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Jorie G. (Student)

A Bit About Jorie

“During my college days, I had my practicum in a learning institution in the Philippines. I have faced various challenges that have helped shape my perspective on supporting, understanding of the children and families. As I progress in my studies, I envision myself working closely with families. Building strong partnerships with parents and caregivers is essential for a child’s holistic development. I also hope to create inclusive and engaging learning environments where every child feels valued and supported.”

What Do You Love About Being an ECE Student?

“The inspiration to join early childhood education is the children. They are unique in certain ways. Children are God’s best gift. I believe that we can cultivate many wonderful skills in children. When it comes to my love for children, I have to say that my mother played a big role when I was young. She always emphasized the importance of nurturing and caring for young ones as my mom wanted to become a teacher too when she was younger. Growing up in a nurturing environment, also fueled my desire to contribute positively to the lives of a child. My first day in the Early Childhood Education course, I felt excitement and anticipation. Because of that, I have been eager to further dive into the world of child development and education. There was a sense of wonder and curiosity, wondering what I would learn and how it would shape my future as an educator.”


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