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Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist Graduate Participates In Article About Burnout

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The veterinary industry is known for being both deeply rewarding in providing quality healthcare for our fur babies.

At the same time, due to our strong attachment to companion and working animals, it can also be highly demanding and stressful, which is why its mental health care is critical.

Its especially true when an animal is seriously ill and needs to face a possibility of being put down.

One of our Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist graduates, Jaime McHugh, contributed to an article to raise awareness about this very important topic.

Our program instructor, Crystal Mercer, frequently discusses this in the classroom and brings in other industry experts to help students fully prepare to balance caring for themselves as well as the clients they see in clinic.

Not only do Veterinarians face burnout, stress, and abusive situations from the high demands related to Veterinary Medicine, so do their support teams, including Veterinary Assistants.

Students also have access to a mental health training course through VetFolio to complete prior to entering the field.

Click here to read the “Healthing” website article entitled “Veterinarians are burned out too, and it’s costing lives”.

Excellent job, Jaime, on your contribution to this article.

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