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About Us

Our Team

About Us

Our Team

At Academy Canada we are incredibly proud of the 195 professionals that make up our Faculty and Staff.   With more than 3,000 combined years of experience, hundreds of certifications and a limitless desire to help students, they are at the core of all we do!

Each Instructor at Academy Canada brings with them a unique professional background.  While government legislation requires teachers to have at least six years of combined education and experience, we have set the bar much higher.  Our team has spent many, many years working in their respective industries across Canada and around the world.   We feel strongly that, in order to teach a concept, you must have lived it. 

The people who work at Academy Canada are passionate about what they do!   The fact that our typical employee has been with the college for more than 10 years proves that they are committed to their jobs and to student success.  

Support Staff Positions

Academy Canada has a larger support staff than any other Independent Career College in NL.  These 195 professionals offer a broad range of services to students from our Campuses and Head Office. 

Whether they maintain our buildings, design programs, counsel, teach, serve lunch or create schedules they are single-minded in their have one goal in mind:  to create the best possible learning environment for each and every student.  Quite honestly, they are amazing at what they do and are a huge reason for the college’s success.

The various Academy Canada Instructional and Support Staff positions are highlighted below along with a summary of their main responsibilities:


Principals & Vice-Principals Coordinate all campus operations and support students/staff. They are the (cheer)leaders of every campus. They coordinate schedules, recruit staff, encourage students and provide firm guidance when necessary.

Instructors Guide students through their programs and act as mentors, teachers and role models. Instructors deliver lectures, provide evaluations and coordinate extracurricular learning activities.

Admissions Team Support students as they select a career path/program, provide labor information, offer financial advice and coordinate the Admissions process.

Student Support Coordinators Assist any student who is having difficulties with their programs. They organize supports for persons with disabilities, coordinate tutors, act as student advocates and guide them over any “bumps in the road”.

Student Financial Officers Help students manage their finances while in school. They facilitate student aid, coordinate with funding agencies, sell textbooks/materials, collect tuitions and offer wise budgeting advice.

Employment Coordinators Help graduates get work. They coordinate work-terms, match grads with employers, help with job search strategies (including resume writing and interview skills) and maintain our Alumni list. Some Coordinators also plan our Apprenticeship Advanced Training courses. 

Facilities Managers This person oversees the professionalism of the entire campus to ensure it is as professional as possible. They order equipment/materials, coordinate renovations, and troubleshoot building problems.

IT Manager & Computer Technicians They keep the College’s technology running smoothly. The Manager oversees the computer and technology networks and provides IT guidance. Technicians update computer resources, troubleshoot problems, support students/staff and maintain email accounts. 

Receptionists As the Gatekeeper of the campus, the Receptionist meets guests, supports students/staff, answers the telephone, manages correspondence and directs traffic at the college. If you’re ever unclear on where to go, the Receptionist is typically a good starting point. 

Custodians A big part of keeping a campus comfortable is ensuring it is clean and well maintained. The Academy Canada Custodian and Maintenance Staff work hard every day to keep our buildings clean and professional.

Adult Basic Education Learning Centres

ABE Team The ABE program is particularly important to Academy Canada. Our 13 locations throughout the island and across Labrador are managed by a centrally-located team, including our ABE Manager, Admissions Officers and Registrar. Individual sites are coordinated by Instructors with the support of the management team.

Head Office

Head Office Team The College campuses are supported by an outstanding team at our Corner Brook Head Office. The team includes our President, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operations, Payroll Staff, Accounts Payable/Receivable Staff, Curriculum Advisors, International Student Support Staff and the Corporate Training Manager.  

Curriculum Consultants They do a wide variety of jobs, including the development of new programs, updating existing curriculum, developing articulation relationships, facilitating accreditations and working closely with employers/ government to ensure that training meets industry needs.

Just like our students, Academy Canada employees have been busy accomplishing incredible things, including the sample listed below.


Our Faculty and Staff have…

  • Served as President of the National Association of Career Colleges as well as the Provincial Association.
  • Chaired the NL Construction Association Board of Directors Education Committee.
  • Sat on the Student Aid Appeals Committee.
  • Volunteered on the Mount Pearl and Corner Brook Chambers of Commerce as well as the St. John’s Board of Trade.
  • Worked with projects in China, Mexico and Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Taken lead roles with Habitat for Humanity.
  • Coached Minor Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball and Gymnastics at all levels.
  • Been candidates for political office.
  • Earned Doctorates of Philosophy, hundreds of Interprovincial Certifications, many degrees and countless industry endorsements.
  • Been a Western School District Board Trustee.
  • Coached more than 200 Skills Canada competitors.
  • Successfully hosted more than 35 accreditation visits.
  • Donated hundreds of resource books to the Salvation Army Zimbabwe Mission.
  • Been Profiled on CBC’S Living Newfoundland & Labrador 8 times.
  • Done the make-up for several major Canadian movies and TV shows.
  • Won numerous accolades including the:
  • Chamber of Commerce “Premier’s Award”
  • “Impact on Youth Service” award
  • Been short-listed for the NL Construction Association “ROCK Award”.
  • Built one of the most successful clothing companies in NL.



Position Head Office Harding Road Kenmount Road University Drive
Head Office Staff
President Michael Barrett      
Vice-President Andrea Barrett      
Admissions Director   James Loder    
Bus. Operations Director Carl Barrett      
Bus. Operations Asst Phillip Gillis      
Chief Financial Officer Serge Cormier      
Business Office Manager   Jennifer Croft-O'Brien    
Business Development Mgr Jackie White      
Business Development Asst Kristy White      
Admissions Manager Elizabeth Smith      
Admissions Assistant Kayla White
Cathy Ryan
Information Tech. Manager Neil Bolt      
Curriculum Manager   Lisa Lovelady    
Curriculum Consultant   Stephanie Granville*
Mary Flynn
Brian Galway  
Curriculum Coordinator: ABE     Jackie Morry  
Curriculum Assistant Sylvia Ford      
Program Dev. Dept Head Pauline Maxwell      
Assistant Comptroller Samantha Piercey      
Assistant Registrar       Jennifer Brake
ABE Registrar Jennifer Oates      
ABE Admissions Judy Davis      
Accounting/Payroll Techn. Candy Burke      
Accounts Payable Clerk Theresa Greene      
Executive Assistant Paula Welshman      
Webmaster Jack Barrett      
Campus Administration & Support Staff
Principal   Steve Browne Anita Fisher Colin Burridge
Vice-Principal   Natalie Whalen Elizabeth Campbell Marion Bishop
Registrar   Angela Bennett Colleen Power Rose Hatcher
Stud. Support Coordinator   Barbara Ann Geehan Julie Yetman Charlene Blake
Employment Coordinator   Suzanne Jordan (Also Apprenticeship Coordinator) Tonya Guilfoyle Charlene Blake
Reg Campus Bus Office Supervisor   Andrea Walsh Andrea Walsh  
Student Financial Officer   Heather Nugent Crystal Crews Brittany Martin
IT Support   Rod Oliver Rod Oliver Shane Pelley
Administrative Assistant   Taylor Quinlan Melissa Oliver Jennifer Brake
Facilities Manager   Paul Henderson   Doug Osmond
Maintenance Manager   Wayne Young    
Maintenance Darren Bellows   David Fifield  
Custodian     Paul Cumby  
Admissions Officer   Cleo Williams
Rianne McGrath
Cleo Williams
Rianne McGrath
Jennifer Waye
Admissions Officer/ Assessment: ABE     Judy Davis  
Admissions Coordinator   Patsy Trahey Patsy Trahey Gloria Stone
Registrar/ Financial Asst   NA    
Cafeteria Manager   NA   Debbie King
Cafeteria Assistant   NA   Kristina Taylor-Norman
Post-Secondary Instructional Faculty
Animal Grooming   Patsy Chesney    
Automotive Service Technician   Faron Penney    
Business Administration     Dennis Yabsley Gian Delgado
Carpenter   Melvin Fry   Sherman Wheeler
Rick Greene
Computer Aided Drafting     Terry Lucas  
Construction/Industrial Electrician   Roger Butler
Roger King
Mark Hollett
Keith Holwell
William Hamlyn
  Cecil Kerr
Cook   Bernie-Ann Ezekiel    
Criminology     Sandi Burden
Julie Yetman
Paulette Burridge
Develop. Support Worker        
Esthetics& Spa Mgmt     Glenda Hall
Denise Etheridge
Cora-Lee Park

Edith Parsons

Sandi Palmer
Home Support Worker       Catherine Companion
Linda McCarthy
Insulator (Heat & Frost)   Gary Young    
Interior Decorating     Barry LaSaga  
Law Enforcement Found.     Glenn King  
Massage Therapy     Amy Norris
Joanne White
Allison Woolridge
Multimedia Graphic Des.     Lenny Vineham  
Music & Recording Arts     Kevin Pinhorn
Martin Steffen
Natural Resources     Bob Richard  
Occupational Health &
  Angela Mooney
Ron Sullivan
Erin Hogan
Peter Heath
  Corey Burry
Denise Burton
Office Administration     Anna Janes
Mary Singleton
Linda Corbett
Tracey Humphries
Paralegal Studies     Stephen Squires  
Physiotherapy Assistant     Mike Davis  
Plumber   Tony Snow
Jerome Quigley
Related Studies   Janice Butler
Donald Milley
Kerri Bungay
  Bev Sheppard
Steamfitter/Pipefitter   Louis Hodder
Greg Saunders
Paul John
  Tom Matthews
Therapeutic Recreation     Joanne Bennett  
Veterinary Assistant/Rec.     Natalie MacDonald
Jill Porter*
Heather Quilty
Judy-Ann Broaders
Welder   Max Searle
Greg Johnson
  Glen Hawkins
Adult Basic Education Instructional Faculty
Adult Basic Education Learning Centres
Cheryl White
Larry Philpott
Jeff Butler
Bill Bennett
Alisha Rose
Dawn Melindy
Kyle Smith
Don Hancock
Gerry Hapgood
Don Fitzpatrick
Jonathan Bartlett
Chris House
Jenelle Revells
Marjorie Flowers
Natasha Abbott
  Natasha Abbott
Jonathan Bartlett
Katie Corbett
Brian Davis
Cassandra Hoskins
Brittany King
Train Grandy
Ruth Wheeler
John Howell
Geoff Ivany
Roger Thornhill
Robyn Jesseau
Steve Ledrew
Shanna Reid

* - On leave.


Tanya Guilfoyle 
Employment Coordinator
Kenmount Road 

Originally from St. John's, Tonya started working with Academy Canada on March 31, 2014.

She graduated from the College of the North Atlantic with a Business Management - Human Resources Management Diploma in 2013. Tonya also possesses Occupational Health and Safety certification, WHMIS training and certification, and MED A1 (Basic Safety Course).

Tonya's previous employment background include oil and gas sector recruitment, administrative roles, and experience in multiple business industries. Her extensive experience include 10 years retail/customer service, 5 years Management and/or Supervisory roles experience, 3 years in the tourism industry, and 4 years with Health and Safety as being OHS Committee and Supervisor/H&S Safety Officer members.

Tonya’s main duties/roles at Academy Canada include monitoring and assisting with the work term placement process, Alumni Chapter maintenance and updating, conducting mock interviews, resume building exercises and workshops and evaluations, career counselling services, updating the job board, and advising potential job opportunities at the Kenmount Road Campus.

Tonya's personal philosophy on education:

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.- Nelson Mandela.

Amy Norris 
Massage Therapy Instructor
Kenmount Road

Amy joined the Academy Canada team in June 2010 as a Massage Therapy Instructor.

With 12 years Massage Therapy experience, Amy joined the team with a wealth of experience. In 2001, she opened her own practice in New-Wes-Valley for 6 years before coming to St. John`s to teach at another local college. While there she also worked at Massage For Health in Mount Pearl.

Amy has held various positions within the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador such as Director and Examination Officer. Her main responsibility at the Kenmount Road Campus is an instructor with the Massage Therapy program where she believes that passion should be a part of your profession.

During her spare time, she enjoys learning about the world through the eyes of her two daughters.

Amy's personal philosophy on education:

“The road to success is an easier journey when you walk it with enthusiasm and passion every step of the way”

Neil Bolt 
IT Manager 
All Campuses

Originally a Network Administration Instructor, Neil returned to the Academy Canada team as the Information Technology Manager in November 2010.

Having worked at Computer and Network Support Specialist outside Academy Canada, and having a Computer Support Diploma and Microsoft MCSE and MCDBA Certificates, Neil joins the team with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

He is mainly responsible for Academy Canada’s technical requirements at the Head Office as well as our three campuses. As an avid problem solver, Neil accepts new challenges on a regular basis. He takes pride in doing work correctly and efficiently as well as constantly challenging himself to improve.

Neil is a strong believer that you should work hard and always strive to be the best at whatever you do.

Neil's personal philosophy on education:

“Education is not about teaching students everything they will need to know, it is about teaching them to learn new things constantly after acquiring a basic set of skills through education.”

Mike Brothers 
Business Admininstration Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Mike Brothers joined the Academy Canada team in August 2002 as a Related Training Instructor.

He is currently a Business Administration Instructor.

Mike has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Saint Mary’s University, IT Graduate Diploma from MacKenzie College, and a Post-Secondary Teacher’s Certificate.

His previous roles include Human Resource Specialist at Sobey’s, Regional Manager at Irving, and Management Trainer.

Mike’s primary role is a Business Administration Instructor.

You will also find him out with his students challenging Harding Road Campus to a Ball Hockey or Softball game when an opportunity is available.

A self-proclaimed "really cool guy", Mike enjoys spending time with his girls and as much time as possible in the great outdoors of NL, that is when he is not in Miami cheering on the Dolphins.

Mike's personal philosophy on education:

“Education is the cornerstone of Humanity”

Anna Janes 
Office Administration Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Originally from Nova Scotia, Anna joined the Academy Canada team in 1998 as an Office Administration Technology Instructor.

She also served as a Curriculum Coordinator and continues to maintain our curriculum database.

A strong advocate for continuous learning, Anna has qualifications as a Cosmetologist, Medical Assistant, and Dental Assistant (Level II). She has Applied Information Technology and Post-Secondary Education certifications, and currently pursuing her Occupational Health and Safety training.

During her spare time, Anna spends time at the cabin or with her daughters.

Joanne's personal philosophy on education:

“We are here to help students learn how to learn!”

Joanne White 
Massage Therapy Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Joanne joined the Academy Canada team in January 2011 as the Kenmount Road Campus Massage Therapy Coordinator and Instructor.

She has been a Massage Therapist since 2000 after opening her own business in Mount Pearl. In addition to operating her Massage Therapy business, she has also held various positions within the College of Massage Therapists of Newfoundland and Labrador including Examination Officer and Chairperson.

Her main responsibilities as Massage Therapy Coordinator include coordinating this program as well as ensure program consistency between the Corner Brook and Kenmount Road campuses. You will often find her in a classroom as well.

During her spare time, Joanne loves being with her children and Running. She completed a half-marathon and her next goal is to complete a full marathon, healthy and strong!

Joanne's personal philosophy on education:

"Education and knowledge is power, with that power you can achieve anything.”"

Glenda Hall
Esthetics and Spa Management Instructor
Kenmount Road

Glenda joined the Academy Canada team in January 2007 as an Esthetics Program Demonstrator.

In April 2009, she became an Esthetics and Spa Management Instructor. As an Academy Canada Esthetics program graduate, Glenda can provide a special insight as to a student's experience.

Glenda successfully passed her NACC exam in 2009. She also received her Vocational Education Certificate from Memorial University. While working with Academy Canada, Glenda has also been employed with Samshara Day Spa and was promoted to Education Manager two years ago.

She also attends both workshops and international trade shows in both Toronto and Las Vegas to remain up to date with her training.

During her spare time, Glenda enjoys travelling as well pampering herself, her beagle, and cat at home, or goes out with friends.

Glenda's personal philosophy on education:

"Passion should be at the centre of all learning and experience. Make what you love your life."

Natasha Abbott 
ABE Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Natasha joined the Academy Canada team in March 2011 as an Adult Basic Education program instructor.

Originally from New-Wes-Valley, NL, Natasha has previous experience teaching with Eastern School District and the Nova Central School District. She also has experience working as a private tutor.

Natasha obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree with Math and Chemistry backgrounds, landing on the Dean’s List, and a Bachelor of Education (Intermediate Senior). She has dedicated herself to education as well as have a passion for teaching and learning.

Her main responsibility at the Kenmount Road Campus is an Adult Basic Education Instructor with a primary focus focus on Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

During her spare time, Natasha spends time with her family, including her beautiful little girl.

Natasha's personal philosophy on education:

“He who dares to teach, must never cease to learn.”

Jackie Morry 
ABE Curriculum Coordinator 
All Campuses

Jackie Morry was born and raised in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland.

After graduating from High School, she attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and completed her Bachelor of Science Degree with a Biology Major as well as a Bachelor of Education Degree.

Upon graduation, Jackie instructed the Level 2 and 3 Adult Basic Education program at the Magi Learning Centre. She instructed at this campus for two years before joining our Academy Canada team in 1995.

For the last 16 years, Jackie has taught and coordinated the Adult Basic Education program at our Kenmount Road Campus. She holds certification that allows her to teach Level 2 and 3 Adult Basic Education program. She has helped hundreds of students achieve their high school equivalency goals as well as helped them pursue post-secondary education. Jackie is busy ensuring that the Adult Basic Education program is running as efficiently as possible. The program has experience over 100% growth over the last five years.

During her spare time, Jackie has many hobbies and interests including gardening, reading, and being a full time mom to her two boys.

Jackie's personal philosophy on education:

"Education is the most valuable investment you will make over your lifetime."

Stephen Squires 
Paralegal Studies Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Originally from Lewisporte, Stephen Squires began teaching with Academy Canada in September 1999 as the Legal Studies (Paralegal Professional) Instructor.

He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Acadia University, Bachelor of Laws degree from Dalhousie University, and a Master of Science degree and Vocational Education diploma from Memorial University.

Before joining the Academy Canada staff, he worked as a Biochemistry Lab Demonstrator with Memorial University and an Articling Clerk with Ches Crosbie Barristers.

During his spare time Stephen enjoys cross country skiing, reading and spending time with his family.

Stephen's personal philosophy on education:

“Education is a cooperative effort involving both instructors and students.”

Brian Galway 
Curriculum Coordinator

Brian Galway was welcomed to the Academy Canada team in May 2011 as one of two new communications coordinators.

Brian spent 30 years in the K-12 system as a teacher, school administrator, and Assistant Superintendent. He eventually performed various roles in the post-secondary system including Campus Administrator, Program Development Coordinator, and Regulatory Compliancy Coordinator before joining our team.

As a Curriculum Coordinator, his main responsibility as overseeing non-trades courses college wide.

During his spare time, he enjoys travelling with his wife and spending time with his young Grandson, Cody.

Brian’s personal philosophy on education:

"Education is not how much you know, it’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t… and knowing where to find what you’re missing."

Bob Richard 
Natural Resources Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Bob started teaching the Natural Resources Program with Academy Canada in September 1996.

He has a Bachelor of Science Degree with a Biology major, Graduate Diploma in Aquaculture, and a Vocational Education Certificate from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Before working with Academy Canada, he managed a giant sea scallop hatchery at the Ocean Sciences Centre doing Aquaculture Research. He also managed a salmon enhancement project including stocking some rocky rivers, such as the Waterford River and the Rennie’s Mill River with baby salmon, and taught cod farming to fishermen.

In 2005, Bob retrieved a giant squid and brought it in to the Kenmount Road Campus Science Lab.

During his spare time, he enjoys salmon fishing and hiking. He also spends time with his wife and two sons.

Bob's personal philosophy on education:

“Every day is a learning day”.

Rianne McGrath 
Admissions Officer 
St. John’s

A Newfoundlander at heart, Rianne joined the Kenmount Road Campus Admissions Team in April 2011.

Rianne got her Bachelor of Arts with Sociology and English majors at Memorial University.

As a former Media Consultant for COAST 101.1 FM, and an Admissions Assistant at Regents College, she comes prepared for any challenge put in front of her. Her main responsibilities within the Admissions department include visiting schools across the province to inform students about Academy Canada offered programming, helping students with their applications, and making them feel welcome at the Kenmount Road Campus.

Outside campus, she enjoys spending spare time with her husband and beautiful little girls.

Rianne’s personal philosophy on education:

“I believe that every person is born with talent” ~Maya Angelou

Bernie Ann Ezekiel 
Faculty of Culinary Arts - Cook (Entry) Instructor 
Harding Road

Bernie-Ann grew up in Avondale with her parents and two sisters.

She completed the Commercial Cooking program at College of the North Atlantic more than 10 years ago, and has worked at a number of restaurants, primarily in fine dining.

With great enthusiasm, she joined Academy Canada in September 2007. She has worked in various roles including Student Support Coordinator, Related Instructor, and "Faculty of Culinary Arts - Cook" Instructor.

Believing in, and supporting diversity, Bernie-Ann has strived to continue her education in different areas over the years. She has acquired her Cooking Trade Red Seal Journeyperson Certificate, a Ship’s Cook Certificate, and a number of other food preparation and marine certifications. She is currently working toward a Post-Secondary Education Certificate, and recently joined the Provincial Technical Committee for Baking with Skills Canada.

Known for being outgoing and competitive, Bernie-Ann has competed in and judged, both local and regional culinary competitions.

She has high expectations set for her students and is committed to helping them succeed.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and the family cat.

Bernie-Ann's personal philosophy on education:

"Everyone should always try to learn as much as possible. Fill yourself with knowledge! No education you receive is ever wasted"

Joanne Bennett 
Therapeutic Recreation Instructor 
Kenmount Road

Joanne joined Academy Canada in September 1997 as a Disability Support Professional instructor.

In 2002, she began teaching our Therapeutic Recreation (Disability Support and Geriatric Profession) program.

Joanne holds joint Bachelor degrees in Education and Physical Education as well as a Special Education Degree.

Before working with Academy Canada, she worked with Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador as well as Program Officer for their Inclusion Committee. Originally from Lewisporte, NL, she loves learning new things, sharing her knowledge with others and inspiring individuals to achieve their full potential.

Joanne’s Philosophy on Education:

“Everyone is capable of learning provided they have the appropriate support. It’s not that the student can’t learn, it’s being creative and finding a positive way to teach them to learn.”

Lisa Lovelady 
Curriculum Manager

Originally from Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador, Lisa became an Academy Canada staff member in October 2005 as a Student Support Coordinator. She then served as Vice Principal in 2006 at the Harding Road Campus and currently serves in the role of Curriculum Coordinator.

Lisa holds Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Education, a Newfoundland and Labrador Teaching Certificate, has Qualified Teacher Status in the UK, and is a Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) candidate.

During her spare time, Lisa enjoys family time, the outdoors, and is an aspiring triathlete.

As a Curriculum Coordinator, Lisa develops new programs and ensures existing programs meet current industry needs and standards. Her work involves extensive collaboration with industry representatives, government officials, campus administration, and instructors to transform curriculum into learning for the real world.

Lisa’s Philosophy on Education:

“Education broadens your perspective on life, empowers you and builds confidence. Her grandfather used to say to her that education doesn’t weigh anything to carry around – but it is worth having.”

Heather Nugent 
Harding Road

A Conception Bay South native, Heather Nugent graduated from Academy Canada’s Business Administration program in 2006. During this time, she received the Business Administration Program Award.

Heather began working with Academy Canada in July 2010 as the Administrative Assistant and recently moved into the Business Office role. Her duties involve assisting in all aspects of the business office, especially selling textbooks and loans processing. At times, she may serve her role at the Harding Road Campus.

During her spare time, Heather loves the great outdoors and enjoys walking, camping, and fishing with her dog Boo.

Heather's personal philosophy on education:

“Education is the future”

Glenn King 
Law Enforcement Foundations Instructor
Kenmount Road

Glenn joined the Kenmount Road Campus staff in 1995 as the Law Enforcement Administration instructor.

Originally from Buchans, he previously taught the Correctional Officer Training Program, the Law and Security Program, and Criminology.

Before joining Academy Canada, Glenn worked with the Provincial Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer working with Youth and Adults in both Stephenville and Corner Brook. He is still employed as Security Officer at Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland.

Glenn has a Post-Secondary Education Diploma and Adult Teacher Education Certificate from Memorial University, and a Community Studies Diploma and Community Fitness and Wellness Certificate from College of the North Atlantic.

During his spare time, he enjoys Curling and Mountain Biking.

Glenn's personal philosophy on education:

“Education is vital and essential as a foundation to real life learning. The student must attend, listen, focus and then apply the knowledge”

Patsy Chesney 
Animal Grooming Instructor 
Harding Road

Patsy joined the Kenmount Road Campus staff in April 2010 as the Animal Grooming Instructor.

Originally from the Newfoundland's Northern Peninsula area, Patsy is an enthusiastic, highly motivated and personable person with a love for all animals.

Patsy has an Honours Diploma in Animal Care Technology from the Career Academy. She was also owner and operator of Patsy’s Pet Parlour.

During her spare time, Patsy loves to spend time with her children.

Patsy's personal philosophy on Education:

“Learning is the key to success and you are never too old to try something new”

Faron Penney 
Automotive Service Technician (Entry) Instructor 
Harding Road

Faron has been an Academy Canada team member since September 2006.

An Automotive Repair Journeyperson, he teaches entry and advanced level Automotive Service Technician programs, as well as a former related programs instructor.

He also holds a Post-Secondary Education diploma from Memorial University.

Faron has worked in the automotive repair industry for over 20 years as a journeyperson. He also serves as an Occupational Health and Safety committee co-chair and faculty advisor at Academy Canada, as well as a Department of Education advisory committee member and Skills Canada advisory and provincial training competition board member.

In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and enjoys coaching little league baseball.

Faron's personal philosophy on education:

"Education is a lifelong learning process in which communication is a vital part."

Roger Butler 
Construction/Industrial Electrician (Entry) Instructor 
Harding Road

Originally from St. John’s, Roger started teaching with Academy Canada on September 5, 2007.

He currently teaches the nine month entry level program, reviews and updates curriculum, develops various teaching aids and evaluations, and is an active Campus Safety Committee member.

He holds an Inter-Provincial Journeyman Electrical Construction Certificate, a Diploma of Electrical Engineering Technology from the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Certificate for Electronic Repairs from the College of Trades and Technology.

Roger has worked with many different contractors over the years and contracted his own for a number of years. He was Chief Electrical Inspector for Bae-Newplan, a division of SNC Lavalin International, for several years. He then worked at the St. John’s Dockyard (Newdock) for seven years.

With over 30 years or experience in the field, Roger believes he is in a position to give students a well-rounded view of the electrical field and what they can expect when they go to work.

Roger’s personal philosophy on education:

"Education is a lifelong journey. School provides us with a solid, broad foundation of education upon which we can build a great education over the course of our lives."

Melvin Fry 
Carpenter (Entry) Instructor 
Harding Road

Melvin started teaching at Academy Canada in 2004 as an Entry Level Carpentry Instructor.

He is a Journeyman Carpenter with a Bachelor of Education (Post-Secondary) Degree from Memorial University, and a Business Administration certificate. He is also an Architectural Drafting Technician.

Prior to working with Academy Canada, Melvin spent eighteen years in the construction industry and eleven years working as an Engineering Technician/Building Inspector.

In his spare time, Melvin loves to play golf, travelling, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Melvin’s personal philosophy on education:

“A person can never have too much education. It doesn’t weigh anything to carry it around.”

Tony Snow
Plumber (Entry) Instructor
Harding Road

Originally from Bell Island, Tony Snow is a well-respected instructor, not only for his professional demeanor but also for his pleasant personality.

Tony started teaching the Plumbing program at Academy Canada in September 2008. He brings with him over 25 years of experience as a Journeyman Plumber.

During his spare time, he enjoys fishing and spending time with his family.

Tony's personal philosophy on education:

“ Instruct students to be the best that they can be.”

Paul Henderson 
Facilities Manager 
Harding Road

Paul joined the Academy Canada family in April 2008 as a Related Training Instructor.

In February 2009, he accepted the Facilities Manager position with the Harding Road Campus.

Paul brings with him over 16 years Managerial experience in various capacities. His duties as Facilities Manager include managing facilities and equipment issues, overseeing equipment maintenance, offering technical support to staff, and purchasing materials and supplies for all programs.

Paul who is originally from St. John’s. He enjoys Sailing, Skiing, and Snowmobiling during his free time.

Paul's personal philosophy on education:

“A lifelong learning experience enhanced by the ability to absorb the knowledge of others.”

Wayne Young
Maintenance Manager 
Harding Road

Wayne started at Academy Canada as a Carpentry program student. His strong work ethic, professional manner, and likable personality are just some of the characteristics that caught our attention, and the Harding Road Campus knew he would be an asset to the Academy Canada team.

Wayne is very busy ensuring that the Harding Road Campus is running as efficiently as possible, and focusing on priorities that may rise.

Outside work, Wayne has many hobbies and interests including Woodworking, Gardening, Golf, Fishing, and most importantly, spending time with his family.

Wayne's personal philosophy on education:

“Everyone should get as much education as possible after high school because in later years, as in my case, you may never have the opportunity to go back.”

Ken Evans
Construction/Industrial Electrician (Entry) Instructor
Harding Road

Ken Evans is an instructor with character! Known for his sense of humor, commitment to students, high expectations and dedication to success, he is one of Academy Canada's most respected instructors.

Ken started with the College in 2007 after spending over 40 years working in the construction and industrial electrical trade. He built a successful career as the Town of Churchill Falls Maintenance Manager, Hydro Place Superintendent, and Holyrood Generating Plant Supervisor. Having supervised hundreds of Apprentices/Journeypersons, and also managed numerous multi-million dollar projects, Ken is well prepared to teach students the “tricks of the trade”.

Beyond the work site, Ken has completed Industrial Electrical Systems, Power Transformers, Preventative Maintenance, and Indoor Air Quality Testing and Vibration Analysis courses, and also two courses from Dalhousie University. He is a Journeyperson Electrician that knows his profession!

In an effort to become the best manager and teacher possible, Ken has also taken it upon himself to complete the Dale Carnegie program, WHMIS Train-The-Trainer, and Effective Job Instruction courses. A student favorite, Ken continues to help our Electrical program grow and evolve to new heights.

Louis Hodder
Steamitter/Pipefitter (Entry) Instructor 
Harding Road

Since starting with the College in 2001, Louis Hodder has progressed to our Lead Steamfitting/Pipefitting instructor.

Besides teaching an occasional Entry Level group, Louis teaches all Advanced Block classes and does an outstanding job preparing apprentices to write their Journeyperson exam.

A great guy and outstanding team player, Louis’ accomplishments are long and impressive. He possesses both Journeyman Steamfitter/Pipefitter and Carpenter certifications, and won the campuses Outstanding Instructor Award. He also graduated from the Memorial University of Newfoundland Post-Secondary Instructor Certification program.

Louis represents Newfoundland and Labrador on the Provincial Apprenticeship Board Advisory Committee, and is involved with creating the national certification exam. His work with the Accreditation team helped the Steamfitter/Pipefitter program get accredited without problem and his work on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee has ensured that the Campus operates in a safe and efficient way. The Administration even asked Louis to represent them during media interviews related to Canada's Skilled Labour force.

Louis has worked at most major project sites throughout Newfoundland, including PKS (Marystown), Nodeco (Bull Arm), and PCL (Bull Arm). In addition to working with McNamara Construction, Newfoundland Dockyard, CP Rail, and Narwal Arctic Services (NWT), he has also operated his own business for 4 years.

His impressive credentials combined with his professional approach helped Louis build an impressive set of student feedbacks and performance reviews making him a valuable Steamfitter/Pipefitter Instructor.

Suzanne Jordan
Apprenticeship Coordinator 
Harding Road and University Drive

When you train the best, you want to hire them as well! Suzanne Jordan is such an example.

After graduating from Academy Canada’s Office Administration program with a great academic performance and excellent attitude, the College was eager to hire this young rising star.

Starting as an Office Administrator, Suzanne has quickly advanced through the ranks to become the Administrative team's most valued members.

A strong professional, she held numerous positions at our Kenmount Road and Harding Road campuses including Registrar, Business Officer, and her current role as Apprenticeship Coordinator.

As the original Apprenticeship Coordinator, Suzanne has turned this role into the most important at the Harding Road Campus. Working with her Apprenticeship Assistant, she provides information about employment opportunities to graduates and alumni, supervises Work Terms, and facilitates Journeyperson exams.

She also arranges advanced training classes at both the St. John’s and Corner Brook campuses, Chairs the OHS Committee, and works closely with the Division of Industrial Training. In addition to her Office Administration program, Suzanne has a Certificate in Leadership.

She is an active Canadian Diabetes Association advocate and Camp Douwanna supporter.

Anita Fisher 
Kenmount Road

Anita Fisher was born and raised in Bonavista, Newfoundland along with her younger sister, parents, and large extended family.

After graduating from High School, she attended Memorial University of Newfoundland and completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with an English Major, and Diploma in Adult Education. While at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Anita was an active member of the university community. She even received the prestigious "MUN Volunteer of the Year" award for her Adult Literacy work.

Upon graduation, Anita successfully taught Level One Adult Basic Education at the Rabbittown Learners Program.

In October 2007, Anita joined Academy Canada Trades College as a Campus Student Support Coordinator. In this role, she provided fantastic assistance to student with special needs including learning and physical disabilities, unique circumstances and challenges. When the Vice Principal position became available, Anita was a natural selection for a promotion. Since becoming a Principal at the Kenmount Road Campus, Anita assumed responsibility as a Senior Administrator at the College. She specifically manages Human Resources activities, including staff recruitment, training, and professional development.

Anita's personal philosophy on education:

"Education is a learning process that does not just take people into the classroom, but into our everyday lives. No one is ever too young or old to learn, and I feel that we learn just as much from our students as they learn from us."

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