Kenmount Road Campus made breakfast at Ronald McDonald House on May 15, 2018. Their goods range from Cinnamon Roll-ups to Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Big thank you to Kenmount Road Campus' Business Administration students for preparing breakfast for Ronald McDonald House in St. John's.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day

Posted April 25, 2018

While our students, staff, and instructors help make Academy Canada a huge success, our Administrative Professionals at Corner Brook and St. John's campuses, as well as our ABE Learning Centres, help make it happen.

Academy Canada wishes all Administrative Staff members a "Happy Administrative Professionals Day".

Academy Canada thanks our hard working Administrative staff for making our college a success.

Academy Canada Gives Back To Kenmount Road Animal Hospital

Posted April 20, 2018

On 20, 2018, Academy Canada's Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist students took a tour of the Kenmount Road Animal Hospital.

As a way to say thanks, Academy Canada gave the Kenmount Road Animal Hospital a fruit basket as shown below.

Academy Canada's Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist students gave Kenmount Road Animal Hospital a fruit basket as way to say Thank You for giving them a tour.

Stand Strong For Humboldt

Posted April 11, 2018, Updated April 16, 2018

On  April 12, 2018, students, staff, and instructors at Academy Canada campuses and ABE Learning Centres wore their jerserys or green to support the "Humboldt Wear a Jersey Tribute".

Academy Canada thanks everyone for showing their support for the families and friends of 16 aspiring athletes, coaches, announcers, and support staff whom lost their lives in the Humboldt Broncos Bus Tragedy.

Stand Strong For Humboldt.

Corner Brook Campus Humboldt Support

Corner Brook Campus students, staff, and instructors wore Hockey Jerseys or anything green to "Stay Strong For Humboldt".

Harding Road Campus Humboldt Support

Harding Road Campus staff and instructors wear Hockey Jerseys or green in support of those whom lost their lives in the Humboldt Bus Crash tragedy.

Kenmount Road Campus Humboldt Support

Kenmount Road Campus students, staff, and instructors wearing jerseys and green to show their "Humboldt Strong".

"Academy Canada Student Food Bank" "Food Drive"

Posted March 21, 2018

Kenmount Road Campus's Criminology students and staff thanks everyone whom generously donated to our recent Food Drive for the "Academy Canada Student Food Bank".

They raised almost $600.00 cash and the shelves are re-stocked.

Special thanks to Kenmount Road Campus' Medical Device Reprocessing students and staff as they were the most generous. They earn a Pizza Party for their efforts.

Women In Resource Development Corporation (WRDC) and NL Hydro "Press For Progress" Scholarship Opportunity

Posted March 9, 2018

Women In Resource Development Corporation (WRDC) and Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (NL Hydro) have launched their "2018 Press For Progress" campaign and will be awarding six $1500 scholarships to Newfoundland and Labrador women in the following skilled trades:

  • Construction/Industrial Electrician
  • Welder
  • Carpenter
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Powerline Technician
  • Industrial Mechanic Millwright
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Technician
  • Refrigeration and Air Condition Technician

For more details about this scholarship, please visit the "Trades Scholarships For Women" application form at http://wrdc.ca/app/uploads/2018/03/WRDC-ERC-Trades-Scholarship-Application-2018-1.pdf.

Application deadline is July 10, 2018.

Volunteerism At Its Finest

Posted March 5, 2018

Big thanks to the Kenmount Road Campus "Office Administration" and Harding Road Campus "Carpenter" students who helped out with the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association annual conference in St. John's. Office Administration students provided administrative support while the Carpenter students built several sets for the event.

Thanks for everything folks! The participants were impressed!

Harding Road Campus Carpenter students helped build a "Beverly Hills" theme set for the 2018 Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association's Annual Conference.

NLCA "Student Mentoring" Session

Posted March 5, 2018

Academy Canada thanks all students whom attended the Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA) "Student Mentoring" session on March 1, 2018. We hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We randomly drew from all Academy Canada participants who attended for a $150 prepaid Visa. The winner is Derrick Hann, Harding Road Campus "Carpenter" Student.

"Automotive Service Technician" Online Training Initiative

Posted February 16, 2018

On February 15, 2018, the Newfoundland and Labrador Government announced a new online training initiative, allowing apprentices to stay in their communities and work while doing their block training.

Five trades are chosen for this pilot project, including Academy Canada's "Automotive Service Technician" program.

This online training should start in the next college year, and will be in addition to classroom training.

Source: VOCM "Pilot Project to Allow Online Training for Apprentices" - http://vocm.com/news/pilot-project-to-allow-online-training-for-apprentices/.

Harding Road Campus - Animal Grooming Services

Posted January 19, 2018

Harding Road Campus' "Animal Grooming Clinic" is now booking DOG grooming appointments for the current semester.

For more information or to book a session, call 709-722-9151.


$25 for small dogs
$30 for medium sized dogs
$50 for large breeds like Newfoundland and St. Bernard's

A message from the NL Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT)

Posted November 2, 2017

Smoking Results in almost 1000 deaths per year, costing our Healthcare System over $188 Million per year in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Smoking is responsible for our devastating healthcare burden in Newfoundland and Labrador, according to a Conference Board of Canada study published in October 2017.

This study says that smoking causes 985 deaths in our province annually and 18.4% of our deaths nationwide. Annual combined direct and indirect costs to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians is nearly $190 million. The study was based on data for 2012.

Conference Board of Canada study found that across the country, health burden from tobacco was significantly higher in 2012 than a decade earlier. There were an estimated 45,464 smoking related deaths in 2012, up from 37,209 smoking related deaths in 2002.

Direct nationwide healthcare costs were $6.5 billion in 2012, up from $4.4 billion in 2002.

The study includes a provincial breakdown of smoking-related deaths and health care costs.

Although smoking rates have declined in Newfoundland and Labrador over the past ten years, 1 in 5 people in our province continues to smoke.

Kevin Coady, "Newfoundland and Labrador Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT)" Executive Director, states that

“It is imperative that the message of “Life is better smoke-free” reaches our youth and young people so that they never make the decision to start smoking. In addition, more must be done to support smokers who want to quit smoking and to protect everyone in the population from the hazards of second-hand smoke.”

ACT believes that we cannot continue to watch this increase in deaths and health costs due to tobacco use.

It is time for everyone to play a role in promoting smoke-free living.

For more information, please contact:

Kevin Coady
Executive Director
NL Alliance for the Control of Tobacco (ACT)
Telephone: 709-689-6005

Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA) - "Student Membership" Offer

Posted October 16, 2017

The Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Association (NLCA) are this province's leading commercial and industrial construction industry's voice.

They are excited to now offer student memberships for those attending Academy Canada and other provincial colleges!

Joining this association will help you special access to industry information, networking opportunities, professional development sessions, and their bi-weekly newsletter that explains everything that is happening in Newfoundland and Labrador's construction industry.

Membership fee is $50 per year plus HST.

For more information about getting your NLCA "Student Membership", please click here.

St. John's Tool Library

Posted August 13, 2017

Whether you're a veteran "Do It Yourselfer" or thinking about getting started on your very first project, the St. John's Tool Library is there to help.

The St. John's Tool Library is a non-profit tool lending service for people who want to create, make, build, and grow.

Your membership at the Library gives you access to a broad inventory of equipment - from lawn mowers to power drills, stud finders to table saws, and gardening shovels to soldering irons, they've got you covered.

St. John's Tool Library are located at 151 Empire Avenue and open Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Interested in becoming a member, volunteering, or just finding out more? Visit the St. John's Tool Library website at http://www.stjohnstoollibrary.ca, their Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/StJohnsToolLibrary, or drop by when they are open.

Academy Canada Congratulates Our First "Medical Device Reprocessing" Program Graduates

Posted August 8, 2017

The first "Medical Device Reprocessing" students graduated at Corner Brook Campus on August 8, 2017!

Congratulations to you all and good luck as you begin your careers in the MDR profession!

Academy Canada celebrates our first "Medical Device Reprocessing" graduates from the Corner Brook Campus.

Jobs Are Coming - Will You Be Ready

Posted July 24, 2017

Jobs Are Coming! Will you be ready?

Service Canada released a report today giving some optimistic news about Newfoundland and Labrador's job market. Two things are highlighted.

Husky Energy has announced that major construction contracts for the White Rose extension project will be awarded in several weeks with activity expected to ramp up quickly. Work at the facility is expected to employ 700 to 800 people during peak construction.

PAL Aerospace in St. John's has received a $2.2 million grant from the Newfoundland and Labrador government to remodel a Dash-8 plane to be used for special missions worldwide. This is expected to create 150 jobs.

Academy Canada Nation Represented Well At "2017 Tely 10"

Posted July 24, 2017

On July 23, 2017, the City of St. John's hosted their annual running event, the "Tely 10".

Lisa Lovelady, Samantha Howell, Joanne Bennett, and Mary Flynn represented the Academy Canada Nation well in that event.

Congratulations to Lisa, Samantha, Joanne, and Mary on their performances at this annual running event.

Kenmount Road Campus "Therapeutic Recreation" Students Visit Emmanuel House

Posted July 18, 2017

The Therapeutic Recreation students recently visited the Waterford Hospital and Emmanuel House as part of their "Valuing Diversity: TR and Mental Health" Course.

Here are some pictures taken at the Waterford Chapel and on the steps of Emmanuel House.

Special thanks to everyone who helped coordinate this site visit!

Kenmount Road Campus "Therapeutic Recreation" students visited Waterford Hospital's "Emmanuel House" as part of their "Valuing Diversity: TR and Mental Health" course.

More photos of our "Therapeutic Recreation" students at Emmanuel House.

Academy Canada Provides Awesome Signage To "School Sports NL"

Posted June 14, 2017

Academy Canada is a proud partner of "School Sports NL".

This school year, we provided awesome signage for "School Sports NL", an organization which oversees school sports throughout the province.

"Outstanding Athletes Compete Here" through School Sports NL's partnership with Academy Canada.

Kenmount Road Campus Therapeutic Recreation Student, Jillian Chaisson, wins Kevin Waterman Student Scholarship

Posted May 31, 2017

Therapeutic Recreation Student, Jillian Chaisson, is one of this year's Kevin Waterman Student Scholarship winners.

Kevin Waterman Student Scholarship is presented annually in memory of Kevin Waterman, an outstanding recreation leader whose career spanned 38 years of dedicated and passionate leadership to the recreation sector.

The scholarship's objective is to ensure future quality leadership with financial support to emerging leaders enrolled in recreation related studies throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Academy Canada congratulates Jillian Chaisson for winning the Kevin Waterman Student's Scholarship.

The 2017 Kevin Waterman Student's Scholarship winners. Left to right: Holly Shepard (College of the North Atlantic), Derek Bennett (Derek Bennett, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Children, Seniors and Social Development), and Jillian Chaisson (Academy Canada, Kenmount Road Campus).

Academy Canada Cooking Students To Be Featured On "NTV - Made Right Here"

Posted March 24, 2017, Updated March 27, 2017

On March 24, 2017, NTV Host, Danielle Butt, profiled Academy Canada's Harding Road Cooking students and their instructor, Bernie-Ann Ezekiel, for their upcoming "Made Right Here" episode to be aired on March 27, 2017, during the "NTV Evening News Hour".

Academy Canada are looking forward to seeing our segment on "Made Right Here" on March 27, 2017.

NTV "Made Right Here" Host, Danielle Butt, alongside our Cooking students.

Important Reminder About Reporting "Academy Canada Website" Errors

Posted November 18, 2016

The Academy Canada Webmaster makes a diligent effort to ensure that our website's pages and forms are accurate and in working order.

Even with our best efforts, the website may contain pages with inaccurate or incorrect information, web forms and social media feeds that are not in working order, and hyperlinks and phone numbers that are not up to date.

Anytime an error is reported to the Academy Canada Webmaster, he/she investigates the problem pages, forms, hyperlinks, photo feeds, and social media feeds, and then corrects them as soon as possible.

Recently, not only did some people report an error without specifying the problem pages on the Academy Canada Website, but these errors turn out to be false after proper investigations were made.

Here are the guidelines for reporting Academy Canada Website errors.

Reporting "Academy Canada Website" Errors

If you find an error or inaccuracy on the Academy Canada Website, you must provide the following information to the Webmaster:

1. A description of the error.

2. Specify the Academy Canada Website page where its located. This will make error location, investigation, and correction easier.

If you claim there's an error on the Academy Canada Website, but don't specify which page is located, the Webmaster reserves a right to reject this request.



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