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Samantha W. (Student)

A Bit About Samantha

“A couple fun facts about me is that I have three children of my own and one bonus child! My oldest kiddo is 10, my middle kiddo is 8, and my two youngest kiddos are both 3 with only 6 months in the difference of them! I also have a golden doodle dog named Cooper. On the weekends I enjoy getting outside with my kids, taking
Cooper for a walk or playing sports.”

What Do You Love About Being an ECE Student?

“My favorite thing about being an ECE student is that I am passionate about teaching children and I love watching them learn! After watching my children learn differently from one another I realized that I found it rewarding each and every time when I see children’s faces when they have learned something new. I find it so rewarding when a child can learn and understand a new topic or skill and you can see their face light up. I love being able to teach children how to learn new skills and express their individual interests from a passionate perspective as a future ECE.”


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