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The Admissions Process


The Admissions Process

At Academy Canada we know that applying for College can be a confusing and stressful time.  That is why we have worked hard to make our procedure as straightforward as possible and have designed a simple 15-Step Admissions Process.  Applicants can follow it to ensure that they don’t missed anything.

Our Team is available at any point along the way to offer clarification and advice.


Step 1: Explore career options and select some alternatives that interest you. 
Recommended Timing: Whenever you’re ready.   

Step 2: Explore as many colleges as possible and determine if they meet your needs.
Recommended Timing: 6+ mths before you want to start school.
Details: Make sure you feel comfortable with the campus and people  you meet.  You should never feel pressured into making an enrollment decision. Take your time - it’s important.  Ask questions about the program, instructor credentials, facilities, employment prospects and whether the college is nationally accredited.   

*Steps below assume you choose to attend Academy Canada and may vary if you attend a different College.

Step 3: Visit AC website (academycanada.com) and facebook page (facebook.com/academycanada) to learn more about the college.
Recommended Timing: 3+ mths before you want to start school.      

Step 4: Meet with Admissions Officer to explore campuses/programs, entrance requirements, teacher credentials, employment prospects, etc.
Recommended Timing: 3+ mths before classes start   

Step 5: Conduct labour market research on fields that interest you.  Get advice from trusted advisors (teachers, employers, counsellors, etc)
Recommended Timing: 3+ mths before classes start    

Step 6: Select a program and apply to Academy Canada.
Recommended Timing: There is no application deadline but we recommend you apply at least 1 mths before classes start. 
Details: You can apply using a paper application available from the campus or online.   It is recommended that students apply at least 4 weeks prior to the start date, wherever possible.  Please note, however, that applications are accepted up to 21 calendar days after a new group has started. 

Step 7: Submit entrance requirement documentation.
Recommended Timing: 1+ mth before classes start.
Details: Your application is complete if:
  1. You have completed the application form with all correct personal information and program information.
  2. You have included all High School transcripts, ABE Diploma, GED results, or completed a Canadian Adult Achievement Test.
  3. You have included a non-refundable processing fee.
  4. You have included all program specific entrance requirements.  Specific requirements can be found here.

Step 8: Notify college if you have any special learning, physical or personal requirements.
Recommended Timing: 1+ mth before classes start.     

Step 9: Pursue educational financing and do budget.
Recommended Timing: As early as possible but no later than 1 mth before classes start.    

Step 10: Receive acceptance letter from college.
Recommended Timing: Approx. two weeks after application and entrance requirement materials are received by AC.     

Step 11: Receive ongoing correspondence/contact from Admissions Team.
Recommended Timing: From your application being received to the start of school.    

Step 12: Registration day.
Recommended Timing: The day before classes start.    

Step 13: Begin classes, purchase books/equipment/materials.
Recommended Timing: Day 1 of school.
Details: Students are required to purchase books and other materials (kits) as soon as possible after classes begin. Unsold textbooks and other supplies will be returned 30 days after the commencement of the semester or set of blocks.  

Step 14: Request any course exemptions that you may be eligible for.
Recommended Timing: For semester programs no more than 3 weeks into the course.  For block programs no later than 5 days into the course.    

Step 15: Enjoy, learn and achieve!
Recommended Timing: Throughout your program  

Choosing The Right College

Selecting a College that fits your lifestyle, personality and learning style is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.   To ensure it’s the right choice, you should ask questions before choosing a school, including those listed below:

to Ask Prospective Colleges

1. Is the College nationally accredited by the Career Colleges Accreditation Program (CCAP)?                           [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No         
2. Do I feel comfortable when I visit the campus and did the staff make me feel welcome? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No         
3. Are the facilities professional and comfortable? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No        
4. Has the school been delivering training for a long time and built a reputation for excellence? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No       
5. Are instructors experienced, skilled and approved by the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No        
6. Is the teaching style hands-on and are there quality supports that match my distinct learning style? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No       
7. Will the program give me the skills employers are looking for? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No        
8. Does the College have strong relationships within the community? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No        
9. Do they have strong job placement services? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No       
10. Can I finance my education there through either external funding agencies or the Student Aid program? [ ]  Yes        [ ]  No        


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