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Graduate Success Stories

At Academy Canada's, we believe that the key to our success are graduates pursuing or working careers in the programs they trained.

Here are some "Graduate Success Stories", including where they are working now.

Where our graduates working now?
Name Program Company
Rebecca Butler Animal Grooming Professional Picture Perfect Pet Parlour
Lisa Newell Animal Grooming Professional The Pooch Parlour
Wayne Banfield Automotive Service Technician O'Neill Motors
Joshua Bradbury Automotive Service Technician Capital Hyundai
Chris Kinden Automotive Service Technician Terra Nova Motors
Patrick Letto Automotive Service Technician Canadian Tire
Charmaine Mitchell Business Administration City Chrysler
Janice Wellon Business Administration Canadian Cancer Society
Jason Chong Computer Aided Drafting Superior Office
John Alford Construction/Industrial Electrician 709 Electrical
Shane Antle Construction/Industrial Electrician Memorial University
Steven Breen Construction/Industrial Electrician C. L. Electrical
Keith Cox Construction/Industrial Electrician Vision Electrical
Stephen Drake Construction/Industrial Electrician Drycore Electrical
Nick Galliger Construction/Industrial Electrician Powerlite Electrical
Dylan Lewis Construction/Industrial Electrician B & B Electrical
Matthew Penney Construction/Industrial Electrician Bayview Electrical
Azer Saidi Construction/Industrial Electrician H & F Electrical
Robert Squire Construction/Industrial Electrician Bayview Electrical
Jeff Freake Cook Fogo Island Inn
Ryan Hanlon Cook Spirit of Newfoundland
Mark Luedee Cook Aramark (MUN Cafeteria)
Jiaxin Luo Cook The Celtic Hearth
Allan Power Cook Aramark (MUN Dining Hall)
Sid Sigurdsson Cook East Coast Catering
Serina McKinnon Criminology Community Youth Network
Hailey Morgan Criminology Blue Sky
Roderick Wells Criminology Blue Sky Family Care
Kirsten Callahan Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis Chatters
Trina Cashin Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis Silver Scissors and Emerald Spa
Alisha Edmonds Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis Silver Scissors and Emerald Spa
Dana Smith Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis The Signature Salon
Deanna White Esthetics and Spa Management with Electrolysis Sheer Techniques
Emily Brake Hairstylist Smart Style
Gina Caines Hairstylist Vitality-Hair, Skin, and Laser Studio
Kendra Cox Hairstylist First Choice
Wanda Fudge Hairstylist Western Health
Courtney Hann Hairstylist Hair Boutique
Charmaine Jones Hairstylist Glenda's Hairstyling
Maya Kelly Hairstylist Silver Scissors and Emerald Spa
Rebecca Loughlin Hairstylist Silver Scissors and Emerald Spa
Deborah LeDrew Hairstylist Magic Cuts
Felicia Osmond Hairstylist One of the Boys
Jasmine Sheppard Hairstylist Bliss Spa and Salon
Raquel Taylor Hairstylist Silver Scissors and Emerald Spa
Roma Taylor Hairstylist Smart Style
Jaymie White Hairstylist Shear Teckniques Salon and Sap
Jack Reese Insulator (Heat and Frost) Company Not Provided
Carl Simms Insulator (Heat and Frost) Matkovic Contracting
Jordan Beney Law Enforcement Foundations Commissionaires
Roxanne Stacey Law Enforcement Foundations Hotel Mount Pearl

Where our graduates working now?
Name Program Company
Sarah Montgomery Massage Therapy Nicole's Therapeutic Massage
Cavelle Bigelow Medical Device Reprocessing Eastern Health
Loretta Hann Medical Device Reprocessing Central Health
Adam Noftall Medical Device Reprocessing Eastern Health
Brandon Janes Motor Vehicle Body Repairer Bud's Autobody
Rodney Hann Motor Vehicle Body Repairer Mel's Autobody and Repair
Daniel Penny Motor Vehicle Body Repairer Mel's Autobody
Leann Bickford Occupational Health and Safety Total Coverage Fire Protection
Lisa Coish Occupational Health and Safety Alpha 1 Safety and Security
Chelsey Crawley Occupational Health and Safety Town of Torbay
Stephen Duggan Occupational Health and Safety A. Harvey
Dave Everson Occupational Health and Safety Faulk Safety
Coretta Richards Occupational Health and Safety Western Steel
Sandra Rose Occupational Health and Safety Canadian Coast Guard
William Short Occupational Health and Safety Spence Construction
Michelle Wall Occupational Health and Safety Buckmaster Community Centre
Michelle Wells Occupational Health and Safety Phone Tech
Tammy Bennett Office Administration A-Line Greeting Cards
Sherry Boland Office Administration Compassion Homecare
Angel Brigley Office Administration Saltos Gymnastics Club
Retta Dove Office Administration Compassion Home Care
Natasha Janes Office Administration Steers Insurance
Jennifer Osmond Office Administration Town of Hampton
Danielle Payne Office Administration Steers Insurance
Jeff Robertson Office Administration Western Health
Geraldine Terry Office Administration Wedgwood Insurance
Lea Tobin Office Administration Western Health
Rebecca Vardy Office Administration Humber Valley Dental
Mandy Banfield Office Administration Technology CBS Wellness Centre
Rachael Lethbridge Paralegal Studies Roebothan McKay and Marshall
Vicki Burden Physiotherapy Assistant Western Health
Lacey Smart Physiotherapy Assistant Proactive Physiotherapy
Madison Smith Physiotherapy Assistant Blue Crest Home
Nicole Best Plumber Tri Star Mechanical
Jordan Brewer Plumber Nushuk Plumbing
Ashton Hiscock Plumber Eastern Health
Brendon James Plumber NL Basement Solutions
Chris Smith Plumber Newfound Mechanical
Nathan Collins Steamfitter/Pipefitter KBR Wabi
Brandon Strong Therapeutic Recreation Key Assets
Kiah Harnum Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Paradise Animal Hospital
Jason Tremblett Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Animal Health Care
Draiven Bobbet Welder Barry Group
Taner Bolt Welder Rochlochston Welding
Jason Fried Welder Iron Ore Company of Canada
Tim Neary Welder The St. John's Dockyard
Tony Newman Welder Deer Lake Truck and Tire

Did you know?

All six September 2017 Law Enforcement Foundation graduates are now working in their field.

Are you an Academy Canada graduate with a "Graduate Success Story"?

If you're an Academy Canada graduate and wish to post your "Graduate Success Story", please e-mail Suzanne Jordan at suzanne@academycanada.com.

Student Success Stories - Testimonials

Want to know what our students really think?    Here are a few opinions … in their own words.

Animal Grooming Professional

"Academy Canada really surprised me with the support from all of the staff. It was nice to know they all knew my name, which made me feel very comfortable."  - Sabrina Whyatt - Graduate

Automotive Service Technician

“The education I received at Academy Canada was superb - the facilities were great and the instructors truly made it a wonderful learning experience. Their expertise in their field, combined with their teaching ability made a winning combination to ensure my success.”  - Larry Hobbs – Graduate

"Academy Canada was a great experience. I have been working in my trade since I finished."  Corey Sheehan – Graduate Penney Mazda

"Academy Canada was the right choice for my education. The staff, instructors and facilities were superb!"  - George Noseworthy - Graduate | McLeans Truck and Auto

"I found this program to be very challenging and rewarding with a lot of hands on knowledge that prepares you to work in the Automotive Industry." - Walter Small – Graduate

"Great learning experience and life lessons. I would not have been able to do it without the instructors and staff at Academy Canada."  - Paul Skinner – Advanced Automotive Graduate

"My instructor was great! He was very informative and told us some useful information about the automotive industry that could help us in the future. I liked the way he took what we already knew and added to it rather than going over what we already knew and wasting both time and money. He helped us build our character, which made the time spent there much more beneficial. He is easy going and every student seems to get along with him great. He is always there to work around your schedule and help you as much as he can."  - Colin Myers – Advanced Automotive Graduate

Business Administration

"For the past two years, my experience at Academy Canada has been wonderful. The instructors, administration and fellow students have been above-average. This is what has gotten me here today; full-time employment that I absolutely enjoy!"  - Angela Hardy – Graduate

"As a graduate of the Business Administration program at Academy Canada I feel that I was equipped with the skills to prepare me for my future career."  - Rhonda Warford – Graduate

"Upon the completion of the Business Administration program I left the school with a very pleasant attitude. I commend both the school and the instructors for an excellent course and would definitely recommend it to anyone."  - Alvin Regular - Graduate

"Next to having my kids it was the best decision I have ever made! No regrets."  - Denise Beck – Graduate

"Two years ago when I started school I thought I never would see this day. I am a College graduate and have started on a career that I love and always wanted. Not only do they educate, they inspired you to do your best."  - Bonita Linthorne Hollett - Graduate


"I am currently enrolled in the Carpentry program at Academy Canada, Corner Brook campus, and would like to make reference to the services provided. The assistance of Student Services with my reading and challenges with comprehensive helped me adjust to the academic challenges and to date I have successfully completed all courses. Student Services assistance has helped me stay on top of the work load where otherwise I would be falling behind. I also have the support of my peers and find that teamwork and group efforts is very good. I would recommend this institution to anyone who is considering Academy Canada. The understanding staff, assistance of the administration and the team approach in the shop have all assisted in my success."  - Catlin Reid

“Academy Canada provided me with the skills I needed to be successful. It was the right choice for me and would recommend it to anyone.”  - Matt Hurley - Graduate

"Academy Canada provided me with the proper hands on training and the knowledge to compete in today's workforce."  - Daryl Pomroy – Graduate

"Academy Canada was a good experience, learned a lot, the instructors had great insight into the real world."  - Jeremy Skinner – Graduate  Self-Employed

"Academy Canada provided me with the confidence and education I needed to be successful in this trade."  - Corey Miller - Graduate

Computer Aided Drafting

"Academy Canada’s friendly staff and instructors helped me get the experience I needed to get the career I wanted."  - Bradley Chafe –Graduate

“I am currently employed as a Drafting Technician in St. John's, Newfoundland for William Doyle & Associates. Through my work in this position, I work on a daily basis with surveyors, contractors, lawyers and investors on everything from general surveys all the way up to full-blown subdivision plans. Currently, I am working on projects with well-known companies like Skymark Homes, Cardinal Homes and Hann Construction including the Cityview, Pearlview and Vista Crest Subdivisions as well as the new hotel slated to be built on Water Street. My training from Academy Canada has allowed me to see all of this evolve from the ground up. Through my time at Academy Canada, I met and worked with an amazing group of people and received unparalleled and well-rounded instruction from teachers who were up-to-date with how things worked, but also welcomed your ideas and input. If you are interested in a career in the Computer Aided Drafting field, I would recommend Academy Canada's Program without a doubt. Not only will you be doing something you enjoy, but gaining the knowledge you need to stay ahead as well as the training in the technology needed to stay competitive in the industry.”  - Ronald Skinner – Graduate

"The Computer Aided Drafting program at Academy Canada was very in-depth. The instructors and administration were always willing to help with any questions or problems."  - Jason Benoit – Graduate

"This course provided me with the knowledge and know how to compete in the workforce. Academy Canada was a great choice.” - Anthony Griffiths – Graduate

"When I graduated from Academy Canada I had a real feeling of pride, success and I felt like “I did it! I am currently employed as a Draftsman in the marine industry in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company I work for designs and custom builds multi-million dollar yachts for the world’s richest people.”  - Fraser Brumell – Graduate

"An excellent school that gives great hands on approach to your career. Instructors, staff and students are friendly and help each other out in any way possible."  - Sarah Slade – Graduate

"I made good friends that are hard to find. During my two years at Academy Canada I found that the learning atmosphere was great"  - Nicole Warford – Graduate

"Along with dedication and hard work, this program gave me the tools necessary to succeed in today's work force." "I wouldn't have picked any other college to pursue my goals."  - Derek George – Graduate

"Derek's strong working skills in drafting, is a definite asset to this company. He works closely with the Senior Civil Drafter with a variety of tasks with varying degrees of difficulty and responsibility."  - Ron LeGrow, CET  Acres International

"By doing the Computer Aided Drafting program with Academy Canada, it gave me the qualifications to gain a position with AMEC E & C Services here in St. John's, NL as Drafting Technician. From September 2000 until September 2001, I worked in the Mechanical and Electrical department on projects such as the Hibernia, Terra Nova and Come By Chance Refinery. Then from October 2001 until present I am working with Haliburton here in St. John's, NL in the piping department as a designer, working on the Hibernia project."  - Richard J Lane – Graduate

Construction/Industrial Electrician

“My instructor was great in the program. He really wanted me to succeed. The staff was really supportive and helped me to achieve my academic goals."  - Desmond Hepditch – Graduate

"My instructor was very knowledgeable, informative and involved. I learned because he knew his trade.”  - Brian Smith – Graduate

"The Industrial Electrical program was very good and gave me the skills I needed to succeed in the Electrical Field."  - Roy Barney – Graduate

"Attending Academy Canada has opened a door to a new and exciting world for me. My time here has been a positive, rewarding experience I will take with me everywhere."  - Noreen Power – Graduate

"Academy Canada provided me with the tools necessary to be successful!"  - Jonathan Connolly – Graduate F. W. Connolly Electrical Ltd.

"Academy Canada's Electrical program was great! I learned a lot and I am now working in my field."  - Shannon Earle - Graduate  MSS Contracting

"Academy Canada provided me with a great education."  - Aaron James – Graduate

"Academy Canada was a great learning experience. It provided great insight into the electrical trade."  - Shawn Kennedy - Graduate  F. W. Connolly Electrical Ltd.

"My experience at Academy Canada prepared me for the workplace by helping me gain the knowledge I require to work in my chosen field and the confidence to let my knowledge and experience overcome any challenges I may face in the future."  - Derek Lahey – Graduate

"Academy Canada's electrical program prepared me to be successful in this field!" - Daryl Monk – Graduate

"The Electrical program at Academy Canada exceeded my expectations. The facilities and instructors were great and for the course itself - it provided me with the confidence I needed to secure employment in my field."  - Craig Watson - Graduate | Bayview

"Academy Canada's electrical program prepared me to be successful in this field!"  - Fred Chafe – Graduate

"Academy Canada goes above and beyond all expectations." - Bill Hannon – Graduate

"I found this to be a diverse program in the electrical field and the instructors were there to assist you at all times. Upon completion, I was more than ready to be accepted into the work force trained with competence to work as a qualified electrician."  - Paul Critch - Graduate  Starlite Electric in St. John's, NL


"I am currently enrolled in the Commercial Cooking program at Academy Canada, Corner Brook campus. The instructor, Nick Flynn, recognizes the challenges I face and assists on a daily basis with the interpretation of terminology, testing and assignments. The shop team effort is a huge support system and the daily interaction in the shop has enabled great success for me in practical applications. Throughout high school I received oral testing and at Academy Canada they accommodated me with this service in the early stages of the program. The oral testing procedures provided by Student Services gave me the confidence and made me realize that oral testing was necessary for my success. I would recommend this institution to those who are considering Academy Canada. The staff and the support offered have all assisted in my success."  - Aaron Butt

"I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at Academy Canada. The chef instructor in the trades division is clearly one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the field. Studying under him was a pleasure and the knowledge I have acquired has opened innumerable doors for me in my chosen trade."  - Liam McNamera – Graduate

"For a while I thought I would never return to post-secondary education because of negative experiences in the past. When I came to Academy Canada I was expecting the same treatment. After a brief chat with the Culinary Instructor on the first day, I knew that this program would be different. The respectful and personal approach the instructor took with our class made the completion of my first block enjoyable and fun. Having a well experienced, down to earth instructor makes a world of difference!"  - Paul Templeton – Graduate

"Academy Canada really prepared me for a job in the real world. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the skills I learned are very useful."  - Cassandra Burton – Graduate

"Academy Canada provided for me a very comfortable and positive experience from all staff members."  - Wade Cuff – Graduate

“Academy Canada’s Cooking program prepared me for the industry. They went above and beyond in their instruction and community involvement and now I am working at a successful establishment.” - Cavelle Coaker - Graduate


"Academy Canada provided me with the chance to get a post-secondary education in a field that I love and only in two years, what is better than that?"  - Joanne Palmer – Graduate

"As a recent graduate of Academy Canada's Criminology program, I feel that I have received the knowledge and skills to help me in my future career." - Darlene King – Graduate

“I could not have chosen a more perfect school to attend. I found other schools did not take the time to help me but Academy Canada made me their first priority. That’s why I am where I am today. Thanks staff!” - Pam Nicholson – Graduate

"Moving from a rural community to a city was extremely difficult, but the instructors and administration at Academy Canada helped me adjust to the new atmosphere and I am truly grateful." - Kerri Toope - Graduate

"I know what I want to do, but I just don't know how to get there." Those were my exact words when I had begun my two-year journey at Academy Canada. Thanks to the instructors and the administrative staff, I soon had the means to support my goal. By the time I had graduated (with Honors) I had the tools, confidence and professionalism that I needed to begin my career. Thanks to the techniques and knowledge obtained through my Diploma in Social Sciences, I had an organization that was not interested in hiring anyone at the time; offer me a full time position. So if you are searching for an invaluable education, top-notch instructors and flexible hours, Academy Canada should be your first choice. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals." - Lisa Brown - Graduate  Program Director and Case Manager - Child Find

"Nothing worthwhile comes easy. If you are determined and work toward your goal(s), the reward of success will be returned to you." - Wayne Hanlon – Graduate

"My two year course at Academy Canada was very enjoyable and informative. The staff at Academy Canada were very professional and gave their all to their students. I would recommend this school and the Criminology program to anybody who wishes to obtain a good education." - Jeanette Lewis – Graduate

"I am a graduate from the Criminology program in August of 2002. Since that time I have been employed full time with Adjusters Incorporated, assisting with accident investigation. I am currently taking courses within the Insurance Institute to receive the designation of CIP (Certified Insurance Professional). Eventually I hope to move into an adjusting position dealing with accident investigation in the area of bodily injury. I feel the Criminology program has helped me so much as we deal with legal aspects and statutory laws every day. The police and law enforcement agencies are a huge part of our investigations and because of my two years of study at Academy Canada the lingo is familiar." - Valerie Ploughman - Graduate

Esthetics & Spa Management with Electrolysis

My experience at Academy Canada was very rewarding. I was ready and well prepared to enter the esthetics industry upon graduation. The hands on instruction are a valuable asset to the program, and it gives first-hand experience to the estheticians and electrolysist."  - Georgina Clarke – Graduate

“It’s a great feeling to know that you have accomplished all your goals with no regrets and have a positive outlook for the future. Thank you Academy Canada!” - Julie Thorne – Graduate

"My experience and education at Academy Canada was excellent. The students and staff were awesome!" - Jenetta MacDonald – Graduate

"Having been a student of Academy Canada's Esthetics program, I have the skills and confidence to obtain employment and perform my duties in the utmost mature and professional manner. I am presently employed full time as a Certified Esthetician at Spa at The Monastery, which has been rated one of the top ten spas in Canada. Thanks so much to my instructor Leann Fleming and Academy Canada.”  - Deborah Kearsey – Graduate

"Deborah Kearsey's Esthetics program at Academy Canada has provided her with the necessary skills and confidence to work at Spa at the Monastery. Her reliability and responsibility are qualities that reflect Academy Canada's dedication to excellence in programming. Deborah is a credit to your school."  - Marg Burry – Director of Operations  Corporate Sales Coordinator Spa at the Monastery


"My experience at Academy Canada was great. The instructors were very helpful and friendly. I learned a lot at the Hairstylist program and it really helped me prepare to work in the Hairstylist industry."  - Kelly Keats – Graduate

"Through the Hairstylist program and with the guidance of my instructor, I’ve not only grown creatively but personally as well. The institution was fabulous and aided us through many financial hurdles to go beyond our official training and to get trained in advanced work few other students have the opportunity to experience. I feel privileged to have attended Academy Canada!"  - Jonathan Langdon – Graduate

"My experience at Academy Canada was a wonderful one. My only regret is that it wasn’t longer. I will carry these memories with me forever."  - Kim Archibald – Graduate

“Academy Canada’s Hairstyling program teaches you that this is not just a black and white world but one of many colours, where each day is an adventure and where your creativeness is realized to its full potential. It incites confidence and success for the real world.”  - Martha Basha – Graduate

"Academy Canada's Hairstylist program is offered in a fun, interactive learning environment with great knowledgeable instructors."  - Meghan Conway - Graduate

Interior Decorator

"Applying the elements & principles of interior design (as shown to me by the unlimited know how of my instructor) will be the focus of all of my career decisions. Fabulous program!"  - Judy Kavanagh – Graduate

IT Network Professional - Computer Support Specialist

"I had a feeling Academy Canada would be a great place to get an education and I was right! Academy Canada treated me like family; not just a student."  - Rick Byrne – Graduate

"The Computer Support Specialist program at Academy Canada taught me what I needed to know to compete for employment opportunities in Computer Support. I would advise anyone interested in a technical support career to enroll in Academy Canada's Computer Support program".  - Michael Kirkland - Graduate  Technical Support - Converges/Comcast

Law Enforcement Foundations

"I feel that the training and education I received at Academy Canada has prepared me to pursue a career in the Emergency and Security field in large industrial organizations."  - Kara Dawe – Graduate

"I graduated in April 2004 from the Law Enforcement program. I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I have had so many job offers from across Canada because of that program, its remarkable. Thanks again for everything.”  - Holly O’Neill – Graduate

“I attended the Law Enforcement Administration program at Academy Canada, and the impact it has had on my life has been huge! Before I even finished the program, I accepted a position with the Dept. of Justice as a Jailor at the Corner Brook Detention Centre. After working there for about a year and a half, I continued my training by completing the Correctional Officer Recruitment Training with the Dept. of Justice. I am now a Correctional Officer at the Corner Brook Detention Centre. The skills and knowledge I gained from the LEA program provided the foundation for a solid career in the Justice field.”  -  Wendy Barriault (President’s Award Nominee)

“My name is Ashley Burton. I am a graduate of the two-year Law Enforcement Administration program at the Corner Brook campus. During my time at the campus, I met some incredible people. The staff at Academy Canada were very friendly and they were always there to help me. I received a great deal of knowledge and experience while participating in the program. I feel that if it was not for the knowledge I had gained from the program that I would not be where I am today.

Upon completion of the program I had to complete a work term in order to be academically cleared for graduation. I participated in my work term at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College with Campus Enforcement and Patrol. During my time there, I applied the knowledge I learned at Academy Canada to the fullest. Halfway through my work term a job vacancy became available with Campus Enforcement and Patrol. I quickly applied for the position and was hired shortly after.

Today I continue to work as an officer with Campus Enforcement and Patrol, which I believe is a position for life. Unlike so many people who have to out-migrate, I am fortunate to be able to remain here in Newfoundland. I now realize that it would not have been possible without the education and experience I gained from the Law Enforcement Administration Program of Academy Canada.”  - Ashley Burton (LEA Program Award Recipient)

“The two years I studied Law Enforcement Administration at Academy Canada was two years of my life very well spent. I have learned so much about the profession. I have also learned a lot just by being in a class with such a broad range of ages. I better understand how problem-solving issues can be approached in different ways, from young and old. I learned that there are different perceptions that are not necessarily wrong ones. It seemed when one person had a problem everyone tried to help in some way which showed me how much good there is in all of us.

The instructors were first class and very professional and had great knowledge of what they were teaching us. The class environment was always maintained by the instructor which made it a better place to get our work done. The staff was always there if you needed them for anything. The time I spent at Academy helped me change my career direction. Since graduating from Academy I have worked on our Newfoundland Rivers as a guardian (Fisheries Enforcement). My goal is to become an officer with the Sheriff’s Office which is in my reach now, thanks to Academy Canada. It makes no difference how old you are, it is never too late to further your education.”  - Winston Chapman – Graduate

"My name is Darryl Guy and I am a former student of Academy Canada. I am currently employed as a Military Police Officer at Edmonton Garrison, Alberta. I am a police officer today because of the knowledge and experience that I gained while I was a student of Academy Canada studying Law & Security. Through the colleges knowledgeable instructors and its great support my goal as becoming a Police Officer has become a reality." - Darryl Guy - Military Police Officer Edmonton, Alberta

“My name is Matthew Hackett from Corner Brook, Newfoundland. I am 23 years old and I have graduated from the Law Enforcement Administration program in 2006. The Law Enforcement Administration Program (LEA) is a great program which has helped me reach and surpass my career goals.

Today I am training to be a Military Police officer with the Canadian Forces. Without the help from this course I would not be in the position that I am in today. The LEA Program has helped me prepare for numerous interviews, not only with the Canadian Forces, but also with such companies and Garda Security in Fort McMurray, G4S (armored trucking),and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The instructional staff from Academy Canada has helped me reach my goals. The staff went further to convey the importance of reaching them and never to give up no matter what happens. Before I took the position with the Canadian Forces I was well on my way to a career with the RCMP. I worked with them as an Auxiliary Constable and was in the process of becoming a full time member. I had to face some setbacks but my instructor taught me to keep my head high and keep trying. With this great advice I applied to the Canadian Forces and I have not looked back on what could have been with the RCMP but now I look ahead with a career in the Canadian Forces.

The LEA Program was not just about acquiring knowledge and strengthening me as a person. It was about helping me realize that there is nothing I cannot accomplish. It was about believing I can reach my dreams. It was about arming me with the knowledge to succeed my dreams.

I would strongly encourage anyone who wants to apply for a policing or security career to attend this course. It will be an asset toward enrolling with any police force by showing them that you want to work in this field. Having previous knowledge of law would be advantageous as a foundational education for future endeavors in the Law Enforcement Profession.

I would like to thank Academy Canada and the LEA Program for what they have done for someone (me) coming out of a small town. - Matthew Hackett

Multimedia Graphic Design

“Although my training at Academy Canada gave me the knowledge and experience to excel within my field, it is the relationship I developed with both the students and staff that will stay with me forever.”  - Tammy Reid - Graduate

“Attending Academy Canada has been a memorable experience from my first day until the last. Not only did I receive excellent instruction but I felt at home.”   - Darrell Sharpe - Graduate

"Academy Canada helped me further my skills as a graphic/web designer. As a result, I now operate my own freelance web and graphic design company. The instruction I received from Academy Canada was professional, knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the hands-on experience and training I received."  - Joe Boland - Graduate  Director/Graphic Designer - BrainSkip - St. John's, NL

Natural Resources

“My decision to attend Academy Canada was a great one! I really enjoyed our field trips where we get to apply our training to “real life” situations. I am confident that my training in the Natural Resources program will lead to a rewarding and successful career in this field.”  - Curtis Gillingham - 2008 Graduate

"I found the program at Academy Canada very challenging as well as rewarding. The instructors are exceptional and prepare you for your success in the future."  - Stephanie Pardy - Graduate  Environmental Clerk, Department of Fisheries & Oceans

"Academy Canada's Diploma of Technology: Natural Resources gave me a positive career direction. Although it was late in my life when I decided to further my education, completing this diploma helped me find my path. Cheers to the great people that I was associated with while I attended your school. I would recommend this program to those interested in a career in Natural Resources."  - Tina Murphy - Graduate  Fishery Guardian, Shannahan's Security and Investigation.

“I graduated from Academy Canada in 1999 with a Natural Resources Technology diploma. This program contained many field experiences and created great opportunities for future employment. I was employed six (6) years with Seawatch Inc. and Shannahan’s Securities as a Fishery Guardian. In 2006 I was selected to train at the Coast Guard College in Nova Scotia and the RCMP Base in Chillwack, BC. I am currently employed as a Fishery Officer with the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, in the Clarenville Detachment.” - Kim Sheehan - Graduate

Office Administration

“Academy Canada is committed to providing a quality of education to all students regardless of age, gender and ability. Below are testimonials from Academy Canada students with disabilities.

"I am currently attending Academy Canada at the Corner Brook campus and was asked to give my input on a few issues that I have had concerning the schools accessibility. When I first started the Office Administration Technology program in September 2002, I had a few minor obstacles to overcome because I am physically disabled. The school did what they could to make it possible for me to feel comfortable and independent while attending classes. After Starting the program I was pleased to know that the instructors were willing to lend a hand in making the washrooms accessible, adjusting the desk to my level and clearing snow properly so I wouldn't have any problems getting in. I would recommend Academy Canada to anyone with a disability and I can assure you that there would be no discrimination towards students with disabilities whether physically or mentally. This school in general teaches students to be prepared for the real world giving enough knowledge to be comfortable in a working environment by the time the students complete their training."  - Shauna Mitchelmore

"A new career, the start of a new life."  - Maxine Caravan – Graduate

"I loved my program at Academy Canada. It was a great, hands on experience which provides a better learning atmosphere and it prepared me for a job in the real world with all the volunteer placements and work term opportunities."  - Krista Morrissey – Graduate

"Getting back in a student environment for me was a wonderful experience."  - Roseann Peddle – Graduate

"Nothing is impossible. If you believe and if you’re willing to study hard and give it your best shot; Academy Canada is ready for you.”  - Samantha White - Graduate

"I enjoyed going to Academy Canada. The instructors and students were friendly. The instructors were there to help when needed and always there to encourage you on. The atmosphere there is excellent and the instructors will call you by your first name. I had fun the two years that I was there and met a lot of new friends. I will tell people about this school, I will tell them that it is an excellent school to attend. I will miss everyone and all my new friends."  - Cathy Brown – Graduate

"The best two years - not only did I make friends that I will have forever - I gained knowledge that will help me in my job field for years to come!" - Leslie Marshall – Graduate

“On September 5, 2005 I began to climb some of the biggest steps of my life as I entered the doors of Academy Canada. I had enrolled in the Office Administration Technology (Medical, Legal, Engineering) program. Registration was on the second floor of the building, there were hundreds of new students, most of them just graduating from Level III. I overheard one of them saying “I will never be able to get back into studying, I have been out of school for two years” and all I could think of was what chance did I have - I had been out of school for 31. With the tremendous help of instructors and students I completed my program in the two years and the day I walked across the stage to get my diploma was overwhelming for me. I cannot deny it, that at times there seemed to be a lot to learn but I would come in early to complete assignments or stay later for extra help. I did my work term at Academy Canada and is now working in the Business Office of Academy Canada. I always said as a student that I did not want to leave and here I am still here with absolutely no regrets. So to anyone who is considering returning to school at a mature age -DO IT! - there is always something new to learn and as one instructor always said “Every Day is a School Day”.”  - Ann Wade - 2007 Graduate

"Academy Canada has provided me with the education which will go a long way towards my future. The sense of accomplishment, pride and life-long friendships, which I have gained, will not be forgotten. The staff and school are exceptional and I thank each and every one of you".  - Mary Finn - Graduate

Paralegal Studies

"I was really skeptical about starting the paralegal program because I wasn’t sure if I would be prepared to work in a law firm setting. However, the course gave me the skills I needed to thrive and succeed as a paralegal in private practice and now, as a court officer. All the faculty and staff were easy to get along with and they took the time to know you. To them, you were a student, not a number. ".  - Sara Hawkins, Graduate - Court Officer I (Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador)

"Academy Canada gave me an opportunity to experience and learn more about the legal profession. I recommend Academy Canada to others and I am glad that I chose this college as a place to start my career".  -  Krystal MacKey – Graduate

"I was afraid of being the oldest student in the program. Instead, I found that my life experiences enhanced by learning and validated my choice to return to school. I am glad I chose Academy Canada"  -  Susan Martin – Graduate

"Throughout this program I gained the knowledge and experience in various aspects of law and legal administration that was needed to help prepare me for a career as a Title Officer."  - Janessa Parsons - Graduate Title Officer with White, Ottenheimer & Baker Law Office

Professional Travel and Tourism Planning
Travel & Tourism

"The Tourism Industry in NL is continuing to grow! What NL has to offer right outside will continue to be an asset to our economy. I am happy to have completed the tourism program at Academy Canada. Since graduating I have obtained positions in both the Airline and Hospitality sectors. If you are excited about taking part in sharing Newfoundland and Labrador with tourists than this program may be right for you!"  - Glenda Simms – Graduate

"Academy Canada gave me the experience I needed to be a professional in the travel industry. Thank You!"  - Jennifer Carter – Graduate

"I was not sure if I was cut out for going back to school. I did it! I am very proud of accomplishing this. Thanks to Academy Canada!"  - Diane Street – Graduate

I really enjoyed all the hands on work by visiting and talking to industry experts. The small class size allowed for great discussions and debates and also allowed for great access to our Instructor for extra help. We were able to complete certificate courses that prepared us for the work force. In addition, the program covers a wide range of topics/courses within the tourism and hospitality industry that allows students to qualify for jobs in many different sectors of this industry, therefore creating more opportunities. I always found the staff at Academy Canada to be very accessible for help and extra advice. The Instructor especially was available to offer extra help both before and after class. Another great component is the fact that Academy Canada has a dedicated employment officer whose sole job and purpose is to work with students after they have graduated to find employment. This can be particularly great since the school has lots of contacts in the working field. I have gained many skills that I can apply in the workforce – all the background information on the Province, Canada, and the World allows me to better assist guests/tourists at the hotel on points of interest in the Province and beyond. In addition, acquiring all the knowledge for the different departments within the hotel allows me to be more flexible with my job. Being able to give tourists a quick overview of the Province about things I didn’t even know existed is a great pleasure. My passion in life is letting people know what a fantastic Province we have. With the training I received at Academy Canada I can finally fulfill my passion by showcasing this phenomenal Province”.  - Brad Dyer – Graduate  Employed with Hometel on Signal Hill

“I sell airline tickets/car/hotel/travel insurance on the RBC account. I deal with clients who own a RBC visa card who wish to use their points to travel. Each day I use my computer service skills attained at Academy Canada to better serve my clients. Courses that I particularly enjoyed in the program were Special Event Planning, Apollo, World Destinations, and Cruise planning. I also enjoyed the outings to hotels within the city.”  - Crystal Lee Roberts – Graduate  Employed with HRG North America

The Travel, Tourism and Hospitality program at Academy Canada provided me with the computer training and hotel terminology needed for my position with the Murray Premises Hotel. I really enjoyed the Communications, World Destinations, Hotel Management, Apollo, and Human Relations courses contained in the program.” - Deborah White – Graduate  Employed with Murray Premises Hotel


“Academy Canada program provided me with an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge into this trade - the shop facilities were great and the instructors were always there to help in any way possible."  - Chris Crocker – Graduate

“Employers highly respect this program when looking for employees.”  - Brian Tobin – Graduate

"Academy Canada's Plumbing and Domestic Heating program prepared me with the necessary tools to be successful in my trade. With shop activities and outside projects it gave me a professional outlook and how to present myself on a job."  - Billy Lawlor – Graduate

"Academy Canada provided me with the qualifications necessary to be successful in my trade. I would not have gotten a job without the training I received from Academy Canada."  - Pumps Plus – Graduate

"Academy Canada's plumbing program prepared me for industry. Academy Canada's facilities were great!"  - Rod Dyer - Graduate | O'Neills Plumbing

"The great hands on experience and meeting a lot of interesting people made my experience at Academy Canada amazing."  - Norman Parsons – Graduate

"This is a really good school. I have learned a lot and over all the Instructors are great. Thanks for having me here!"  - Kirk Payne - Graduate


"I found my studies at Academy Canada quite beneficial. It was very interesting and a great learning experience."  - Michael Kendal – Graduate

“The Steamfitting/Pipefitting program prepared me for a successful career. The facilities, along with the exceptional skills and knowledge of the program instructors went above and beyond my expectations.”  - Mike Druken – Graduate

“The Industry requires hard work and dedication along with proper training to be successful - all of which I learned at Academy Canada.”  - Robert Walsh – Graduate

"Academy Canada's program provided me with the education needed to be successful."  - Dion Downer - Graduate Newdock

Therapeutic Recreation

“I love it! My experience was amazing! A lot of hands-on training, wonderful instructors, and lots of assistance if required.”  - Amanda Lush – Graduate

“My time spent at Academy Canada was amazing; I met a lot of new people and set forth on a career path that has led me to the fantastic job I have today.  Upon completion of the Therapeutic Recreation program I was immediately hired by Cambridge Estates Personal Care Home as their Recreation Specialist. Now I spend each day planning and implementing programs that work with the needs of elderly people. It is absolutely fantastic to have a job in a helping profession. The feeling that you have when you leave each day is a feeling of accomplishment and respect and I owe it all to Academy Canada.

While studying at Academy Canada I was taught the essential skills required to do my job. The instructors were very knowledgeable and helped me in any way needed. The practicum experiences and community involvement during my time at Academy Canada showed me what my future career would be like. While on each practicum I got a glimpse at how other professionals in my field were using their skills and I had the chance to network with them and develop relationships that have lasted. During the many site visitations and guest presentations I learned that I could work in a number of different fields and help people with many different life circumstances. While attending Academy Canada I knew exactly where my future was headed, and I felt extremely prepared for my career. I would strongly recommend Academy Canada’s friendly atmosphere and career building education to anyone.”  - Tracy St. Croix – Graduate

"Academy Canada's curriculum has provided me with the proper skills and training in the field of Therapeutic Recreation. As a part of my program, I completed a work placement with the Newfoundland Society for the Physically Disabled, where I am currently employed. I just want to thank all the staff and instructors who contributed to my success."  - Paula Martin - Graduate   Program Assistant with NL Society for the Physically Disabled

Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

"Academy Canada gave me more than an opportunity to further my education; it gave me a chance to show & prove my abilities and gave me the confidence to give back to a community that has already given me so much!"  - Rachael Bowdridge – Graduate

"The program was very helpful, knowledgeable and fun. I enjoyed my time spent with Academy Canada and I will miss it."  - Alison Butler – Graduate

"Academy Canada has taught me the skills I need for the real world. The staff and instructors I've worked with are amazing!"  - Barbara Hearn – Graduate


"I had a wonderful time at Academy Canada. Everyone there is devoted to you. I couldn't have done it without the help and support of my instructor."  - Justin Lane – Graduate

"Academy Canada is a great place to obtain an education in any trade. It has a great working environment, the staff are willing to help with any needs you have. They care very much about their students."  - Pamela Vincent – Graduate

"Academy Canada not only prepares you but “transforms you” to think and do with all the new skills that a person will need in the workforce. Teacher and staff dedication is unparalleled in my experience."  - Stewart Bellows – Graduate

"I enjoyed it to the fullest! Academy Canada is a great place to learn, grow and achieve your goals."  - Adam Prosper – Graduate

"Academy Canada has been an excellent and comfortable place to learn my trade. My only regret was not signing up sooner."  - Dane Richter – Graduate

"The training I received at Academy Canada made me confident enough to enter any shop situation after years of being out of the work force. The family atmosphere of the school was a huge asset to my self-confidence. Highly recommended!!!"  - Kami Ross – Graduate

“Academy Canada’s Welding program prepared me for an enlightening career in this industry. Thanks to the instructors and staff who were very knowledgeable and experienced in their fields.”  - Steve Cornick – Graduate

"Academy Canada provided me with the essential knowledge needed to be a successful Welder."  - Curtis Gosse – Graduate

"My experience with Academy Canada was a good learning experience. The facilities were excellent, with highly knowledgeable instructors and I have secured employment in my field right after graduation."  - Barry Hamlyn -- Graduate  East Coast Marine

"Academy Canada is a great school and provides a great deal of knowledge and education. I would recommend anyone to successfully finish their schooling at Academy Canada."  - Paul Hewitt – Graduate

"Academy Canada had a friendly staff and provided hands on experience."  - Leon Jackman - Graduate EMM Hardchrome

"The instructors and staff were great and very knowledgeable."  - Marvin Parsons - Graduate  Bursey's Manufacturing

"The Welding program at Academy Canada prepared me for successful employment in my field." - Terrance Skiffington - Graduate Weir's Construction

"Academy Canada benefited me by giving me a great deal of self-confidence and security. Before starting here, I felt I couldn't do or become something, now I am working full time, love my work and am more confident and secure than I've ever felt before." - Ken Follett - Graduate Paul Murphy Services Inc., St. John's, NL

"Academy Canada provided me with a sound education, the facilities were great and the instructors had a great wealth of knowledge. I have been working in my field since graduation."  - Greg Mercer – Graduate

"I would like to thank you for the last group of "on the job" students. These students show a good work ethic and a keen interest in the Welding Trade. The enthusiasm is certainly a credit to you and your staff. After working his required sixty hours, I have offered Ken Follett a full time position. His positive attitude and his sense of how a job is to be carried out and completed helped in making the decision to hire him."  - Paul Murphy - President Paul Murphy Services Inc., St. John's, NL


"My classmates became very close friends and I enjoyed the team spirit in every step. Instructors are devoted to give us all that we need to start a new career. In my case, with some language difficulties at the beginning, the instructors made every effort to make sure that I understood all the theoretical parts and to master all the skills needed. I believe that Academy Canada performs to international levels and standards. I feel very proud to be a student and soon a graduate of Academy Canada".   – Sahar Kafala, Egypt

"I really like the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, it is quite safe and the people are very friendly. All of the instructors are very kind, especially the Principal who helped me decide on which program to take. At Academy Canada, the students are treated as more than just students, they are treated with respect. I am very happy that I decided to study at Academy Canada in Newfoundland."   - Gatluak Ruot, Nasir, Sudan

"Academy Canada's classrooms are both clean and very comfortable. The labs and equipment area so advanced. All the teachers and students here are friendly and warm-hearted. The schedules, which have been arranged by Academy Canada, are very exciting. We like it here very much."  - Yang Wen Ying, Tianjin, China

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