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Campus Life

Student Awards

Campus Life

Student Awards

Convocation ceremonies occur in the spring of each year. Students can participate in the convocation ceremony if they are scheduled to complete all academic courses by August 31 of that year. Convocation awards are granted based on performance to date. Students are required to maintain these standards throughout the remainder of their program in order for them to be designated on the final Diploma.

Graduates may achieve one or more of the following designations:

Valedictorian:  The annual Valedictorian is selected from students who submit valedictories. The person selected should possess exceptional presentation skills, must have a good overall average and demonstrate values such as leadership, professionalism and a positive attitude. All students are encouraged to compete for this honor as it is highly valued by employers.

Honours:  Honors status is awarded to students who achieve a 90% or higher overall average in all academic courses.

Distinction:  The top 10% of graduating students from each program who achieve a minimum overall average of 80% will be awarded the “Graduating with Distinction” honor. Note: both criteria must be satisfied.

Honors with Distinction:  Honors with Distinction is awarded to students who achieve a 90% or higher overall average and are in the top 10% of the graduating students from each program.

President’s Award:  The President’s Award is bestowed to the student who displays the values which Academy Canada would like to encourage in all students. These values include leadership, professionalism, a positive attitude, a good overall average and a willingness to participate in school activities. This award is determined by recommendations from instructors and/or support staff. These recommendations are forwarded to the President of Academy Canada who selects the recipient from the nominations received. Instructors may nominate any student scheduled to graduate in the applicable academic year.

Program Awards: 

Program Instructor(s) will select one student from each program whom they feel reflects the attitudes, skills and values of both Academy Canada and the student’s chosen career field. In the following cases, program awards have been named in honor of a respected member of the Academy Canada family:

The Josephine Harris Memorial (Kenmount Road Campus)Josephine Harris was a student enrolled in our February 1996 Legal Studies (Paralegal Professional) program. Though her time with us was short she left a living legacy in the hearts of her classmates and instructors. In honour of Jo, the Josephine Harris Memorial Award is bestowed to a graduating Legal Studies (Paralegal Professional) student from the Kenmount Road Campus who reflects the essence of the qualities that Jo embodied integrity, leadership and a passion for life.

The Melissa Glynn Memorial (Kenmount Road Campus)Melissa Glynn was an Office Administration student who died tragically during the winter of 2002. While a student at Academy Canada she became tremendously well respected as a caring, warm, dedicated, and professional individual. In her honour the Melissa Glynn Memorial Award is bestowed upon a student who displays the characteristics that defined Melissa’s compassion, focus, and professionalism.

The Beverly Anne Whelan Memorial (Harding Road Campus):   Beverly-Anne Whelan was an academic instructor at Academy Canada who passed away on November 11, 2003. Few individuals have the impact on people around them such as Bev. As a result, Academy Canada awards the Beverly-Anne Whelan Memorial Award to a student who excels in their academic courses and possesses Bev’s qualities of respect, dedication and courage to face one’s challenges and a love for life.

The Norman Dawe Memorial (Kenmount Road Campus)This award honors and celebrates the contribution of Norman Dawe, a student whose life was tragically cut short during the summer of 2004. Norman was a very dedicated student who strived to succeed in everything he did. To honour his memory, Academy Canada presents this award annually to a graduating student from the Computer Aided Drafting Program who demonstrates the character traits of Norman’s dedication, determination and a positive attitude.

Justin Ingram Memorial (Harding Road Campus)Justin Ingram was an Automotive Service Technician (Entry) student who passed away in May 2008. Justin was liked by all who met him and you could feel the passion and love he had for the automotive trade. You could see the eagerness and willingness in his every task. Academy Canada awards the Justin Ingram Memorial Award to a student who excels in the Automotive Service Technician program and who possesses some of Justin’s qualities of eagerness, likability, aptitude, and a willingness to learn, despite having to overcome challenges.

Robert Stone Memorial (Harding Road Campus)This award is presented in memory of Robert Stone, a great friend, teacher and mentor of the Academy Canada Family who passed away in March of 2010. This award recognizes an Insulator (Heat & Frost) (Entry) student who has excelled in their academic courses and has demonstrated Bob’s qualities of respect, dedication, strength and compassion for others.

Mike Purdy Memorial (Harding Road Campus)This award is presented to the outstanding Construction/Industrial Electrician (Entry) program graduate in a given year. It is named in honor of Mike Purdy, an outstanding friend, instructor, colleague and mentor of the Academy Canada family who passed away in March 2011. This award is presented to the CIE student who demonstrates Mike’s qualities of respect, understanding, patience and attention to detail.

Jeremy Cross Memorial Award (Kenmount Road Campus): Jeremy Cross was a Therapeutic Recreation student who passed away in March 2015. Jeremy was a student who embraced every day with positive energy and enthusiasm. He had a ‘can-do’ attitude, and was able to break down barriers. He taught his classmates the value of patience and understanding as he demonstrated perseverance and willingness to never give up. Academy Canada grants the Jeremy Cross Memorial Award to a student who possesses Jeremy’s qualities of inspiration, leadership, passion, and the ability to overcome challenges.

Marilyn Jarvis Memorial Award (Kenmount Road Campus): Marilyn Jarvis was a Hairstylist student who passed away in April 2016. Marilyn was a student who embraced every day with positive energy and enthusiasm. She touched the hearts of all those that she interacted with and displayed never-ending kindness and patience. Marilyn was proof that it is always possible to achieve your goals. Academy Canada will award the Marilyn Jarvis Memorial Award to a Hairstylist student who possesses some of Marilyn’s qualities of inspiration, leadership, passion and the ability to overcome adversity to achieve your dreams.

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