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Student Services

Student Support Services

Student Services

Student Support Services

Every student that attends Academy Canada is unique and requires different supports in order to be successful.  While everyone needs encouragement, good advice and a clear understanding of expectations, some people need a little more help.  The College has put together an outstanding team of professionals who are ready and able to assist students in every way possible.

The Academy Canada team oversees a number of programs and services to help students succeed.  A sample has been provided below:


Academic Success

At the beginning of every year there is a complete Student Orientation.  During the week's events students will register, learn about expectations, take several College seminars, meet their students/classes and participate in many fun team-building activities.

Counselling is provided to students as needed. While some can be supported on-campus (ie study skills, interpersonal relationship and stress management), we are also able to refer more complicated situations to our community partners who have the appropriate expertise.

Academy Canada also offers a wide variety of supports for students in need or experiencing distress.  Please see your Instructor, Campus Administration, or Student Support Coordinator to learn how we can help.

You can also feel comfortable contacting the wide variety of community supports, including the 24 hour Mental Health Crisis Line.  They can be reached at 709-777-3200 or 1-888-737-4668 FREE.  A link describing all provincial support services can be found at http://www.health.gov.nl.ca/health/findhealthservices/helplines.html.

Academic Guidance
The Registrar is responsible for tracking student academic progress and weekly attendance. As well, they take the lead in maintaining records and archives, preparing and issuing transcripts and diplomas and ensuring related training certificates are issued.

Free Tutoring
Tutoring is provided to students as needed and is free of charge. Any student requesting a tutor may coordinate this through their Teacher-Advisor and Vice-Principal.

Student Handbook
Each year, Academy Canada produces a Student Handbook outlining all of our student policies. The Student Handbook serves as an excellent organizational tool for use throughout their studies.

College Website & Facebook Page
The website (academycanada.com) and Facebook page (facebook.com/academycanada) provides a vast array of information about Academy Canada.  You will find everything from college policies to storm closure announcements, study tips, upcoming events and our Wall of Fame.  Take a look through our Photo/Video Gallery and you’ll likely see a picture of you and your classmates.

Individualized Delivery Plans
If, for some reason, a student falls off track with their program because of illness, a leave of absence or by failing a course there is a process to help get them ready to graduate.  The Student Support Coordinator and Instructor will work with the student to create an Individualized Delivery Plan (IDP) that lays out their new course order and lists their new graduation date.

Physical Support

Resource Centers
Academy Canada has Student Resource Centers at each campus. They allow students to do research or conduct their job search. In order to support students, Academy Canada also offers the support of Employment Coordinators who build partnerships with the community and identify any graduate opportunities.

Academy Canada Career College Campuses have cafeteria services available to students. The staff provides home style cooking with a variety of selections.

The Bookstore sells all Academy Canada textbooks as well as a wide range of School supplies and clothing.

Academy Canada campuses are fully accessible and adapted for persons with disabilities.

Graduate Employment

Employment Counselling
Need help finding a job? Our Employment Coordinators can work with you on your resume, interview skills and overall strategy to secure that perfect job.

Job Search Skills Courses
As part of your program you will likely complete a Job Search course.  Work hard on it and you’ll learn a great deal about where the jobs are…and how to get them.

Refresher Courses
Are you a graduate?  Is there a technology/technique that has come into your industry since you graduated?  If so, we can help.  Academy Canada’s Graduate Refresher Course program allows alumni to repeat a course that has seen significant changes since they did it originally.  Check with your campus Registrar for details.

Advanced Apprenticeship Training
Academy Canada offers Advanced Apprenticeship courses in just about all of its trades programs.

By doing your blocks with us, we will help you progress through your apprenticeship program and attain Journeyperson status.

Job Postings
The college regularly posts jobs and job search resources on our Website and Facebook page.  Jobs are updated regularly so check back often.

Alumni Support
Your success is our success!  That is why we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to help finding the job of your dreams.  If you need any support as you build your career please contact us.  The Employment Coordinator at your campus is a great starting point but feel free to call or email anyone at the college.


Social Activities
Academy Canada recognizes that social activities are an important aspect of a post-secondary education experience. To that end, every campus organizes and participates in monthly social events either at their campus or in the community. Activities such as sporting events, winter carnivals, and friendly class competitions contribute to a friendly, welcoming learning environment.

Field Trips and Guest Speakers
Gaining real world experience exposure is crucial to a well-rounded education and career.  That is why Instructors take students on regular field trips, enter competitions and bring guest speakers into the classroom.  Pay attention and participate.  These events have a lot to offer!

Volunteerism Opportunities
We encourage every student to volunteer as much of their time as possible for many reasons.  It will enhance their employability and credentials.  It gives back to the community.  It feels great and makes a difference.  The college maintains an extensive list of volunteer opportunities that match your interests.  Check with your instructor for details.

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