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Myranda G. (Student)

A Bit About Myranda

“Something that I love to do with my free time is to take photos. I love taking pictures because it captures memories that I can never re-live again, but when I look back at them it brings me so much joy. A couple of my favorite things to take pictures of are my loved ones and sunsets.”

What Do You Love About Being an ECE Student?

“I enjoy being an ECE student for many reasons but the thing that keeps me so motivated is my passion for watching children grow and become so independent. I am very fascinated and interested in watching children develop into their own person. I love to spend time with my little cousins because I get to be there to watch them go through every stage of their lives. I did many things with children from volunteering to babysitting and I love that each child can be so unique and full of life even as a tiny baby. I love doing activities with children because it brings me so much joy when I see the big smiles on their little faces.

I am excited to see how the activities that I created will have an impact in teaching each child new skills in their
development. I am very eager to see where my career as an ECE will take me!”


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