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About Us

Our Campuses

Academy Canada is a proud Newfoundland & Labrador college with campuses located in 13 communities throughout the province.

With its amazing culture, friendly people and vibrant economy, NL has arguably become the best place to study (and work) in Canada.  With a robust oil and gas sector, major untapped natural resources, an amazing business community and a strong need for health care services, there are tremendous opportunities for ambitious professionals who want to build their lives and careers at home.

In order to meet the future labour force demands, people need proper training.  Academy Canada is well poised to do exactly that in every corner of the province!  We have accepted the challenge to prepare the skilled tradespeople, health care workers, administration professionals and creative imaginers that are going to be in demand for many, many years to come.  To do this, we have built several world-class facilities.

Academy Canada is the largest independent college in Newfoundland and Labrador regardless of which measure you use.  We have the most locations (14), most students (1,400), most diverse program offerings (35), highest staffing levels (195), greatest investment in facilities (millions of dollars) and largest physical training space.  The College manages 21 buildings and more than 200,000 ft2 of classroom/shop/services space that is specifically tailored to the needs of our students.

Despite our size, the college has found a way to create an environment that is incredibly personable and where (as the saying goes) everyone knows your name.

Academy Canada operates three (3) multi-discipline campuses in St. John’s and Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador as well as eleven (11) satellite Learning Centers delivering the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program across the province. 

A brief overview of each location is provided below:


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2 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL t: 709.637.2100

Academy Canada was founded in Corner Brook in 1984. For that reason this campus is very special to us.

Located in a former high school, the college had an abundance of history and character. Completely renovated in 2014, the campus houses all of our west Coast trades and non-trades programs.

With a modern decor and comfortable surroundings The school has 21 classrooms, two computer labs, a full-service cafeteria and resource center.

Classroom training in Electrical, Carpentry, Welding, Plumbing and Steamfitter/Pipefitter is supplemented by practical work in one of the campus' five industrial shops. Cooking students use the schools industrial kitchen daily while other students use our Hair Salon, Esthetics Day Spa and Massage Therapy Clinic to build upon their training.

Centrally located, the campus has parking for 100 cars and access to public transportation as well as all local amenities.


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167-169 Kenmount Road, St. John's, NL t: 709.739.6767

The KR campus was the first Academy Canada location in St. John's. Opened in 1994, the two-story campus houses most of our non-trades programs (as well as Hairstyling).

The campus has 21 classrooms, 4 computer labs, a Student Resource Centre and a full-service cafeteria. Student training and weekly client days also take place in the Esthetics Spa, Nail Technician Centre, Massage Clinic and Hair Salon. Music and Recording Arts students also use the state-of-the-art studio to perform, record and mix their class work.

With free parking for 150+ vehicles and excellent access to public transportation, shopping malls and other amenities, the Kenmount Road site is incredibly convenient. The campus' professional environment offers an excellent atmosphere for learning and collaboration.


37-45 Harding Road, St. John's, NL t: 709.722.9151

The HR campus actually consists of five adjacent buildings on Harding Road and one on nearby Logy Bay Road.

This complex houses our St. John's construction trades programs as well as Occupational Health and Safety, Cooking, Animal Groomer and Photographic Studies.

The campus has 19 classrooms, two computer labs and 11 industrial shops for practical training in Welding, Electrical, Steamfitter/Pipefitter, Carpentry, Welding, Plumbing, Insulator (Heat and Frost) and Automotive Service. There is also a full commercial kitchen for the Cooking and Baker programs.

With free parking for 225+ cars and access to public transportation and east end shopping this campus is incredibly convenient.

If the feeling of being on a construction site is your idea of an exciting learning environment the Harding Road campus might be for you!


Multiple Learning Centers

In 2013 Academy Canada won a government contract to deliver Adult Basic Education (ABE) in eleven communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, including those in:

Baie Verte ABE Centre:  319 Highway 410, PO Box 122, Baie Verte, NL, A0K 1B0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Bonavista ABE Centre:  30 Campbell Street, Bonavista, NL, A0C 1B0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Conception Bay South ABE Centre:  444 CBS Highway, Conception Bay South, NL, A1X 2B8  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Deer Lake ABE Centre:  5 Squires Road, Deer Lake, NL, A8A 3G1  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Happy Valley - Goose Bay ABE Centre:  114 Hamilton Road, Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL, A0P 1E0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Hopedale ABE Centre:  23 Central Street, PO Box 197, Hopedale, NL, A0P 1G0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Labrador West ABE Centre:  IOC Building, 121 Matthew Avenue, Labrador West, NL, A2V 2A2  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Nain:  2 Morhardt Road, Nain, NL, A1P 1L0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Placentia:  1 Main Street, Bridgeway Bldg, Placentia, NL, A0B 2Y0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Sheshatshiu:  2B McKenzie Drive, Sheshatshiu, NL, A0B 2Y0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

St. Anthony:  Upper Level, Viking Mall, St. Anthony, NL, A0K 4S0  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Technology Centre - Kenmount Road Campus:  167-169 Kenmount Road, St. John's, NL, A1P 3B9  T: 1.800.561.8000  Map

Each Learning Centre is designed specifically around the needs of an ABE student who want to study in their home community. The comfortable classrooms, science labs and lunchrooms offer great environments in which students can collaborate in groups and work independently with the support of outstanding instructors.  

While services available vary by site, several Academy Canada’s campuses offer special amenities and services for students to help them learn and enjoy their college experience.


Free parking
No worries about tickets or permits. Parking is always free.

Gather with friends to enjoy an excellent breakfast or lunch prepared by our in-house chefs at the Harding Road and University Drive campuses. At Kenmount Road your meals are prepared by our licensed catering company.

Student Lounge/Resource Centre
Use the computers/printers to do catch up on your studies or work with classmates on projects. If you’re ahead of your studies feel free to chill out or have a game of cards.

Industrial Shops
All trades programs have large practical components that are completed in our accredited industrial shops. Academy Canada maintains 25 well-equipped shops for our Electricians, Welders, Carpenters, Plumbers, Steamfitter/Pipefitters, Insulators (Heat & Frost) and Automotive Service Technicians.

Hair Salons
Used for the Hairstylist programs at University Drive and Kenmount Road, our Hair Salons have room for 20 clients. Every week the program offers a Client Day during which students welcome their schoolmates and families to get a professional cut, style or treatment at a fraction of the price offered elsewhere.

Day Spas
The University Drive and Kenmount Road campuses offer students full access to two soothing Day Spas. Let our Esthetics & Spa Management students pamper you with incredibly affordable Body Treatments, Facials, Mani/Pedis and so much more.

Massage Therapy Clinics
Need a massage to relieve exam stress? We’ve got you covered! The Massage Therapy students at University Drive and Kenmount Road accept appointments from students every week. Whether for relaxation or therapeutic treatment, our MT students are awesome at what they do. Check it out!

Animal Grooming Centre
School can be tough on everyone…including your pet. Why not give them a treat as well? Harding Road’s Animal Grooming program offers students the opportunity to bring their cat or dog to the Grooming Centre to get a cut or clean during regular client days.

Photographic Studio
The Harding Road Photographic Studies students are always looking for opportunities to practice their skills. Book a sitting for your family or friends for a fun photo shoot during their Client Days.

Music Recording Studio
A state of the art music Recording Studio awaits the talented Music students at the Kenmount Road campus. Perform, mix your own music and learn the skills needed to become a top quality sound technician. Why not collaborate with our Graphic Design students and also film the next great music video?

Graphic Design Studio
The Kenmount Road Campus operates a full Graphic Design studio stocked with mac computers, printers, scanner, audio-video equipment and all the software you need to create incredible video or websites as well as print, radio or television productions.

Computer Labs
Academy Canada maintains 11 computer labs equipped with 200+ modern computers. Each campus has wifi and printer/ copier access...all free for student use.

Student Lockers
Lockers are available to students on a first-come-first-served basis.

Each year Academy Canada invests over a million dollars into the modernization, upkeep and professionalization of our campuses.

We are firmly committed to ensuring that our students receive training in the very best facilities possible. Over the last two years we have made the following investments:

  • Opened and fully outfitted 11 new Adult Basic Education Learning Centers.
  • Renovated and updated University Drive campus cafeteria.
  • Upgraded and/or expanded the parking lots at four sites.
  • Replaced windows, doors at the University Drive campus.
  • Bought new Labvolt equipment for the Electrical program.
  • Replaced flooring and desks at Kenmount Road campus.
  • Replaced siding, windows and roof at Park Drive office.
  • Invested in Distance Education training infrastructure.
  • Produced new signage at all campuses.
  • Built two new shops at Harding Road.
  • Purchased 110 new computers.

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