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Campus Life

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Harding Road Campus Cooking Instructor Presides As Judge At "Hot Soup Cool Jazz"

Harding Road Campus Cooking Instructor Presides As Judge At "Hot Soup Cool Jazz"

Posted May 21, 2013

On April 23, 2013, Harding Road Campus "Cooking Instructor" presided as one of the judges during "Hot Soup Cool Jazz" night.

Bernie-Ann Ezekiel along with St. John's most well known chefs, Gordon Chalker, Patricia Dooley, and Robert Piercey, were the judges responsible for determining best hot soup dishes.

Congratulations to Bernie-Ann for representing Academy Canada well during this event.

About "Hot Soup Cool Jazz" Fundraiser

Poverty and homelessness affects hundreds of people in our community, including youth. This community and societal issue requires everyone to be involved to bringing innovative solutions and positive change.

"Hot Soup Cool Jazz" is about celebrating this positive change and community involvement. This event is about bringing the community together including musicians, community service providers, business people, ‘everyday’ people, and people dealing with poverty related issues.

Hot Soup Contest One

Guests attended attended the "Hot Soup Cool Jazz" event to raise money to help bring innovative and positive solutions for homelessness and poverty.

Hot Soup Contest Two

One of many delectable soup dishes to be judged.

Hot Soup Contest Three

Four recognizable chefs from the Greater St. John's area presided as judges during the "Hot Soup Cool Jazz" event.

Left to right: Gordon Chalker, Patricia Dooley, Bernie-Ann Ezekiel, and Robert Piercey.

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