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Campus Life

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Academy Canada and "Police and Peace Officers Memorial Ribbon Society" make a Special Presentation

Bill Mahoney of the Police & Peace Officers’ Memorial Ribbon Society" and AC student Christina Lavers visit the Kenmount Road campus today for a very special presentation.

The Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society is dedicated to remembering all Police and Peace Officers in Canada who have died while serving their communities. When an Officer dies "in the line of duty", protecting the peace and freedoms of this country, his or her death should be honoured nationally and not forgotten. The Society's blue and black Memorial Ribbon has become recognized across Canada as the national symbol of mourning for Police and Peace Officers. The Society is working to establish the Ribbon as an international symbol of mourning for fallen heroes.

In 2013, Christina’s father, Howard, died in the line of duty while serving the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. To honour him, Academy Canada and the Society awarded Christina with a scholarship for her Office Administration Technology program. We wish her the very best in her studies.

Christina, her cousin Johnathan, Mr. Mahoney, James Loder (AC Director) and students/staff attended the scholarship presentation.

To learn more about the society, please visit http://www.memorialribbon.com.

Bill Mahoney (left) and James Loder (right) present a "Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society" scholarship to Christina Lavers (centre).

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