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Student Referral Program


Student Referral Program

Do you know a prospective student that would be a good fit with Academy Canada? 

If so, we’d love for you to introduce us!

We appreciate it when our friends refer others to Academy Canada.  To show our gratitude, we introduced our “Student Referral Program”.

The program pays $200 to anyone (current students, employees or the general public) who refers someone new to an Academy Canada program.

The steps are quite simple:

  1. Tell someone about Academy Canada.
  2. If they are interested in attending complete the Referral form available from the Admissions Office and submit it to the college right away. 
  3. Once the student completes their first semester visit the campus Admissions office, ensure the criteria below are met and arrange to get your $200 cheque.

Criteria & Rules:

  1. Program is open to the general public, current students, alumni and staff.
  2. Applicants cannot refer themselves.
  3. You must use the official version of the referral form.  Max of one referral per form. 
  4. Forms must be legible and have all information competed.
  5. The referred student must register within 12 months of the referral form being received by the college.
  6. Referral forms will not be processed if the college has an earlier application on file from the student (for any intake or program).
  7. If more than one referral is received for a prospective student the first one received will be recognized.
  8. Referred students in all programs (except Adult Basic Education) must remain enrolled and be in good financial/academic standing for at least one 14-week semester to qualify. 

Adult Basic Education students must attend a minimum of 20 weeks to qualify.

  1. The Director of Admissions will make the final decision on Referral eligibility.

For more information email info@academycanada.com or call 1.800.561.8000.

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